Sales and products on hand monitoring program


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The used of manual procedures in business offers decline because the rise of computerized and automated systems. And in truth, nowadays, the application of computer-based business system is now prevalent most throughout the produced and growing countries all over the world due to the increased productivity and efficiency of data processing

A collection of components that work together to realize some aim forms something. There are three major elements in every program, namely, insight, processing and output. One of the most commonly used program by several companies is the revenue system and inventory program creating a window based system.

Inventories in many cases are the largest property of company and an exact inventory management system is often necessary to take in to accent the sales, orders and the need for replenishments. In addition, it ensures that goods are always stocked to an ideal level to satisfy customer requirements. One of the most samples of overstock levels is Hardware’s, Marketing’s plus the Furniture’s which have been using manuals.

A sale is usually an activity involved in the selling of goods or providers in return for funds or different compensation. Costly act of completion of ad advertisement activity although inventory A directory of what you have got. In reports, inventory generally refers to the cost of stocks, while distinct from fixed property. Advanced system on product sales provide more reliable recording of sales from the company with comparison to its actual cost. In addition , the info needed by the company to decide matters in relation to inventory could be easily produced.

Moreover, the inventory program promotes powerful inventory control which ensures stocking the in demand and correct items in the correct volumes. This system can assist the company to stop overstocking. It maintains a Databases of the Suppliers and Consumers to handle a hundreds to thousands of goods for sale, allow several users to use the program with differing access level, easily track items that need to be re-ordered, monitor purchase background by provider and by item the company will probably be trusted by customer and you will be updated.

To know the need for this kind of system ( which is a legitimate combination of software program programs) think about a customer’s needs. For example , if you go online and order a new digital camera and arrange to ship this to your home, your purchase sets off different incidents in the seller’s system. The system must determine where the camera will be shipped from, in that case notify the proper warehouse to pack this and dispatch it. Consider where that information comes from so the camera will reach your home in time.

Using this type of program, a company/business makes proper business decisions regarding natural material acquisitions, production arranging, pricing, strategies and other decisions in the supply chain. Sales and products on hand data permits the company to enhance or reduce production in the factory hence the company will not likely have a lot of finished items stored in their warehouses.


The computerized sales and inventory monitoring gives a firm a competitive advantage by linking different automated procedures within the supply chain. For instance , automating the ordering process for customers and the production booking, then adjusting manufacturing depending on up-to-date inventory levels, makes a company way more versatile, capable of deciding how you can best meet customer instructions. When automated activities are linked ” ensuring details flows swiftly from one section of the supply chain to another ” a company can exploit these types of linkages. Supervision can make quick decisions to boost revenues, such as ramping up production instantly in one position because of a abrupt surge widely used in another section of the country/world.

The challenge of the conducted research is about the company’s sales monitoring and inventory system. Keeping documents of sales and stocks manually would be the current method used by the organization. Due to this current method of products on hand system, the corporation has came across several complications regarding the monitoring and shares checking.

In the matter of Omigo Superstore they are presently using the manual sales andinventory system wherein computing for the are done manually. But in dealing with these orders, accuracy, stability and rate of human skills in performing these types of transactions will be limited since clerical problems are often inescapable. Because of these, we propose a system of product sales and products on hand monitoring. With all the Omigo Superstore, the monitoring of product sales, controlling of inventory, saving of products, establishing of numerical data and searching, sorting and blocking of item will translated into an automatic process which considers rate accuracy, orderliness and maintainability of the program.

The function of the system compares current inventory levels of a product and the number scheduled for development with the amount needed, and determines in the event the level of creation must be changed. If necessary, the program sends some text to the grasp production routine to increase development. Also, the inventory monitoring system slows production every time a product’s retail sales amounts don’t satisfy the sales forecast and the firm overproduces the merchandise.

Statement in the problem

1 . How to develop revenue and inventory monitoring system for Omigo Superstore?

2 . How the recommended sales and inventory monitoring system reduces the manual computations of sales and inventory system?

3. How a proposed product sales and products on hand monitoring system provides the past monitoring of sales and inventory?

four. How the suggested sales and inventory monitoring system’s convenience made easier for the admin?

