Romeo and juliet character essay

Pick a play by which one the primary characters has to cope with strong feelings just like love, envy, ambition or perhaps hatred. Display how the personality deals with these types of feelings and what result this has within the outcome from the play.

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Inside the play “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare, the character of Romeo must cope with the strong feeling of love. The play explains to the story of your ancestral argument between two opposing families, the Montagues and the Capulets, causing a lot of harmful outcomes. These outcomes ultimately lead to the loss of life of the families’ “star-cross’d lovers” Romeo and Juliet. Feeling of love make Romeo work impetuously several times during the enjoy and this and unfortunate situations lead to the untimely loss of life of equally Romeo and Juliet.

In the first act of the perform, Shakespeare introduces Romeo while an energetic character. Romeo is pictured as a gentleman who is frantically in love with Rosaline, yet, when he meets Juliet he right away falls in like with her:

“O special account, living is my foe’s financial debt! ” As soon as the Romeo lays eye on Juliet his emotions of love on her behalf are strong. Once discovering that she is a Capulet, he states that his life is squandered. Romeo’s good feelings of love influence just how quick he’s to ignore Rosaline completely and fall in love with Juliet. After seeing Juliet, Romeo even doubts that having been in appreciate before as he questions himself, “Did I like before? ” It is evident here how much the feelings of love affect Romeo’s life and it seems as if all of his actions derive from his feelings of love.

Romeo’s strong take pleasure in for Juliet cause him to act quickly upon his thoughts. This is certainly clear because within a few days of being aware of Juliet, Romeo goes to the Friar and arranges to enable them to be committed:

“As my very own is set in hers, therefore hers is set on my own thou need to combing by holy marriage”

Although Romeo thinks that he is aware Juliet well, they have simply known the other person for less than every week. Romeo’s highly effective feelings intended for Juliet cause him to behave rashly and he acts impatiently. He’s also portrayed as premature here when he does not also stop to consider the feud or any type of consequences that may happen because of their marriage. His like for Juliet lead him to make poor decisions and act impetuously and this provides several bad consequences down the line in the play.

Another situation in which Romeos feelings toward Juliet cause him to do something foolishly is in the balcony landscape. His take pleasure in for Juliet causes him to not fully realise his actions which is obvious here. When ever Juliet requests him how he entered the Capulet grounds he replies:

“With love’s light wings did I o’erperch these walls thy kinsmen are no quit to me”

Romeo’s overpowering love intended for Juliet makes him impaired to the danger he is in. He is desperate to see Juliet and this triggers him to rashly opt to sneak in the Capulet grounds. He will not realise fully that he could be killed fantastic love causes him to risk his life. Romeo’s tries to demonstrate that he can ready to consider risks to be with Juliet. Juliet, however , much more sensible and quickly tells him to hightail it before he could be caught nevertheless Romeo is determined to stay with Juliet when he is totally euphoric with appreciate. The Friar also suggests Romeo to visit “wisely and slow” yet he ignores this and rushes in marriage the following day. Romeo’s solid feelings of love cause him to act incredibly impulsively and irresponsibly wonderful desperation to marry Juliet cause him to neglect everything else.

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