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Environmental pollution can generally be thought as the introduction of pollutants into the environment through anthropogenic means. Three major pollutions that the netizens of Malaysia are exposed to are air, drinking water and property pollution. In past times decade approximately, the production of Municipal Sound Waste (MSW) in Malaysia has received an increase of 91% (Samsudin Mat Don, 2013) while, according to a recent statement by the World Health Enterprise outdoor pollution is the major cause of 6th, 251 fatalities in Malaysia in 2012. (Khor, 2018) The purpose of this essay is to talk about what plays a role in pollution plus the means of redemption from this deadly phenomenon going on in our country. The following paragraphs will talk about the causes of pollution i. at the, urbanization, open up burning, poor waste management and the approaches to overcome which are river recovery programs, rules enforcements, and environmental education.

Pollution Concerns

Cause Estate

Estate is one of the leading causes pertaining to water pollution in Malaysia. It is because an increase in estate results in the spur of activities that pose a threat to the longevity of our environment such as logging and clearing out of forests, large construction of factories and housing developments, so on and etc . (Threats to rivers, 2012). A clear example of this is at 2015, when the water top quality of seaside water in the Klang and Kuala Langat faced deterioration (Dhillon, 2015). According to the CEO of WWF Malaysia, Datuk Dr Dionysius Sharma, the main reason for the decline in water quality is due to the waste water from household, commercial and industrial areas combined with the increasing amount of garbage resulted from the boost of populace in all those areas (Dhillon, 2015).

Solution ” Riv Rehabilitation Programs

A single solution that may possibly help curb riv pollution is usually to have more water quality improvement programs. One of these of a software that was held successfully in Malaysia is the ‘One Point out One River’ which attempts to restore waterways and improve the water quality for one lake in every single state, to assure rivers are free of trash and do not flood amongst numerous others (GEC One particular State A single River Community Participation Element, 2018). The program has proved to be effective mainly because it has effectively restored the Miri Water which was recently in level IV (extremely polluted) to Grade 3 in 2004. Another successful testimony of river therapy program may be the River of Life Program that will be doing a water cleaning, expert planning and beautification, and development for the Klang River (River of Life Public Outreach Program (ROL-POP) NKEA Higher KL/KV Regarding the Water of Your life (ROL) project, 2018). The committee is around 71% designed in the stage of river cleaning in respect to Ziad Hafiz Razak, director of Pemandu’s Higher KL Crucial Economic Location (Ann-Augustine, 2017).

Cause Open Burning

In Malaysia, open using related actions are recognized to be among the list of primary contributors of pollution that result in the deterioration in the overall top quality of the atmosphere (Mustafa, Yaacob, Ariffin Rusli, 2017). Selected irresponsible development companies are infamously known for making use of the cheaper option of burning jungles instead of spending funds to log jungles responsibly directly causing haze episodes in Malaysia as a result of massive smoke cigars released in the fire (Press, 2014). For example , Air Pollutant Index registered readings above 100, signifying ‘unhealthy’ quality of air in certain areas of Peninsular Malaysia and Sibu town breached 200 (very unhealthy) in 2014 (Press, 2014). The haze was largely blamed on fire from significant oil side firms that used the illegal however cheap technique of burning huge tracts in order to them intended for planting which known as ‘Slash and Burn'(Burning in palm oil plantations causes haze in populated metropolitan areas in Dalam negri, Malaysia Singapore | Business Human Rights Resource Hub, 2018).

Solution ” New Law Enforcements

Existing laws are not able to prevent wide open burning therefore enforcement of recent laws should be done to reduce this issue. It is strongly recommended that prescribed burning ought to only be carried out under strict conditions and rules including, fire should not be used alone to clear away lands and it should be along with other less harmful mediums, there should be interval between can burn to reduce how much smoke released into the ambiance at one time (Tiedemann, O. Klemmedson Bull, 2000). Other laws that can be forced is to include stricter repercussions to those who have practice illegal burning. Since suggested by our past Minister of Human Resources and Environment, Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, the federal government should catch land coming from owners whom are found to obtain engaged in slash-and-burn agriculture recurrently (The STAR Asia Media Network, 2016). Under Section 29(A) from the Environmental Quality Act 1974, those found guilty of open burning can be fined up to RM500, 1000 or imprisoned up to five years, or both could also be more heavy to grow fear in committing the illegal work of Reduce and Burn up (Bernama, 2016).

Cause ” Poor Spend Management

According to statistics, our country builds waste amounted to 30, 000 lots per day. Waste generation in Kuala Lumpur is around 3, 1000 tons daily and it is expected to increase in the upcoming years (Clean Malaysia, 2015). However , the removal of solid waste has been done practically solely through open landfills which is incredibly damaging to the land simply by surface contamination through leaching and ground contamination through direct contact (Raman Kutty, 2016). Infact, the percentage of rural areas covered by trash disposal providers is only sixty six percent. To increase illustrate, huge piles of garbage left in Cameron Highlands possess begun to smolder within just oozing dangerous waste in to the soil further more aggravating damaging living conditions (Clean Malaysia, 2015).

Solution ” Environmental Education

Terrain pollution can pose to become a little complicated to manage because rubbish and waste is generated by each and everybody in the country plus the one best approach to handle this circumstance is to possess public understanding on the harm we are placing upon the environment. As previous Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan has said, it is tremendously crucial for campaigns to be organised informing people and offering guidelines about waste administration and taking habits (Clean Malaysia, 2015). It is also declared, if public are more informed and individual their waste materials according to recycling containers, the amount of sound waste brought to landfills could be reduced by roughly forty percent (Clean Malaysia, 2015). Even more documentaries and advertisements also needs to be shown in popular media advertising the importance of waste management to the culture thus improving public awareness regarding terrain pollution.


To conclude the dissertation, the three main pollution encountered Malaysia is definitely cause by many reasons. Estate, open burning, and poor waste administration being the few between many other leading causes. Nevertheless , it is mentioned that most from it arises from the irresponsibility of our society in taking care of the environment. These corruption are possible to be fought against through the ways of river rehab programs, new law enforcements and environmental education. An integrated effort concerning all parties happen to be pivotal in restoring the environment to the pristine condition to ensure that the healthiness of netizens is protected and never at stake.

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