Oriental fireworks dissertation

The Chinese fireworks sector thrived the late 1972s, and grew to make up 90 % of the world’s fireworks export sales. However , starting from the mid-1990s, basic safety concerns led governments at China and abroad to setup stricter polices. At the same time, there were rapid development in the number of small family-run fireworks workshops, whose persistent price-cutting went down income.. Jerry Yu is an American-born Chinese language in Nyc who has recently been invited obtain fireworks manufacturing plant in Liuyang, Hunan.

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The market analysis, calculating the industryattractiveness, and proposing possible strategies to improve the market attractiveness coming from an individual investor’s point of view, has been presented from this report. Different investment options are introduced for the investor in this report. Intro

Situated in the Hunan province of Cina, Liuyang has a greater focus of fireworks manufacturers than anywhere else in the world. Liuyang at present produces about 65% from the world`s fireworks. In fact it includes over one particular, 000 industrial facilities in Liuyang each focusing on a specific item, thus you will discover factories producing only sparklers, only firecrackers, etc .

To support these factories, Liuyang also has related manufacturing such as chemical finalizing, paper generators, fuse factories, printing industrial facilities.

It also contains a highly skilled fireworks workforce. These kinds of factors help to make Liuyang one of the most economical spot to manufacture fireworks. Furthermore, the support with the local government makes Liuyang a fireworks friendly environment. Liuyang has been making fireworks for more than 1300 years. The earliest fireworks were manufactured in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and Oriental fireworks manufacturing began to flourish during the Song Dynasty.

Throughout the Yongzheng reign of the Qing Dynasty (1644 -1911), Liuyang was privileged to be the official supplier of fireworks towards the royal households. After 1949 government- manage factories changed the family- owned training courses. Since lates 1970s legal limitations, local protectionism, aggressive value competition, hard to permeate distribution channels have limited the home sales of Liuyang fireworks. The China fireworks market thrived after China used the available door plan in the late 1972s, and grew to make up 90% with the world`s fireworks export sales.

Chinese companies began to foreign trade fireworks to more than twenty countries and regions. Today, Chinese fireworks are numerous best in the earth and the quality and selection of the pyrotechnics. But on the other hand, the Chinese fireworks industry also offers weaknesses. Without a doubt, the fireworks industry on the whole is shaky. In terms of quality, packaging and timing products. There are problems with distribution programs in which it is hard for companies to enter established string of delivery. The most common type of factory in Chinese fireworks industry may be the family-run workshop which is terribly funded and lacks R&D capital, and managerial suggestions.

The competition is usually intensified bythe emergence of a huge amount of small corporations. The abundance of small , and flexible, competitive shops has created a local climate of powerful commercial competition. It is common that certain companies backup any well-known product design and style and sell it for a lot less prices than government-owned or any collectively-owned industries, which results in price drop, which fact has turned into a serious problem for the whole industry. Furthermore, foreign rivals also endanger the Oriental fireworks market. Therefore , if to invest in this industry is a challenge to most investors.

The goal of this record is to guide the buyer on his decision to invest to a Liuyang fireworks industry or consider other alternatives. Proposals on how to enhance the attractiveness plus the competitiveness of Chinese fireworks industry at a long-run level are presented. To accomplish this objective, a market analysis is carried out, employing Evironmental evaluation and Porter`s Five-Force version analysis, and a low conclusions are drawn depending on the examines and suggestions. The Environmental analysis describes a framework of macro-environmental elements.

The model’s factors fluctuate in importance to a provided company based on its sector. Porter’s five forces unit aims to examine the competitive status associated with an industry. In accordance to this style, the nature of your competition that can determine industry structure is personified in the next five makes: bargaining benefits of suppliers, negotiating power of buyers, threat of recent entrants, risk of replacement products or services, and rivalry among common opponents. These five forces are incredibly significant for strategy formulation of a firm can be successful. Industry Examination

Each sector is different, also to be able to provide the necessary information for the investor the analysis of the industry environment and Five- Forces research on the state of the marketplace of Chinese language fireworks will be completed.