5. How the proposed sales and inventory monitoring system monitors the obtained and distributed products?

6th. How the recommended sales and inventory monitoring system produces andcomputes information for sales?

7. The way the proposed sales and products on hand monitoring program provides security of the papers?



To build up a system which will enhance the monitoring of the sales and inventory of Omigo Superstore.


To create and build a system that may reduce all their manual revenue and products on hand monitoring.

To make a system that can provide these people on past monitoring of sales and inventory

To make a system that can easy to use and access by the user.

To effectively keep an eye on products attained and sent out

To accurately record, compute and develop report pertaining to sales

To provide security for data and information regarding organization transactions

Value of the Study

Sales and Inventory Product is designed for a business that wants a control of stock amounts and products on hand tracking. This method can be used either as simple inventory control program or a total manufacturing option. In today’s technology. We are engaged in highly digital technology aiming to enhance specific lifestyle and the most especially in the business world.

For the Omigo Superstore Company

The result of the study could provide the administration a view with their current and previous sales and inventory by the means of Product sales and Products on hand Monitoring Program. The employees as well as the management would benefit the newest environment electricity costs by the supporters of the stated system that will makethe process flows much better than before. If the manager or maybe the supervisor desires to check the status of their sales, they just need to log-in in the system than to check it manually inside the accounting information.

For the proponents

The proposed study was the great experience pertaining to the advocates. As they recommended this system, they also apply the things that they’ve learned from pc related subjects.

For the future experts

The future analysts will enjoy the proposed examine whose undertaking same analyze. They can also use this study as their guideline.



This research focuses simply on revenue and products on hand monitoring system of Omigo Supermarket. Along the process, the product sales incurred by the said organization will be calculated and updated automatically and dynamically during every transaction (this purchase refer to the process) and recording of goods will be made accurate, quickly and trustworthy due to the reduction of human errors reliability of data furnished by the system. The program will also present automated and dynamic looking of products to reply to item inquiries; it is going to generate appropriate records around the inventory, product sales and transaction; and lastly, it will provide system security to shield the business info stored in the database obliging user to log in and open their specific account, which in turn, are granted by system supervisor, manager or perhaps owner.


This examine doesn’t cover the following features: the uses of barcode technology pertaining to advance product-searching capability, payroll for employees and biometric scanning device for program security. Keep in mind that also support online transactions, accepts obligations through checks, credit cards or debit cards and calculates cash flow, including the total expenditure, as well as the flow of cost and benefits.

Conceptual Model of the Study

On such basis as the mentioned before concepts, theories, and results of related literature, research presented and insights obtained from them, a conceptual style is developed as displayed as:



-is the take action of offering a product or perhaps service in substitution for money or other payment. Signaling completing the prospective stage, is it doesn’t beginning of the engagement among customer and vendor or perhaps the extension of this engagement.


-or stock identifies the goods and materials which a business keeps for the greatest purpose of reselling


-generally way to be aware of the state of a system


-is an organized collection of data. The data are usually organized to model aspects of reality in a manner that supports processes requiring this information. For example , modelling the availability of rooms in hotels in a way that supports finding a hotel with vacancies.


” in business and organizations is a function that coordinates the efforts of people to accomplish objectives using offered resources wisely. Management consists planning, organising, staffing, leading or directing, and handling an organization or perhaps initiative to accomplish a goal. Resourcing encompasses the deployment and manipulation of human resources, money, technological assets, and normal resources. Management is also a great academic discipline, a social science in whose object of study is definitely the social corporation.


-the overall performance or supervision of business operations


A revenue and inventory monitoring program collects data to aid in production organizing, accurate information, and reliable information. For example , some devices use latest sales data to prediction how a lot of a type of merchandise will be needed to meet client demand soon. This includes monitoring the levels of the product in any way locations. An example is a global company with customers across the world. The customer may possibly live in Thailand, but the program must see if the factory in China and tiawan has a item available to send to Korea.

