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Research from Case Study:

dependable writing circumstance studies mental disorders (attachment choices). The case studies original work. In case studies integrate DSM criteria diagnosis. Each case study 4-5 paragraphs span, typed, single spaced.


Abigail is known as a seventeen-year-old college student. When Abigail went away to college, she returned home via Thanksgiving break notably thin. Abigail has long been thin: she was a competitive runner in high school. In college, she spends every single morning at the health club. She likes not to eat in the cafe and acquires her individual food, generally diet yogurts, TV dinners, and fruits. She religiously tracks the calorie rely of what she consumes and will not likely eat any ‘bad’ foods.

Abigail can often be tired and has difficulty staying alert in class nevertheless she frequently feels also jittery and anxious to rest at night. Her grades had been suffering, which is uncharacteristic of her, as she was a straight – A student in high school. This lady has few good friends because the girl avoids cultural occasions which might involve eating. Abigail wears baggy garments around campus when she actually is not working away. She has excellent, downy frizzy hair on her cheeks and arms and her hair is definitely falling out. The lady still gets her period, but this wounderful woman has been in estrogen birth control for several years.

Sometimes Abigail will eat ‘normal things, ‘ ordering a pizza late at night. She has a problem with eating to excess following denying their self for so long and will then simply go several days to ‘atone’ for her binging, scarcely eating anything at all. During Thanksgiving holiday she enthusiastically engaged in the preparation in the family meals but simply picked by her meals. When prompted, Abigail was adamant there was absolutely nothing wrong with her and she was just fatigued and stressed out about her classes.

What is Abigail’s diagnosis?


Jean is a twenty-four-year-old, single, professional Caucasian female. She has had trouble with her weight the majority of her your life. She is competent at work and regarded as good, but this wounderful woman has a problem: she says she “can’t keep food in the house. inches If there is your favorite ice cream, peanut chausser, leftover french fries, or any additional type of ‘junk food’ Jean will find herself binging into it until it is very gone. Then simply, to compensate she’ll force himself to be sick. Carol has not told anyone about this, even though her dental professional has left a comment on the range of teeth problems she gets had through the years.


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