Environmental Analysis

Before creating business strategies or producing decisions, it is necessary to ‘scan’ the external environment. This can be achieved through an Environmental analysis, which is a study of the demographic, political, economical, social and technological influences on an sector. Itis an instrument to identify within a business environment that can generate great opportunities for the fireworks industry ” and cause significant threats.

Market factors

China’s population growth level is only zero. 47% and the population of Liuyang can be estimated of just one, 278, 928 by 2010. The Chinese language domestic marketplace is expanding and has probability of grow. Despite the fact that the market is faced with many of the legal limitations, a very strong price competition, local protectionism and issues to penetrate distribution channels there are still several opportunities to succeed in the fireworks industry.

The other direct expenditure has opened in China and tiawan lately. Looking at a global human population growth charge of about 1 . 14% per year and a number of baby booms throughout the world, an international industry has a big potential to expand. Economic elements

Heavy competition in the market is usually faced with reduced prices and profit margins impacting on the whole sector. There has been a rise in level of income, better and increased work opportunities to the workforce in emerging markets. This is great for the industry with increased demand, but it is actually a disadvantage once skilled employees are shed to a different market. The market will be faced with constant elevating cost of labor and raw materials. Technological

There is not much technology in Fireworks production procedure or fresh kinds of innovations in the industry. The raw materials quite simply remained the same. Although devices could now complete some manual operations, the process technology also essentially remained the same. The R&D investments have been low in comparison to variation in manufacturing, mixing and process advancements.

This resulted in some worries over quality issues. Initially there was not much R&D, therefore in response the government began endeavours aimed at upgrading the traditional fireworks industry. There have been new scientific competitors that were being developed. On the positive side, the web has become a large means of acquiring fireworks for foreign clients. Socio Ethnical factors

The green-house gases emitted internationally are on the rise impacting our environment each day. Lately, there exists greater concern and mind towards the environment. The sector will have to handle this due to environmental influences. Due to modern technology and other improvements, there are many additional alternative alternatives. Lately there are numerous other adventures such as lazer shows with music and water fountains with music. However , the demand and use of fireworks along with these types of is still dominating. All over the world, there is a safety concern for possibly display or consumption of fireworks. Personal / Legal factors

You will find both useful and disadvantageous aspects. One disadvantage may be the safety issues linked to fireworks that resulted in these people being intensely regulated generally in most countries. This kind of industry remains highly regulated in most countries due to the nature of this merchandise. Regulation is available at all phases right from making, distribution and consumption period. Maximum effects to protection is during production procedure and quality of recycleables used.

Sector faced with increasing environmental impact and issues globally. An additional disadvantage is that there is no charges regulation. The legal system is not strong enough in China to impose protection of intellectual property rights, duplicating of brand, personality and replicates. One advantage, however , is the offensive strategy applied in 1997, which will resulted in many legal limitations being elevated. One in particular that was eased was foreign immediate investment.

Global factors

Fireworks are manufactured not only in China, but in a number of other south East Asian countries. Throughout the world emerging market segments and produced markets are definitely the primary importers of fireworks and the demand from customers has been continuously increasing. Improved use of fireworks across countries traditionally has become during their major holidays just like Chinese Beginning of the year, July fourth in US, etc . There is also evidence of extra consumption in developed and emerging market segments. Demographic Tendencies

China’s populace growth charge is 0. 47%

World`s populace growth level is 1 . 14%

Socio-cultural Influences

Environment friendly society

Fireworks are a huge custom in Chinese suppliers

Macroeconomic Effects

Due to weighty competition, the marketplace is confronted with reduced prices Industry with an increase of demand

Workers will be lost to a different industry

The sector faces with constant embrace cost of labor and raw materials. Demand of domestic companies are declining