Foreign Literary works

In some purpose there are organization that cannot go on through their business journey and can’t contend due of obstacles that brings them down. Nevertheless because of the technology that are wreck our your life most of the organization succeed and following the circulation of the market.

According to Shah Janat (2010), just about every participant in a supply sequence, whether wholesaler, retailer or manufacturer or perhaps vendor, likes to reduce inventories and yet keep customer service as a way not to reduce customers due to non-availability of goods. Huge arrays are a drain on assets, as it hindrances money and increase cost of operations. So it will be no surprise that all firms desire to reduce inventory in the source chain. The inventory might be divided into various categories. In general there are 6 main kinds of inventories: Initially, the cycle stock, the inventory as a result of production or perhaps purchase in batches is known as cycle stocks and shares, since the tons are created or purchased in cyclical lots.

Second is the security stocks, while the brand suggests, happen to be maintained as a safeguard against uncertainties of demand and provide. Third is the decoupling stocks, which give you the flexibility needed by every single decision-making device to manage the operations separately and to optimize its overall performance. Fourth, anticipation inventory which usually consists of stocks and options accumulated prior to expected top in revenue or that which takes care of a few special event that does not occur upon regular basis. This has two categories, the seasonal shares and the conjecture stocks. The fifth is definitely the pipeline products on hand which includes materials truly being labored on or staying moved from location to a new in the cycle. Lastly, the dead share which refers to that a part of nonmoving inventory that is less likely to be further use in supply chain procedures or market segments.

Another related literature can be from Korean Red Ginseng Enterprise which can be using Revenue and Products on hand System (J. De Leon, M. Ferrer, 2001). Underneath the Korean Reddish colored Ginseng Business Sales and Inventory Program, the experts came up with a computerized product sales and products on hand system. The proponents used database to easy access of files as well as for easier and faster processing of the offering and products on hand transaction. This software was chosen togenerate reports such as month to month reports, inventory reports, product sales invoice and list of things.

In connection with the proposed program, the proponents proposed a brand new and more quickly way of processing business ventures. The system as well helped you know the availability of the products. In addition, it helped the manager to monitor the stocks also to get immediate notice for acquisition of additional products.

The Proponents receives knowledge about the file control and statement generations through this analyze. It also provides the proponents suggestions to create the proposed system’s reports in online product sales and inventory system. Automation is necessary, thus automatic report generation for specific reports will be included in the proponent’s proposed system.

The different literature is an Online Sales and Inventory Management System (SIMS) (Aparanjitha, 2008). This task is directed at developing a web based Sales and Inventory Management System (SIMS) to get a departmental store. This system can be used to store the details from the inventory, upgrade the products on hand based on the sale details, create receipts intended for sales, create sales and inventory studies periodically etc . This is 1 integrated system that contains both the user part (used simply by salesperson, product sales manager, inventory managers and so forth ) plus the admin element (used by administrators for performing admin level capabilities such as adding new what to the products on hand, changing the buying price of an item etc). This system works on multiple terminals, provides a GUI to nearly all people and links to a prevalent database(s).

The proponents receives knowledge in real time products on hand, generation of receipts and security features where in restricted information are only available by employees, managers, administrators, etc . The proposed program can be accessible by personnel, administrators and customers, making online deal possible.

Local Literature

From your local materials Jeonsoft Inventory System should provide much easier and quicker way to monitor the movement in the business’ stock of goods. It is interactively created to possibly do the common jobs done in traditional way. Coming from item access, releasing of items, inventory adjustment, transferring of products from one storage place to another and production, you need to can keep program your inventory. JIS uses JibesXP Tools that has been specifically configured with properties that might help you set up well the flow of your inventory. To guarantee the security maintenance of JBS system, it has JADE (Jeonsoft Management Enforcer) designed to protect the transactions inside your system. Users will be asked to enter their login brand and username and password to confirm if they are entitled to gain access to the system. Using JADE, Facilitators can also designate a specific module for employees to reach since they are just entitled to gain access to modules which can be related to their very own work.

These kinds of only implies that in some cause using software and a system can reduce the performs of an specific with an accurate result that are safe and reserved for the future of the company.


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