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Racism In America, Racism, Racial Discrimination, Gender Discrimination

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The medieval elements inside the novel serve to portray better still the squalor and the fierceness of the environment in which they were impelled to have. Even though Harlem was an African-American community, the life in the black female was rarely ever improved at this time fact. The location itself was degenerate and full of criminal offense and as such, that did not offer any safety. All this was due to the ethnic discrimination in the white people against the dark-colored. Although the dark-colored had a lot of economical and political rights, the society was very far from equal rights. The white colored people merely considered them less than human, and persecuted them simply in a implied way than during the numerous years of slavery. A black person could not go up to a better social or economical statute simply because the prejudices against him or her were permanent obstacles. As Petry shows, the condition of the black woman was even more remarkable as she was continuously objectified being a sexual device by the men opinion. Lutie’s case as presented in the novel is more adduces facts for this condition. Despite her intelligence and her performing talents, the girl with unable to generate it within a righteous way. When the lady refuses the sexual price that she’s supposed to pay for her career, she is basically dismissed being a singer. Furthermore, when your woman tries to get a loan in order to take away her little boy in the children’s protection, she is again asked for sexual favors. In her craze, she eliminates Boots, putting an emphasis on thus the impossibility of staying pure in an environment contaminated by criminal offense.

Thus, Petry’s novel can be an evocative story in the period known as the Harlem Renaissance in America. Despite the fact that it designated the beginning of true freedom intended for the African- Americans, this era was even so punctuated by racial and gender splendour. The condition of the black female was one of many worst conceivable from a social point-of-view, due to the double disadvantage provided by skin-color through gender concurrently. Petry’s publication thus pinpoints the injustice of this scenario, and its devastating influence within the life of the individual. A dark woman was condemned actually from her birth to reside mean and squalid conditions, an object of mockery pertaining to the white people and of mere sexual interest for the black. Any such person was unable therefore to evolve as someone, and proved to be a sociable puppet left at the mercy of equally racial and gender splendour.

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