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Nursing jobs Leadership Portfolio

Education And Experience

My personal nursing education includes obtaining my Relate Degree in Nursing (AND) at Florida State College or university at Jacksonville and my Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) at the University of North Florida.

My personal Professional Breastfeeding Roles include UF Wellness Jacksonville like a Registered Nurse in Trauma/Surgery Accelerating Care, Registered Nurse at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital in the Cardiac/Stroke Unit and Registered Nurse for St . Vincent’s Medical Center in the Medical/Surgical GI Department. My own duties by UF Health included tending to post-intensive medical/surgical patients within a progressive treatment environment and performing obligations including medicine administration making use of EPIC EMAR server, PICC line care, IV insertion, PEG conduit feedings, TPN/Lipid Management, torso tube care, tracheotomy care, PCA assessment/management, catheter installation, wound vac care, pulmonary, cardiac, nerve and GI assessment and management. At Brooks Rehab Hospital as a Registered Nurse in the Cardiac Cerebrovascular accident Unit My spouse and i conducted look after post-surgical and medically complicated Cardiac and Stroke patients in a rehabilitation environment and performed duties such as stated at UF Health and additionally educated people and households regarding home care, medicines, precautions, and new medical issues and worked collaboratively with doctors, therapists and social staff in determining plans of care. For St . Vincent’s Medical Center My spouse and i performed similar duties outlined for UF Health and Creeks Rehabilitation Medical center and additionally knowledgeable patients and families in relation to pre- and post-operative instructing, performed exact assessments of patients upon arrival to the unit and prior to surgical treatments to maintain greatest level of security; discuss and plan with physicians the program of proper care. I as well created patient-focused goals and worked as a team member in creating a safe and positive work environment.

My leadership experiences include leading stroke education seminars with patients and families by Brooks.

Command is the capability to assist in featuring to support in front of large audiences within the specialist group or organization to accomplish their highest potential towards a common goal and in this specific circumstance that of creating the best possible environment to support optimal patient proper care and ultimately patient treatment.

My five-year goal in nursing should be to practice being a Nurse Practitioner and medical objective trips.


My own top five talents are: (1) Achiever; (2) Competition; (3) Analytical; (4) Ideation; and (5) Emphasis. In the job entitled “Strengths-Based Leadership” Rath and Conchie report the truth of Mervyn Davies, Chairman for Normal Chartered Financial institution. Davies five strengths consist of that of ‘achiever’ and it is observed that while people around Revealed questioned his choices and methods that Davies was able to achieve that which in turn had recently been elusive and deemed unachievable. Likewise reported through this same work in writing is the situation of Anthony Anderson, CEO for Best Get whose five strengths consist of that of ‘ideation’. The strength of ideation enabled Anderson to conceive a new business model and one that was not as underhand and ultimately proved to be an excellent business model intended for the company.

Rath and Conchie report that what strong teams “have in common” are the subsequent characteristics: (1) Conflict would not destroy clubs that are strong since the focus of the strong team can be on benefits; (2) Strong teams are able to set priorities on precisely what is best for the organization and then to maneuver forward; (3) Members of strong teams have a high level of dedication to their personal and function lives; (4) Diversity is usually embraced by simply teams which have been strong; and (5) Good teams are “magnets pertaining to talent. inch (Rath and Conchie, s. 74)

Just like the case of Davies, my personal strength in regards to ‘achiever’ can assist in my obtaining things achieved even if my methods and choices happen to be questioned. My analytical power will assist in problem-solving and identification of solutions. Ideation and Target are both advantages that will assist in developing alternatives for concerns and staying on-task before the job is definitely accomplished. My strength of competition may serve as a liability basically do not maintain my competitive edge in balance when employed in a staff environment as well as focus in the event that not by a high level can detract by my performance.

The understanding of these advantages will in order to inform my future leadership development because rather than seeking to become a dominating leader who have tries to perform everything Let me focus on the building of a cohesive team that may be well rounded in all four domains. My strengths will help me as a leader through the knowledge of the right way to go about creating a team that works in unison toward a common target as well as featuring the necessary target and dedication to accomplish what needs to be completed. In addition , my strengths may serve inside the areas of problem solving and identity of methods to problems.

Rath and Conchie report a study of the factors that people follow and terms discovered in the analysis included such as “purpose, intelligence, humor and humility. inch (p. 80) Trust was noted to become one of the primary reasons that people follow as well as were the requirements of compassion, stability, and hope.

Three things learned about my advantages in this research include that even though my strategies and alternatives may be asked, when I figure out my choices and ways to be that to support what needs to be obtained that I must make those alternatives and select those strategies even though they may be questioned at first. Another thing learned about my strengths in this study is that my personal strength of ideation is going to render foreseeable future results based upon my innovative way of problem-solving. Finally, from this study I learned what must be done to make a good team with regards to my command and the components or attributes important to people who follow which include that I include a purpose and possess wisdom and this I am able to use humor while keeping humility in my own figure.


The Guardian is usually described as the “cornerstone of society” since they are the nature “given to serving and preserving each of our most important cultural institutions. ” (Kiersey, 2014, p. 1) The organic talents in the Guardian contains “managing services and goods from supervision to maintenance and supply – and they make use of all their expertise to keep issues running easily in their households, communities, educational institutions, churches, hospitals and businesses. ” (Kiersey, 2014, s. 1) The characteristics of the Protector include the main characteristics of possessing take great pride in on being “dependable, helpful, and hard-working. ” (Kiersey, 2014, s. 1) Adults are “dutiful, cautious, simple and focused on credentials and traditions. ” (Kiersey, 2014, p. 1)

The comprehension of temperament variability is key to leading in the team environment because distinct temperaments are suited great for different jobs in the group working environment. According to the Kiersey Character report there are four temperaments including: (1) Guardians; (2) Idealists; (3) Artisans; and (4) Rationals. The Idealists are identified as “Abstract Cooperators” and are reported to speak “mostly of what they hope for and imagine could be possible for people” while behaving in great conscience and “always trying to reach their goals devoid of compromising their very own personal code of integrity. ” (Kiersey, 2014, l. 1) Artists are described as “Concrete Utilitarians” and to end up being focused on practical tasks and what performs and ends in quick and effective outcomes. These temperaments do not mind bending the guidelines. The Rationals are referred to as “Abstract Utilitarians” and are focused on new issues that they are fascinated with and the visions of new solutions. This kind of temperament can be reported to get “always pragmaticact as efficiently as possible to obtain their objects, ignoring arbitrary rules and conventions necessarily. ” (Kiersey, 2014, g. 1)

All the described temperaments offers specific and exclusive personal benefits to offer within a team work environment. For example , the Artisan character is very hands on focused and will play a great role in accomplishing quick tasks that render instant and effective results even though the Rationals will be assistive in seeking fresh solutions to fresh problems that occur. Each of the temperaments will support the team efforts in their very own unique approach and in their view of addressing concerns and solutions.

Four take-away points by Kiersey Nature Theory that informs my own leadership development include: (1) My own Mom or dad temperament is important to many areas of society and will be supportive of my desired goals in the Medical Profession. (2) Other temperaments will support the team hard work in their individual unique approach through their varying views of concerns and solutions. (3) All temperaments are very important in the team work environment. (4) It is important to respect all temperament opinions because solutions to problems can be gained simply by respecting and considering most temperament landscapes of complications and solutions.


After completing the self-assessments coming from ‘The New Leadership Challenge’ by Grossman and Valiga (2009) my Leadership Qualities and Abilities assessment score is 53 and my perception of the particular a good leader is reported to be “probably mixed between the big difference of management and command. ” (p. 18)


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