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My own job in Johnny’s French fries is to ensure everything works smoothly rather than focusing on only 1 responsibility.

When starting the store the employees and I are required to be at your workplace at ten that morning to prepare to get the lunch buffet that evening. Even as arrive were clocked in upon moments of arrival by manager on duty. After everyone arrives their directed by store manager to set up the front of store, when i supervise that help with beginning the shades and take down the area rugs. I also help set up the tables, chairs, and make sure the tea is made. Following that’s carried out I support set up the salad tavern and fill up the ice machine.

In that case after that is done employees and I go to the back and commence helping their grocer manager slice and press dough out to be put about pans for making pizzas. Just before I help the employees produce pizzas being served during lunch buffet. The director and I make the crust by simply skinning it on twelve inch pans all the way to the edge with our hands. Then I help the employee’s marinade and parmesan cheese two to three wine racks of french fries crust and set the toppings on. We certainly have a certain time frame and I make an effort to help get everything created by ten 25 at the most therefore we can take a seat and have a thirty small break till we open the store by eleven.

During lunch buffet my personal job is always to supervise the team and make sure pizzas are made to purchase and on time. We also aid in taking requests at the front counter-top and drive-thru. Only when I actually am given or in case the manager nor the employee is not available to do so. I as well answer the phone and help together with the customers the moment they’re in need of assistance.

Before going residence after lunch break buffet I actually make sure anything is clean and stocked back up for evening crew. We take down the vaisselier and turn off the warmers and clean and wash them both straight down. Then the worker carry the dishes in the back and I support wash make them about dry. Following that’s done we cleanup the cosmetic makeup products board and fill up the containers where we produce pizzas. The team and I attract and location mop front side and back side of the store

Sometimes I usually have to work the store for the couple hours when the managers are gone for his or her meetings.

I have spent seven to 12 hours supervising employees and making sure presently there available and ready for function. I i am also responsible for applying direction towards all areas on duty for the employees to complete in time. My task is to be sure everything is proficient and runs efficiently amongst any kind of position inside my area.

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