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Southwestern University (SWU), a large condition college in Stephenville, The state of texas, 30 kilometers south of the Dallas/Fort Well worth metroplex, enrolls close to 20, 000 pupils. To reinforce its odds of reaching number-one ranking in the Big Eleven Conference, in 2003, SWU hired the legendary Pitterno as its mind coach. Certainly one of Pitterno’s demands on getting started with SWU had been a new stadium. After the six months of SWU administrators’ examine, Dr . Joel Wisner, director of SWU, had reached a decision to expand the capacity at its on-campus stadium.

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The contractor, Hill Construction (Bob Hill) was given a 270 days deadline for the project. It will have a contract penalty of $10,50, 000 daily for running late. Hillside again examined the data and noted the fact that optimistic period estimates can be used as crash times. He gathered his foremen and told all of them, “Folks, if we’re certainly not 75% sure we’ll end this arena in less than 270 days, I need this task crashed! Produce the cost characters for a date of two hundred and fifty days” as well for 240 days.

I want to be early, not just punctually! Problem:

When it is needed to crash the job to 250 or 240 days, how would Hillside do so, including what costs?


¢Complete the job.

-Be 75% certain to finish the project in 270 times, or else

-Crash the project to 250 or perhaps 240 days if necessary.

-Find the easiest method to accomplish objective at the least expense.

¢ Do not miss the deadline.

-Avoid the contract charges of $10, 000 every day.

-Maintain the good reputation of Hill Structure.

Perspective: Hill development (Bob Hill), the company of the task. Time Frame: 2009- 2010 (Construction would right away start following 2009 season ended, which usually would allow specifically 270 times until the 2010 season basketball opening video game. )

Aspects of Consideration:

¢Duration of time the fact that project will probably be finished.

¢Probability that the project become completed on the specific day.

¢Critical activities

¢ Non-critical activities

¢Additional costs

¢Downsides of missing the deadline: contract charges and an undesirable reputation Research and Debate:

The original crucial path in the project’s network is A-C-D-G-H-I-L. The project is likely to be completed in 260 days (from Activity M LF). Possessing a total job variance of (11. 10 + 69. 44 & 136. 11 + 2 . 78 + 11. 14 + 44. 44 & 44. 44=) 319. 43 and task management standard deviation of 17. 87, the group occurs in the benefit of z . which is ( 0. 56. Using the usual distribution desk, we get zero. 7123 as the value of z. Thus, the probability of finishing the project in 270 days and nights is 71. 23%.

For the reason that probability is less than 75%, we all consider Hillside to crash the task to two hundred fifty days or perhaps 240 days. (a) To crash job to two hundred and fifty days, Hill must crash activity A by 10 days. This will result to an additional cost of ($1, five-hundred x 10=) $15, 1000, and a brand new critical course of A-B-E-F-G-H-J-K-L. Original essential path is still. (b) And further crash project to 240 days and nights, Hill must crash activity D by 10 days. This will result to another additional expense of ($1, nine hundred x 10=) $19, 1000. Total added cost will be $34, 500. The original plus the new important path continue to be.

Alternative Methods of Action:

Alternative 1: Mountain won’t crash the project.

Advantages: a) The expected time for you to finish the entire project (260 days) remains less than the prospective date (270 days), and yields a great probability of finishing the project in 270 days (71. 23%).

b) There is merely one critical route, meaning, significantly less activities is going to delay the project in the event they will operate late.

c) Slope construction won’t need to add costs to the operations. Downsides: a) The probability of finishing the project in 270 days is just 71. 23%, this can be less than the specified 75%.

b) This alternative is usually 28. 77% risky.

Alternative 2: Mountain would crash the project to two hundred fifty days.

Pros: a) Shortened activity durations can enable Slope to finish the project

by the due date.

b) Most likely, the probability of finishing the project will increase, making it much less risky. Cons: a) It will have an additional cost of $15, 1000.

b) There will be a brand new critical way, meaning, all activities may delay the project if they will manage late. Alternative 3: Mountain would crash the project to 240 days.

Positives: a) Reduced activity stays will enable Hill to complete the project by the deadline.

b) If lacking it is regarding missing the deadline, this could be the least risky alternative. Negatives:

a) There will be yet another cost of $34, 000.

b) It will have a new critical path, meaning, all activities may postpone the task if they will run later.


Mountain wants the project to complete early, and not on time. Therefore, it will be necessary for the job to be damaged, if he expects 75% of likelihood that the project will end in 270 days. A crash the activities will surely increase the predicted time the project will require. Meaning, the probability which the project will finish for the desired particular date would be higher.

The group takes the other alternative as being a recommendation. Ramming the task to two hundred and fifty days could most likely yield a higher probability than getting the target of 270 days (Alternative 1). Finishing the project sooner than the deadline will even more prevent Slope construction to pay a contract penalty and prevent getting mud. Another good issue is that the further cost in the second alternative is much less than Alternative a few. Alternative two is the less risky and fewer costly alternative of all three.


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