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Excerpt from Term Newspaper:

Mister. Slade added that there is at this point ‘no confidence of commitment to an early on return, through elections, to democratic constitutional governance pertaining to Fiji, while Forum Commanders have long been urging on the Interim Administration’ (Key regional reactions and intercontinental responses, 2009, p. 5). In addition , Bainimarama’s military plan was revoked from the PIF for breaking promises to hold elections last year (Pacific frontrunners tackle influence of global problems, 2009).

The Melanesian Spearhead Group

Vanuatu’s Foreign Minister George Water wells said that the MSG stimulates Fiji to comply with the timetable for elections to get March 2009 (Key regional reactions and international answers, 2009, s. 6).

The United Nations and the Commonwealth

About 17 04, the ESTE Educational, Clinical and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) expressed profound concern regarding the reported crackdown about press liberties in Fiji. On twenty April, the UN Reliability Council (UN SC) stated concerns about the personal situation in Fiji. Fiji Islands will probably be fully hanging from the Commonwealth at the Group’s next appointment [on 26] September 2009 (Key regional reactions and international reactions, 2009, l. 6).


Following the military coup in Fiji on 5 12 , 2006, the EU regarded Fiji to be ‘in infringement of selected essential portions of political nature contained in the Cotonou agreement’. The military takeover was also condemned by the EU inside the Council findings issued in 11 December. On 12-15 April 2009, the Euro Commissioner pertaining to Development Co-operation and Education Aid, John Michel, stated deep disappointment with the innovations in Fiji (Key local reactions and international replies, 2009, l. 6).

The responses explained in Table 1 above indicate that beyond the modest nevertheless largely symbolic sanctions that had been leveled by the governments of Australia and New Zealand, there has been small effort for the foreign community past some hand-wringing and clucking. Given the fully created nature of Bainimarama’s regime, it is uncertain that “expressing deep disappointment” and “deep concern” and expelling Fiji from membership in local coalitions is going to effect any kind of meaningful change in the Fijian government down the road.


The “ho-hum” response by the international community to the political uncertainty in Fiji calls into question what an appropriate response to internal incidents in a full sovereign coin state needs to be in the 21st century. In spite of the country’s strategic location, importance like a trading spouse for Down under, and its destabilizing influence around the region, the regional and international respond to the percussion in Fiji can be viewed as a rubber-stamp procedure that is pulled out whenever entrée affect little countries that do not own large amounts of oil and gas. The varying levels of condemnations, “encouragements” and “urgings, ” as well as the expulsion of the Fijian part of the PIF amount to the sum total from the token reactions by the intercontinental community. Commodore Bainimarama has to be pleased simply by these replies and think empowered to stay his current plans to postpone totally free elections until 2014, nevertheless the smart money could bet upon these free of charge and relaxing elections not really taking place in those days either.


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of Intercontinental Peace Businesses

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