Export revenue are growing

Political-legal Pressure

Highly controlled industry:




No safeguard for:

-intellectual home rights

-copying of brand name



Technological Advancements

Low R&D investment

New kinds of innovations in industry

Quality issues

Global Transact Issues

Globally emerging marketplaces

Continuously increasing require

-New Year special event

-major celebrations since Olympics and so forth

Fireworks is made from many other southern region East Asian countries and The european countries

Five-Force Style

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

The bargaining benefits of suppliers is definitely low due to large number of suppliers of raw materials available, a restricted product difference among fireworks products and simply variation inside the quality. Bargaining Power of Customers

The bargaining power of customers is substantial due to a steadily increasing demand for fireworks both domestically and internationally and very low switching costs. The customers in fireworks and firecrackers industry can be split up into individuals and business units just like government organizations, private associations or standard companies. Every single country features different restrictions about production, selling and using fireworks and firecrackers. Because a lot more countries stop the public starting fireworks and firecrackers, the individuals marketplace declined dramatically.

In the comparison, the business units market proceeded to go up since in the screen fireworks market, the customers were often central and native governments whom purchase merchandise for open public shows about national holidays or particular celebrations. The foreign buyers include a high power due to the high demand in worldwide market. Besides, foreign buyers are very well-informed and dealing usually straight with the industrial facilities, which results in substantial power too. Threat of New Entrants

The threat achievable entrants is high. The opportunity for potential entrants can be high because the capital requirement of establishing a fireworks stock is very low. The economy of scale is high plus the brand identification within this industry is relatively low. Furthermore, there may be easy access into a labor force, materials and suppliers plus convenient licensingprocess. All these facts present very good opportunities to get the new corporations to enter this industry. Danger of Substitute Products or Services

When it comes to the menace of alternative products or services, a lot of modern solutions already are applied in some shows, firecrackers continue to cannot be changed because firecrackers present selected meanings and culture. Furthermore, fireworks may create a great deal of patterns up such as peony, ground bloom flower, and so forth No actual substitutes can replace fireworks. There are substitutes such as make-believe firecrackers and laser beams which may have potential to replace the firecrackers in the future. Rivalry

Rivalry with the fireworks market is high due to the fact that it is possible to enter the sector and the exit barrier can be low. There’s also a little difference among items which makes competition even fiercer. According to demonstrate one in the truth, firecrackers and fireworks total revenue in China improved 36 % from 2007 to 2009.

The earnings went up 68 % from 750. 000. 000 USD to 1. 262. five-hundred. 000 CHF. Most industrial facilities are centered by little family-owned “and “operated workshops and most in the employees in the factories are regular maqui berry farmers who had discovered how to make fireworks by simply watching and following their elders. Because of this, those industrial facilities only made fireworks rather than designing fireworks.

In terms of intercontinental rivalry, several different brands is now well known around the world, Chinese fireworks have decrease reputation in quality control and taking comparing to the products produced in Japan or perhaps Korea. Additionally , some fireworks merchants will buy the items from China and repackage all of them, then resell them for much higher value. Domestic competition and overseas competition is incredibly high.

Examination of the sector attractiveness

Every industry has your life cycle includes introduction period including early phase and innovation stage, growth period, maturity stage and fall phase. The Chinese fireworks industry has ceased to be in a amount of growth and has begun to plateau. Because of this, it is it is maturity period now. Yet , if the trader can type different approach into this sunset sector, fireworks market will probably start off another your life cycle.

The investor can easily focus on high end market and provide unique companies service in order to gain high income. A good business structure can make a organization to succeed but it really may take time and investment capital in order to prepare the business to start an additional life cycle. Fireworks industry is still a global opportunity because every nation still has fireworks shows every year and the terrify seems to become larger and larger. The earnings in both domestic the international market still as well grows up.

