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Terrorist Groups:

Terrorism is basically thought as activities or violence that is carried out to coerce the us government or civilian population to modify its plans. Such activities are often carried out as a result of divergent political, religious and ideological morals by people or associates of an extremist group. However , the federal agencies meanings of terrorism vary depending on their detailed roles and missions leading to the lack of a universally acknowledged definition of terrorism in the United States. Consequently, there is both domestic or perhaps international terrorism depending on the origin of an extremist or terrorist group, in which they kick off their terrorist activities and who the victims of the attacks happen to be (“Combating Terrorism, ” 2003). International terrorism is encouraged by a range of interrelated factors and styles including technical advances and associations with international offense.

Al-Qaeda Network:

The Al-Qaeda Network is an international terrorist organization that was established 23 years ago and is led by Osama Bin Stuffed who finances, recruits, transports and teaches many competitors from several countries to get part of the Afghan resistance to overcome the Soviet Union (“Al-Qaida, ” 2006). To continue this kind of holy battle beyond Afghanistan, the present target of the group is always to set up a pan-Islamic Caliphate across the globe by simply working with Islamic extremist groupings to beat regimes that are considered to be non-Islamic. Moreover, the existing goals with the Al-Qaeda Network include traveling out Americans and non-Muslims from Muslim countries.

Al-Qaeda Network contains a global network of terrorist cells than can kick off an assault at any moment and had been supported by the Taliban Government until they attacked America in Sept. 2010 11, 2001. The activities with this terrorist group include bombing, suicide attacks, assassination, kidnapping and hijacking. It’s reported that the innovator of the Network has a solid desire acquire and work with chemical, biological and elemental weapons. The targets of the activities of this group generally tent being famous symbols and areas like army personnel, embassies and general public buildings. A number of the alleged attacks by the Al-Qaeda Network include the 1998 bombing of the U. S. embassies in Kenya and Ceder

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