My personal test on howard becker s marking theory

Marking Theory

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Uncovering the Dirty Fact

Inside the 1960’s, Howard Becker reintroduced Emile Durkheim’s main concepts of labels when he came up with the Labeling Theory. Becker’s Labels theory stems from the assumptive perspective, representational interactionism, and states that whenever one is tagged by a person of higher respect or status, the marked person will probably accept the label and adapt it, due to the self-fulfilling prophecy (Thio 34). On the other hand, society is not really the only factor to how one is branded. In Cooley’s ” Searching Glass Home Theory, inch Cooley states that one sees themselves how they perceive others see these people, resulting in persons becoming more self conscious of how world views them. Both of these theories created a basis for my labeling experiment due to the fact every single provides evidence to the effect of contemporary society on an specific.

Even though it may seem revolting and unclean, in an effort to business lead people to believe that my activities, I decided to break the norm of washing my personal hands inside the communal bathroom on my hall. What the ‘public’ (those whom shared the bathroom on my hall) was unacquainted with was the reality I would truly come back in my dorm room and clean my hands in my personal sink. For the surface, in the event one is asked why people wash their particular hands after using the bathroom, the normal response would be because it is sanitary. Though saying it truly is sanitary holds true, and consequently stops sickness and diseases via spreading, it truly is arguable that folks mainly clean their hands because people might find someone who would not wash their hands as dirty or perhaps gross, and thus treat all of them differently.

In the beginning of my research, I found this extremely unnerving to take off of the bath room with people trusting that I did not wash my hands. It had been common for girls to watch me as I wandered out, waiting around to see regardless of whether I was truly not going to rinse my hands. The more individuals who noticed I was not washing my hands in the bathroom, the easier it was for them to each label me as ‘the girl whom doesnt rinse her hands’. People that had seen me personally violate the norm now could now project their idea of the actual had noticed and apply it to the kind of person that they saw myself to be, a great unsanitary, dirty person who was unable to take a step as simple while maintaining my personal hygiene. I decided to continue this experiment for over one day in order to get as much different outcomes as possible.

The second day was pretty similar to the initially in that no one stopped might me easily was going to clean my hands or touch upon the general take action of being unsanitary. Most of the people that watched me walk out in disbelief had been different than these on the earlier day, but when one of the same girls coming from earlier noticed me inside the restroom, your woman made a point to watch the things i was going to carry out, analyzing if I was going to make a behavior out of my lack of handwashing. On the second day, I found two girls whom I actually recognized through the initial day of my experiment. To my amaze, the same two girls that had quietly ridiculed me personally the day before actually performed the same actions we were holding judging me for. Following only 2 days, I had was able to convey which it seemed to be socially acceptable, to the extent, to walk out of your public center without cleaning your hands, no matter the fact that sinks are available in each individual room.

In conducting this try things out, I discovered just how reliant people in world are on how their activities are perceived, which finally determines if they will be acknowledged by the better society surrounding them. By just refusing to wash my hands in public, I used to be given judgment-filled looks and the ‘full human body look down’ by girls in the bathroom, even though in house I knew I had been still going to wash my personal hands, for that reason not truly committing a deviant action. Labeling theory imposes social pressures in the sense that people search for certain brands in order to maintain a ‘likeable’ status, or even more importantly, stopping themselves from being labeled as the deviant ones. Additionally , Labeling theory fundamentally splits society into two polarizing groups, individuals who label (often the ones with additional power or social status), and those who have are branded (often people without position and power). It often takes place that those who also are marked must unwillingly accept their particular labels, in spite of if they are correctly imposed to them or certainly not, simply because they don’t have any other substitute. This limit placed on the low of the two groups, allows for the more powerful group to have that much more electrical power, allowing them to have liberty to impose product labels as they see match and for their own convenience. In order to avoid being trapped in the lesser of the two groups, people are constantly monitoring what they do, state, and become, so as to certainly not disrupt the societal rules put in place. World is very likely at knowing what is ‘normal’ and what isn’t, that makes individuals hypersensitive to equally their own activities and the actions of others, anything I clearly was able to demonstrate by blatantly disregarding standard of cleaning your hands following using the bath room.

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