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Organizations have difficulties daily with organizational problems that occur in the job force. Coming from reengineering to developing a fresh structure, several organizations proceed through it almost daily to try and straightener out thus flaws within their design to ensure they find the maximum production and maximum efficiency. As an example this promoting company Aquarius Advertising Organization is having a huge problem with their particular structure. The key issue in the case is the dependence on reorganization and reengineering in the structure with the company.

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The hierarchal schizzo and deficiency of horizontal assistance has triggered the company staff to have conflicts with each other and therefore their business is battling. Aquarius Advertising and marketing needs a strength framework that encourages personnel to engage in horizontal information sharing.

The reason why this is going on to Aquarius Advertising Company is evident in the doing work relationships of the employees in Aquarius. The account executives are frustrated with the specialists because they are on offer them instead of through those to make decisions for the clients.

It is evident that composition of the organization is wrong for this business because lots of problems are happening and the clientele are struggling. If the personnel changed at Aquarius the problems would continue to be because of the structure of the corporation this is one indication the framework needs modification.

Another reason that the framework needs to transform is because of the rapid proceeds of accounts and the lack of ability of Aquarius to successfully respond to these types of changes. Though the most significant reason and cause of the main issue in this case is a conflict between different products in the organization. Without assistance and better communication the company may are unsuccessful and the strength framework and hierarchy must change in order that the employees can perform well together to satisfy the clients.

Possible Actions

Presently Aquarius is usually working with a practical and hierarchal structure and this design has been proven not to be the right framework for this company. It is very important that the company flattens out their composition and raises their horizontal linkages in order to meet the desired goals of the business. This is a quick moving company of course, if the company will not act quick then they may also lose a lot more clients than they are now with their current drop in yield ratio. Presently there three key structural styles that Aquarius could consider to put in complete effect. The first structure that could probably suit the firm is the divisional structure. The divisional structure or product structure sets up the agency into partitions according to organizational results. At Aquarius if a divisional structure were chosen employees would be assembled into models comprised of diverse client accounts or significant projects to get the company.

This structure gives the various specialists together in divisions that support the precise projects requirements. The difference involving the divisional structure and the current functional composition that the company uses would be that the divisional composition supports a rapidly changing environment since each product is smaller sized and more collaborative. Also the divisional composition doesn’t have for making as many decisions because the decision making and the expert lies in the lower lever from the hierarchy.

Getting a divisional framework would most likely lead to a much more unified office for the account managers and the professionals because they will be assembled into smaller sized units working together to reach the clients desired goals. However , a divisional framework is best suited intended for large agencies and Aquarius Advertising Organization is a medium-sized company and may even not have enough employees to spread through the entire different projects. For this reason the divisional structure alone may not be the very best alternative intended for the company style.

Another reorganization strategy that Aquarius may consider may be the matrix structure. The matrix organization is usually an effort to fuse the advantages of the functional structure (the current framework at Aquarius) and the divisional structure (mentioned above). This structure is best suited for companies like Aquarius that are medium sized and task driven. The distinctive feature in the matrix firm is that both the divisional and functional set ups are executed at the same time. The account management and functional managers may have equivalent expert within the organization and personnel report to both of them. The matrix structure resolves the problem that Aquarius currently faces in regards to the horizontal cordons. With this kind of structure the agency experts would be needed to communicate and collaborate while using account professionals because of the recently implemented horizontal authority lines.

Information writing is necessary in a matrix business and numerous persons may be necessary for the same consumer account. On the whole the accounts executive gets the total responsibility and liability for the achievements of the consumers account. The functional departments such as operations and advertising have the responsibility to maintain technological quality for the project. By Aquarius the individuals involved in the client’s accounts currently absence good sociable skills which will be a problem in the event the matrix composition is executed.

The specialists already have problems following the lines of specialist with respect to the accounts executives device matrix composition a dual authority would be created that could cause more problems intended for the company. In the event the specialists ongoing to sidestep the power of the account executives in that case Aquarius could have an intricate management system in place that even now does not generate coordination among the functions that they need. Currently due to the not enough interpersonal and conflict resolution expertise amongst the individuals at Aquarius the matrix structure will not be the very best alternative for the organization.

Advised Action

The external environment is speedily changing to get the marketing industry and in order to be successful Aquarius needs to be versatile to these adjustments. This is a primary reason that a cross types structure intended for Aquarius would be the best suggestion for the corporation. The crossbreed structure perfect for Aquarius is a combination of the useful and horizontally structures and takes advantage of the strength of the two styles. Below can be an organizational chart intended for the new hybrid structure at Aquarius. This hierarchy can be flatter in this structure than the current practical design set up at the firm. The departments of a lawyer, policy panel, executive vp, financial managers and recruiting are all grouped according to the diverse functions each department delivers and they are in direct speak to and with the president and board of company directors of the company.

Maintaining the functional composition with these departments safeguards that the authority over all of them resides in the hands of top administration of the company. The side to side structure with this hybrid includes the consideration executives having direct expert over the clubs that are jeopardized of the several specialists on the agency. The application of project clubs will provide good coordination above the long period of time that a client has an consideration at the firm.

Teams will provide strong horizontal organization and with the use of data technologies the customer accounts can be managed efficiently. The effort of the diverse team members with the account executives insures the fact that client accounts will be very well managed and decisions are manufactured as a group rather than by different specialist departments acting only. The bank account executives need to then are accountable to the functional departments to validate that they can be making decisions best suited intended for the organization.

The hybrid structure brings together the usefulness of having the efficient departments remain intact towards the top of the pecking order while managing the professionals into groups aligned to work together for starters account. This kind of structure relieves the organization of a severely vertical hierarchy and implements a process where there could be more cooperation and coordination involving the account professionals and the agency specialists. The reengineering of the organizations framework takes time and consideration about many levels of the company.

I do believe the most important element managers have to make regarding the strength design of an organization is determining the right harmony between the top to bottom and horizontal coordination. The hybrid framework laid out in the organizational graph above will bring the ideal results to get the Aquarius Advertising Agency. A combination of the functional and horizontal buildings insures that some vertical authority remains to be however , more horizontal connection and assistance will result in a more successful work environment.


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