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All over there was turf, not actual grass but fake turf, the type that sticks to clothing. A tall gentleman stood on the raised podium under the lighting azure sky, and there was not just a single audio save intended for the regular hum of traffic plus the birds calls away. Alexandria stood up and slowly and gradually walked to the level, controlling her breathing while her cardiovascular system pounded faster and louder with every timid step the girl took. Standing up tall in sparkly high heel shoes and her black robes swaying by her toes, she flashed a timid smile by her mathematics teacher, subjecting a brand of what seemed like to be pearl jewelry but had been really merely teeth. The sunlight made her yellow valedictorian stole sparkle, and the sun rays reflected off from her dark-colored glasses. Because she strolled down the line of chairs, she found Celeste, the colleges popular lady, making gagging gestures and rolling her eyes, just waiting in anticipations for Alexandria to screw up. That’s just how it’s always recently been. As Alexandra walks, the girl heres celeste talking with her friend “my amazing benefits get going already, I have better things to do than to listen to the non-sense of any speech her will give”. Normally, this would make Alexandria burst in to tears. Not today even though, not today. Not when needed she have been waiting for earlier times four years.

Once Alexandria finally reaches the podium, your woman stops, takes a few deep breaths, and, in the deafening voice the lady often simply reserved for talk and issue, began which has a “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the college graduation of the Exelar High School category of 2018”. The presentation went by in a blur, and her head was a rollercoaster. She was hours far from leaving, coming from being on her behalf own. Unfortunately he she ready? She sure felt like the girl wasn’t. Even though, there was a sense of relief it turned out finally over and that all the papin, perspire, and cry enough to fill a ten gallon container had finally paid off. This kind of little chicken might not be prepared, but thats okay. This little parrot was all set to learn, and learn she would.

Air horns blast through the air, caps strewn across the “grass”, and where on the globe did the college get fanfare and balloons from? There isn’t much time pertaining to Alexandria to reflect prior to she gets engulfed within a sea of arms, a flask of lights, and a clamor of “Congrats! ” Off in the length she views her beloved teacher, her rock. Grinning from headsets to ear canal, she hugs her, with both of them ripping up in the thought of leaving. The special moment doesnt last to get long before even more friends discover Alexandria. At that moment, standing right now there with all her friends, the lady realized that this was what senior high school was about.

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