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The all natural drink and food industry is actually new, it includes emerged within the clean packaging trend which is seen as an alternative to the organic products or goods labeled as “free-from. The global all natural food and drink market has shown a steady growth over the last few years and is also expected to increase due to growing demands for healthy, health, natural foods and refreshments without chemical compounds and man-made ingredients. Growing at a compound gross annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 35% each year, Indian non-carbonated drink market is likely to feel Rs.

54, 000 crore by 2015 from the current level of Rs. 22, 000 crore including fruit drinks, nectars and juices etc . Our company J-GAPS started in 2014 thereby tapping this potential in the Of india market experienced come up with a normal flavored drink segment when it comes to coconut drinking water with Kewra and Mint with the merchandise named SIPCO in order to restore freshness.

This might be seen as wonderful opportunity in Maharashtra near the Konkan place where the normal source of tender coconut could possibly be fully useful to provide healthier natural refreshment to people.

The monetary assistance is definitely catered by coconut development table in terms of fifty percent cost of development. The eye-sight of our company is to offer a natural drink to the customer so as to enhance their health within a fast paced life-style. Identifying the gap from this market through market analysis especially in terms of coconut water where there are hardly tetra packs available in so that it will make that convenient for individuals to have the health drink devoid of carrying the hard husk.

The key drivers of introducing this kind of a natural beverage includes growing consumer concerns regarding unnatural ingredients, synthetically introduced human hormones and genetically modified goods, and their awareness of the long term health benefits of all-natural food and good nourishment thereby using a lifestyle of health and durability (LOHAS). All of us therefore see ahead an excellent potential in this market since GEN ” Y would be the most prominent section to be tapped in order to maintain in the market and thereby grow our existence in India.

1 . Current Marketing Condition

1 ) 1 Sector overview

The Indian packaged tender coconut water is still an industry in the development stage. There are present a very few players from this market.

J-GAPSaims to position the product inside the general market where are present players just like Pepsi, Coca cola, Parle agro foods etc . who also are major players in the soft drink part. The trend among buyers to go for healthy and natural foods will travel this sector. Coconut water is a juice with many exclusive features and a major one is a low calorie content. This will make it a very appealing prospect intended for weight management placed juices.

1 ) 2 Business description

J-GAPS will mostly engage in removing, processing and adding tastes to soft coconut water which is then ready to become delivered to retailers. It is a privately held firm will probably be located in Ratnagiri in the state of Maharashtra. We have identified a location which can be closer to the coconut facilities. J-GAPS sources the sensitive coconut for its requirements from the own facilities and also additionally from other farmers directly. Each of our processing product has a potential of digesting liters normal water annually.

1 . 3 Marketplace analysis-

Young flavored coconut water is recommended for people of all ages. With the customers turning health-conscious and preferring natural products, we believe our product provides a strong marketplace both in home-based circles in addition to countries abroad. Our main target buyer is the youthful generations that have a fancy to get energy beverages. We likewise target sport persons with our special energy pack.

We wish to make the drink readily available for homes, offices, hospitals, sports persons, partnerships, other events, hotels and restaurants. The recent studies showing the effect of oxygenated drinks on health offers turned client to ignore such unnaturally produced drinks and select natural meals drinks. The rising population will require greater amount of food refreshments. Our merchandise will be a natural thirst quencher with added flavor of Kewra importance in this which will be beneficial during the long summer months.

1 . 4 Main Segmentation Approach

1 . a few PESTLE Examination

The Pestle Analysis pinpoints the personal, economic, sociable, technological, legal and ecological influences by using an organization.

Political factors

Several political elements affect the fruit juice industry. While using change of presidency the guidelines regulating the industry may possibly change. While the taxation policy maintains changing, very low significant influence on fruit juice sector. The government programs of motivating foreign direct investments would affect our industry extremely as structured fruit juice sector has simply 3 % share by today in the market good results . FDIs it may increase substantially by arriving of bigger players.

Economic factors

Our company would depend on pickup trucks to move the raw materials to the processing grow and disperse our finished product so , fuel is usually an important subject matter, so the firm is controlled by the fuel price varying, and to likely fuel catastrophe. Since, mine is a great agro centered industry thus we would be exposed to the risks an excellent source of prices due to crop inability, non-availability of raw material because of pest attack and so forth Other monetary factors affecting fruit juice sector are often related to variability in real progress, inflation, interest rates, governmental actions and other factors. Factors like money source, energy availability and cost, business periods, etc . might also influence our company.

Socio-cultural factors

We could more than a billion strong nations and the youngest country as well. We are as well home to the great Of india middle class. The major expansion drivers in fruit juice industry are increase in health awareness among customers, increase in non reusable incomes and more sophisticated tropical drink culture. There is certainly more money moving in the economy. With life progressively more hectic and tiring, customer preferences happen to be witnessing an obvious shift to healthy foods. However, younger era has started shifting from fizz to clean and healthy. As folks are becoming more and more educated, they are taking the healthy path.

Technological factors

Fruit juices are getting to be big organization throughout most of the developed and developing globe with the elevating health conscious proportion of inhabitants. In this ever growing industry technology plays a major role in maintaining the quality and cost productivity to generate larger profits. Better technology may increase the shelf life of our merchandise. Technology refers to both creation process along with machinery.

Legal factors

Refined fruit juices will be regulated under the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations as being a food product plus the Consumer Product packaging and Labelling Act. The foodstuff and Drugs Work creates personality standards, provides a basis intended for labelling requirements and establishes the safety variables for carbonated drinks. As food safety requirements become more advanced across the drink industry, traffic monitoring and traceability capabilities really are a prerequisite.

Environmental factors

A single environmental issue that foodstuff processing firms face is definitely waste leftover from presentation. However , the situation often lies in feasibility of collection, separating and filter of the customers’ disposed bottles or beverages packets. Environmental issues include gained importance because of regulatory requirements. It is far from possible to offer a new product packaging material without covering each of the environmental concerns. The decrease of supplies in packaging cartons could provide both financial and environmental rewards.. We suggest to provide each of our product in tetra bags so that reduced damage is completed to the environment in comparison to FAMILY PET bottles.

installment payments on your Product review

2 . you Product features

In India coconut drinking water has always been considered as a wellness drink to refresh the entire body due to its nutritional value. Tender Coconut Water is definitely the healthiest & best sporting activities drink in the world, because it includes vitamins. It is very refreshing and rich in glucose, electrolytes and minerals ” available in the natural form in most sterile and clean conditions. It is just a natural isotonic drink in which the electrolyte amounts are similar to these found in our body. The water of fresh green coconuts is in fact fat cost-free. Our company keeping this aspect in mind has come up with two natural tasting drink that contain 1 . Kewra essence with a floral scent thereby offering a cooling effect in the drink. 2 . Mint flavor to provide freshness and energizing flavor to the drink Chota Ould – would have two variants with regards to Kewra drink and Mint drink.

Kewra drink

Mint drink

Coconut drinking water

Coconut water

Kewra importance




Farm New Tender Coconut are chosen (50% potential extracted) and the rest acquired from the Ratnagiri Association Coconut supplier and Natural Soft Coconut Water is compressed out, unmarked by hand and set through a particular process in order to add the natural tastes of Kewra essence and Mint. The product is packed in food-grade Bottles/ Containers, which keeps this fresh intended for 9/18 weeks. The taste is definitely natural thus good.


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