Reporting of human immunodeficiency virus study

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Excerpt via Research Newspaper:

Instead, the authors simply present their particular findings in a series of databases without any cross-comparison with earlier studies. Furthermore, rather than totally explicating their methods, the majority of their ‘results’ section is usually devoted to describing why the 12-months a muslim yielded better reporting. Though this obtaining is indeed interesting and important, it is not directly related to the way the research query was framed in terms of the prevalence of employing two several sources of data-tracking.

Is the technique of presentation effective? Is the way of presentation accurate?

While the results are interesting, there are many questions left open-ended from a reader’s point-of-view. For instance, just how were these kinds of diagnoses obtained? Were they will from people willingly becoming tested pertaining to HIV or who had received a diagnosis because of other problems or because of enforced assessment (such because before getting into a correctional setting). Diverse states include entirely distinct methods of tabulating data (for example, a lot of use electronic digital record-keeping, others do not) but other than referring to this kind of, no differentiation are made between states.

Although underreporting can be a ‘fact’ the lack of data as to where and how it truly is occurring is definitely frustrating for the reader.

Would be the conclusions supported by the study benefits? What are the implications of the finding to get practice and future exploration? What are the limitations of the research?

Overall, the findings suggested that completeness of reporting tends to be under previously approximated national averages. However , possibly regarding the two sources attained for every condition or place “for completeness estimates based upon two sources, the supposition that the two sources happen to be independent may not be true for a few programs. Consequently , results may not be accurate for the programs, and additional assessments of completeness (e. g., case-finding studies) can be needed” (Hal et ing. 2006, g. 396). Total, the study take into account a general tendency at underreporting, without figuring out what claims, areas, or perhaps methods would be the worst causes contributing to this phenomenon.


Hall, Irene H., Ruiguang Song, Steve E. Gerstle III, Mack M. Shelter (2006). Examining the completeness of revealing of human immunodeficiency disease diagnoses in 2002 – 2003: Capture-recapture methods. American Journal of Epidemiology.

164 (4): 391. Retrieved June 17, 2010 at

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