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There have been many shows on the new SONA Chief executive Benigno S i9000. Aquino explained last This summer 28, 2014 and these are generally the 3 points that intrigued me the most:

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Under the questionable DAP, PNoy said that around P1. six billion fund was given to Training-for-Work Scholarship or grant Program of TESDA. An overall total of 223, 615 beneficiaries have graduated with an equivalent of 146, 731 participants currently working. I would claim I really congratulated him for his observations on education. True, Education is very important in each and every country. A country consists of persons, now if those people are generally illiterate what do you think could the country become of? And yes, after working a couple of pesos to those pupils through scholarships, how much do you think those pupils would pay for their fees when the can graduate and still have their own careers?

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The ugly side of this though is the reaction of COA and politics involvement.

Did you know that according to COA these types of amounts weren’t fully utilized by the agency, casting hesitation on Aquino’s figures.

COA declared that out of the P1. 1 billion dollars funds by DAP acquired by TESDA in 2011 to get TWSP, simply 92. 47% was used. Now how about that?! People as well as projects are not perfect. When will they will accept that?! I i am still pleased though mainly because at least he is displaying positive figures and details.

President Benigno S. Aquino III, during his fifth State with the Nation Addresses (SONA) upon Monday, cited attainments inside the country’s flying industry as having contributed to the country’s steady economical growth days gone by year. Initial on the list of details was if the International Detrimental Aviation Organization (ICAO) last March 2013 lifted the numerous safety concerns it had previously issued intended for the Philippines. In the same year, europe lifted the ban on Philippine Airlines, allowing it to soar once again to Europe. But with the increased aviation system, President Aquino said, Filipinos can now take flight directly from Manila to London, uk. President Aquino also made welcome the FAA’s decision to upgrade the Philippines’ aviation status returning to Category

1 . He said that because of this upgrade, it is likely that therewill also be a rise in routes visiting the United States “The increase in routes of our community airlines for the United States and participating countries in the EUROPEAN UNION is a big help to both equally tourism and business,  the President said in the speech. I am also thankful for that one. Philippines being an accessible country worldwide is known as a Go Get! what I meant is the a definite plus for people if we don’t spend too much on connecting flights just for all of us to get to the destination. We not sure if ever you knowledgeable connecting flights before and I really expect youd by no means do. Since, Oh my own! it is this sort of a hassle over time and money. Imagine you being enthusiastic but you need stopovers, sleeping in the air-port just capture the earliest flight to your destination and pray to THE ALMIGHTY the weather is going to cooperate or maybe you’re stuck!

Meanwhile, Leader Aquino likewise pointed out the way the country’s hosting of the World Monetary Forum upon East Asia this year was a huge achievement, showing the world the country’s capacity in corporate. “¦With the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summit the Philippines will be hosting next year, we will be in a position to inform even more people of our progress, and the opportunities that the has became available for all,  he said. This is my biggest concern of them all. I really hope he will apply more effort on this a single. As a standard consumer My spouse and i don’t see myself using a positive attributes on this one particular. Yes I understand we are eventually experiencing Mother Nature’s simple guidelines on how we have to take care of the time she has offered. But by God! even the spices that is very common and needed in every household (ex: GARLIC ” my favourite liven with chicken) costs too much. Including our staple foodstuff which is rice. This one must be alleviated! Bear in mind County contains People, Persons needs Education but most of all it needs to FOOD in order to survive!


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