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Health Information Technology: Electronic Medical Records Essay

Abstract For years the health care market has investigated methods to enhance the way sufferer information is usually managed. Electronic medical information were developed to solve a large number of, if not every, issues around paper medical records and the management of patient information. Storage, possibility of being read easily, ...

Electronic Health Records: the Good and the Bad Essay

The Electric Health Record (EHR) can be an electronic record of individual health information created by more than one encounters in a care delivery setting. The knowledge included in a great EHR are patient demographics, progress notes, problems, medicines, vital symptoms, past health background, immunizations, laboratory data and radiology information. ...

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Electronic Health Record Essay

An Electronic Wellness Record (EHR) is a system of records which can be electronically maintained, providing longitudinal information in the patient’s health. The information is generated during a number of encounters together with the patient. Information could be recorded and stored under several portions including demographics, encounters, interventions, treatments, immunizations, ...