Setup considerations

This evaluation indicates that rivalry of fireworks industry is extremely high and hence, in the event the company was to survive in competition, it will make wonderful effort to differentiate all their strategies to attain sustainable competitive advantages. There are opportunities with this sunset industry if the business can build a totally new facilities. In terms of system and application the investor should concentrate on the product diverseness and SOP (Standard Functioning Procedures) management to have more competitiveness to their rivals. To start with the trader should give full attention to R&D to create the fireworks that can capture long length and properly.

R&D section also has to produce more eco-friendly fireworks by changing supplies. Every New Year, most of the big cities on the globe will plan the large-scale fireworks exhibits. Those shows all are high altitude fireworks. However , more and more cities regulate the consumption and launch in the fireworks and firecrackers because of increased problems about environmental pollution and safety. Launching fireworks turns into a business software to attract household and worldwide tourists. Buyer should generate more fresh employees with art and design qualifications to make fireworks to a brilliant shows. Furthermore, investor should enforce teaching programs including enhancing working safety classes and machining.

Experienced personnel also need to learn new skills and learn how to job more efficiently. Labor costs in China happen to be relatively low compared with that in Japan and Korea. As a result, fireworks made from China always have price superiority to provide lower price. Seeing that Liuyang can be investor’s hometown, he can as well understand the doing work culture in China and can more easily to handle the local employees. Doing organization with the Chinese government will not be easy because sociable relationship is a very important element. Bureaucracy is likewise a problem. In comparison, the export market is not easy, either. Unfortunately, many products made in China have a doubtful reputation.

Investor has to reverse the organization imagine. Making a brand identification costs very long period of time and money. Yet , once the manufacturer becomes famous and intercontinental one, consumers will trust the quality of the produces through the company as well as the value of company will likely increase due to brand value. The company can attend more international event to receive popularity and in addition focus on quality control and time control. Investor ought to reorganized the corporation structure and improve the products in my business to pass foreign identification make more costs in marketing to expand the popularity of the company.

The corporation can attract different intercontinental events such as Olympic, and so forth In terms of technical development fireworks and firecrackers displays could combine with laser beam, computerized shooting and music accompaniment to excercise the aesthetic, audio and emotional results. Moreover, the investor ought to focus on the fireworks display design. The actual company sells is not only the fireworks themselves but likewise the tips of how to present more vibrant modeling through the displays. The business should set more creativeness into the display to make difficult turn to likely and impress all viewers. Most fireworks displays happen to be launched through the night.

However , several events happen during a daytime, which can end up being an opportunity to get the company to tell apart itself from the rivals. Establishing relationships with universities globally and develop prototypes for new fireworks can assist a brand building and for the corporation. Another approach is to build strategic forces with other companies like suppliers, government agencies, marketers, etc . These kinds of relationships can produce synergy that thrives in the market and help to reach better quality unprocessed trash at least expensive price and absorb international direct purchases to improve tools, capital as well as the above R&D facility.

Jerry Yu ought to be prepared that all those alterations, both external and internal, will take time for you to implement and require capital investment. Most likely in terms of long term investment the fireworks sector will at some point shift to more environmentally friendly industry and use alternatives more and more. Tips

Considering China’s one-child insurance plan has led to one of many world’s greatest elderly masse. Roughly 10 percent of the human population is anticipated to be above 65 by 2015 and, by 2050, the average grow older in China is forecast being nearly forty-five ” one of the oldest on the globe. Additionally , a lot of 20 percent from the population has already been suffering from liver disease, cancer, diabetes and related inflictions, which number is likely to grow together with its ageing population. Personal healthcare costs are expected to grow one other 36 percent by 2015 to over US$200 billion.

The complete medical services market is anticipated to reach US$500 billion simply by 2015. Therefore if Jerry Yu may consider different investment possibilities I would guide him to purchase China’s medical industry and health care industry. When it comes to more eco friendly investments to get a longer time period the health treatment industry is far more attractive the two domestically and internationally.


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