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This part presents a quick discussion and introduction regarding the proposed system, the Online Payroll Program. Its conceptual framework, the the existing manual based program as well as the automatic process of the proposed system, the problems as well as the possible ways to minimize the hassle of the existing system, plus the objectives and significance of the study.

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Every staff needs to be covered the services this individual provides. To do this, the employer will need to have a payroll system set up.

So obviously, there are rewards to be created from using a payroll system. A payroll method is the method utilized by payroll specialists to shell out employees for his or her services.

While computer technology alterations at this sort of fast period, many businesses areas try to cope up by changing computer system frequently in order to stay competitive. The multi-function potential of technology for its improve system is also an important factor to get a company to use software. This makes useful use of the advance technology and features ambition to learn more.

Computers have the great effect on the career of accounting. With the quick growth of technology today, there is no doubt that computer system will become a common asset in most profession. This program also permits the monthly payroll schedule to be computed accurately. Simply by having every employees’ facts like

term, working hours, pay level many others to enter in the data source. Therefore , payroll can be done with the guide from the program. The system is good in for its niche in the areas of accounting. It is easy to employ, effective and efficient in organizing and calculating the payroll. In addition , this examine aims to build a reliable and manageable computerizedpayroll system intended for Eastwoods Professional College of Science and Technology for any better feasible of a organization. The Suggested Online Salaries System will give a big pain relief of the employee and business employers as well.

Salaries consists of the procedure by which an enterprise pays the employees intended for work performed during a particular period. A payroll program allows businesses to follow a set series of processes in order to make timely, appropriate payments incompliance with govt regulations. A payroll system may be manual or electronic and handled in-house or outsourced to another provider. The payroll procedure typically involves calculating employee pay, recording payroll deals and determining and having to pay payroll taxation. A company should have in place a timekeeping system that effectively reflects the hours placed in employees and also the regular earnings payments to get exempt workers. Employers commonly withhold national income tax via employee earnings; at the end in the year, they need to report most wages, as well as other reimbursement paid.

The perfect solution has to take care of calculation of salary according to rules from the company. This kind of Online Payroll System is a full-featured program that handles financial data of every employee in an business. It computes and techniques the salaries in the selected payroll period.

This On the web Payroll System is also a flexible compensation operations solution. It can be designed to help human resource professionals as well as financial and accounting personnel to deal with employee compensation, deductions, allowances, and benefits in anorganization. The system is integrated with all the Employee’s information, offers effective features and functionalities to control company’s expenditures.

Background from the Study

Nowadays most establishment are getting to be modernized, they use modern technologies to make their very own transaction fast, easy, and accurate to avoid waste of time and then for the sake of security and safety. It also will help human to solve and figure out complex trouble and examination such us thecomputational will need of individuals. Especially to business establishment or perhaps corporation digesting enormous info and complex transaction. Salaries is an example of a complex transaction because it is a crucial business operation dealing with numerous accounts and produce lots and secret files. Salaries is encompasses every worker of a business who gets a regular salary or other compensation as a result of each. Applying manual method on a Payroll transaction involving the vast beat answer in that problem would be computer mainly because computers can simulate tremendous data and may process sophisticated transaction within a fast and efficient way. It can create numerous accounts and info accurately. An Online Payroll System will not only give accurate computation and quickly process of Salaries transaction nonetheless it will secure data through security setup and accordingly arrange documents provided by a well-designed repository that will make a paperless environment.

Conceptual Framework

The group accumulated some info and information by executing feasibility research on brain of every section in EASTWOODS Professional College of Research and Technology by doing an interview with them on how the user keep an eye on and control the items correspondingly, specifically to the main user from the inventory which can be the admin. a. Process of the Existing System

m. Process of the Proposed Program

Statement with the Problem

The existing system expected to face problems with regards in the manual computation of the employee’s cash flow. It might have an error inside the computation since it is manually computed. Moreover, the manual system needs a great deal effort and spends so many papers which can be obviously high-priced. Due to this, the developers imagine the different options wherein, the difficulties that were came across in the manual-based payroll program will be taken away. The study intends to minimize the effort in bookkeeping and establishing the employee’s income. The group attempts to answer the subsequent:

1 . Can the system decrease the hassle in data storage space and computation ofemployee’s cash flow of the salaries systems? installment payments on your Can the program be able to exceed on the subsequent criteria:







Effectiveness and Functionality

several. From physically to on the web way of data storage and calculation of employee’s income in the proposed payroll system, what are the different advantages?

Goal of the Research

General Aims

To build up a network-based payroll program for Eastwoods Professional University of Research and Technology, that is user friendly, more accurate, better, and can quickly produce information of the transactions faster.

Certain Objectives

To be able to fulfill our objective, we will observe the following:

1 . To execute an interview about the current salaries system. installment payments on your Observed how a current salaries system works the procedures. 3. To spot the different concerns of manual payroll system. 4. To assist the city hall plus the employee to create their job faster and shorter. five. To identify complications in making use of the system through data stream diagram. six. To design a brand new system that is certainly an online primarily based.

Significance in the Study

a. Economic Significance

For the system is paperless, the proposed system is economically significant because it may lessen the expenses including spending money for buying papers.

b. Educational Significance

The suggested system is educationally significant as the administrator might discover some new learning on how to develop and improve the system so that it become more reliable and even more useful. c. Operational Value

The recommended system is very significant when it comes to the procedure because it can avoid the trouble in determining the employee’s income. Furthermore, through the suggested system, it may lessen the error in calculation. As well, the data encoded in the suggested system is protect when disaster comes likes flood, storm, tsunami and many more. d. Legal Significance

Opportunity and Limit

The scope with the developed method is to generate an internet Payroll System which is competent of calculating the employee’s income. The primary user, which is the admin may use this On the net Payroll Program to calculate and retail outlet the protected data on the web. The suggested system can easily automatically estimate the employee’s income following your admin encode all the information needed. Compare to the manual centered system, this is more accurate, fast and easy to use. Moreover, every staff can gain access to the Online Payroll System to enable them to monitor all their income independently. The job is developed by the Officer and it will work only in EASTWOODS Specialist College of Science and Technology. The proposed strategy is accessible in almost all web browser including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Ie and many others. There are 2 users that can get the system, the Admin and every staff. The Admin may view reports of the computation of employee’s income. The proposed system is useful as long as the internet interconnection is present.


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