Physical and cultural geography of analysis

Physical Location, Green Pile Resort, Ecotourism, Human Location

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Excerpt coming from Research Proposal:

Certainly, while the main hotel organizations and organization situated in the recreational organization district experience in the profits from the well-healed tourist targeted traffic, there is tiny “trickle-down” economics at work in Cancun so that the poor stay poor even though the rich just get richer. For example , Jafari concludes that tourist ghettoes “also bring small economic gain to community communities while visitors have few for you to spend money on local goods and services; although resort income is maximized, the majority of holiday spending happening within the (often foreign-owned) vacation resort complex” (254).

This spatial separation among tourists, visitors and others by local residents and staff has been additional reinforced and even encouraged by inordinately excessive rate of migration for the area which can be attributed both equally to the local climate and location, but to employment opportunities intended for Latin People in the usa as well. As a result, child labor is rampant in Cancun. For instance, in respect to Castellanos (2007), “In Cancun, teenage migrants because young as age 9 work in the service and construction sectors. They can be found cleaning accommodations and private homes, selling items on the street, and mixing cement for building crews. Unsurprisingly, domestic assistance is one of the most popular forms of child labor” (2).

The demand pertaining to unskilled labor to support the service industries that have opened in Jamaica has increased within the last four decades or so regardles of the model as well in ways that have fundamentally, and some say adversely, affected other areas of the ethnical geography in the city. For example , Hashimoto emphasizes that “Tourism development has a tendency to have an impact upon labor market segments, attracting largely unskilled employees in immediate and activated jobs. The migration of laborers causes not only a change in recruiting in the principal and extra industries, but also the relocation of the population” (82). This has absolutely been the situation in Jamaica as well. For example, Castellanos gives that, “The construction of Cancun in the early 1972s intensified migration in the region, specifically from indigenous communities, and stimulated the neighborhood economy’s reliance on support work, a gendered trademark labor, and global capital. The producing migration of adults and, more recently, teenagers has deeply affected the social existence of native communities inside the peninsula” (2). The significantly young and largely unskilled workforce that has resulted from this unexpected but relentless migration has created an even more divisive separation between affluent visitors and the regional residents who have make all their visits conceivable.

There are some viable alternatives to the existing method of development and administration, though, that hold several promise in addressing the foregoing problems for local residents and foreign visitors alike in sustainable techniques. In this regard, Hashimoto emphasizes that, “Sustainability is actually a buzzword inside the contemporary creation discussion plus the use of the definition of in the travel industry is no exception. Because national methods, including tradition and heritage, are the key assets in tourism, it is often argued that economic health and wellness should not precede social and environmental well-being” (83). In fact , social and environmental health of the community residents of Cancun could be promoted with a fundamentally diverse approach to tourism that promotes rather than attempts foreign visitors from touring the regions by which these people live and work. For instance, Hashimoto concludes that, “Officials possess debated whether alternative kinds of tourism instead of mass travel, which has been the mainstream item for quite some time, are more sustainable. Ecotourism, particularly community-based ecotourism, is now the pillar of alternative travel development in least produced countries” (83).


The study showed that although it is not specifically well suited for agricultural purposes, the physical geographic features of the Yucatan peninsula upon which the resort vacation spot of Jamaica was created as a designed economic developmental project inside the early 1970s makes it an ideal location intended for the “sun and beach” market. The town has grown via just a few 100 residents to over a quarter mil in just four decades plus the growth reveals no indications of abating in view of the massive immigration that is constantly on the take place to the city and its environs. Although it down pours a great deal in Cancun, the majority of this anticipation is lost to the Atlantic Ocean and groundwater presents a vitally important resource for the residents and visitors equally. The research as well showed that folks have been surviving in the Jamaica regions for centuries in spite of the paucity of fresh water products, suggesting that there is something about the location that makes it an excellent place to live and an excellent place to go to. Unfortunately, for many residents moving into Cancun today, the thoroughly planned spatial segregation in the resort facilities and sightseeing attractions in the city’s recreational organization district has additionally contributed to the presence of a veritable tourism ghetto in the town where people are kept separated by mind and view from the affluent vacationers that drive the city’s development. The massive growth which has taken place in the city has been fueled mainly by the with regard to unskilled labor, and many critics point to the application of child labor as a means of satisfying this kind of need. Finally, while it is apparent that the segregation of Cancun’s local residents and employees can be detrimental to them both socially and monetarily, it also fails to provide tourists with valuable insights in Mexico’s lifestyle and the truth of the problems the country continually face today. Taken with each other, these issues claim that local and national policymakers have very much to consider in the future in terms of how far better to design, build and dispense a resort destination to make certain the economical development which will result is not really restricted to some large conglomerates, many of which may be foreign held, but rather provides the local human population with a way to share the wealth as well and to offer foreign visitors together with the opportunity to fulfill real people which has a real and vibrant culture that should get to be better understood.

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