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Sociological Ideas

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Do laws serve to ensure that the masses or perhaps do they serve the “propertied and privileged handful of? ” (Heywood 152) This question is thrown into stark relief, given the recent Kobe Bryant Scandal regarding the accuser’s allegations the fact that NBA superstar raped her. (CNN. com, 2003)

Theorists and Sociological concepts

Similarly, it could be asserted that the benefits of the wealth and fame offered by Bryant’s status provided him added media safeguard. However , it could also be supposed that in a rape trial, given the seriousness from the offense, one particular cannot presume a defendant’s guilt. Even though societal prejudices may condemn the ladies sexual patterns or mental instability, in past times American history of justice, Dark African-American guys have often and inaccurately been offender of violating white girls as ways of “keeping all of them in their place. ” Therefore, the “bifurcated consciousness, inches or a polarized identity held in place by the absolutism and order with the justice method is applicable not just in female libido, whereby enforcement of a particular feminized norm of behavior – never to go to a field hockey player’s accommodation unless the first is going to take part in intercourse with him – is combined against the bifurcated consciousness from the African-American guy, whom is forced to present himself in an asexuado fashion or perhaps face the outcomes. Bryant’s popularity may reduce this intelligence, but still, the is present. (Ritzer 160) Added to the problem is the thought of female subjectivity (Heywood 173) that may delineate a different perceptual mode of perceiving sexual advances, and thus require inside the justice system a different setting of adjudicating a rasurado case.


Despite his wife, Vanessa Bryant’s “Statement” to the contrary, regardless of her husband’s purity, the nature of the rape case has effects outside of their legal or perhaps personal structure. (2003) Rape is a criminal offense of perceptions, which are influenced by one’s social as well as one’s personal, intimate consciousness. The roles of race and gender do not exist outside the brains of jurors, and thus, they must be discussed in the courtroom, if only as a means of pushing judges and jurors to be conscious enough of them to set them aside.

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Case Study: Bifurcated consciousness.

What really does the phrase “bifurcated consciousness” suggest? How does this reflect personal experience of ladies? Share your own take on idea by offering your experiences. Can easily men feel this feeling of croisement? Why are subordinated groups more likely to experience croisement than are dominant groups? How does the macrostructure effects consciousness every day life?

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