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Flowers intended for Algernon is approximately a man called Charlie, he could be 37 and lives in New york city, America. He attends mature night school because he might not be very dazzling but desires to become clever. His teacher Miss Kinnian puts Charlies name forward for a great experimental operation that should produce him extremely clever. Having been given a number of tasks to complete to check that having been suitable, which include racing in regards to maze using a white mouse called Algernon that experienced already had the operation, Charlie was getting extremely annoyed while the mouse button beat him every time.

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Once Charlie was accepted because the person to be the human guinea pig having been asked to start out writing a progress report just like a diary. As the periods and several weeks went on following Charlie got had his operation you began to detect Charlies huge improvement, his punctuation, transliteration and general awareness was very noticeable to the visitors. But Algernons health started to decline quickly and quickly he died. This most likely meant that similar outcome happens to Charlie who was shedding his intelligence and recollection very quickly. The storyplot ends with out us actually knowing what happened to Steve but my personal conclusion would be that he died.

The storyline raised a large number of themes, the first is delight, I don’t believe that Charlie was ever happy. If he wasnt extremely clever this individual wanted to be smart but after the operation he learned his workmates (who he believed had been his friends) were seriously laughing by him lurking behind his back. He as well discovered that he previously feelings pertaining to his teacher Miss Kinnian. I think Steve deserved even more respect than he got the doctors were patronizing whenever they discussed to him. The way his workmates remedied him to was really unfair they received him to do all their unpleasant jobs yet Charlie couldnt realise because he was thus nave. The story also boosts some questions widely debated in everyday routine.

Could the experts be accused of playing God simply by trying to increase Charlies IQ? I dont believe that scientists and doctors should be aiming to experiment with humans unless its a deadly problem. Does society mistreat people who are different? I believe that you have some people whom are discriminated because of insignificant little differences but I dont think its fair they are because normal since everyone else.

The primary character in the story Plants for Algernon is Steve. Charlie is growing up his whole life not being too clever as well as its one of his dreams for being smart, this individual jumps on the chance to get the operation despite the fact that he doesnt really understand what the doctors are informing him. Prior to operation Charlie was asked to complete some responsibilities, one was going to race Algernon around a web. Charlie received very frustrated and annoyed as the mouse defeat him every time then after the operation this individual beat Algernon he was thus happy.

Charlie becomes smart after the procedure and you can get a big improvement in the spelling and punctuation of his progress reviews, as he gets smarter this individual realises what a harsh globe it is because his friends dont truly care for him and this individual has no friends and family. At the end with the story while Charlies health declines he decides that he has some pride and leaves New york city before this individual gets thus ill that he will must be cared for. This individual didnt need to be known as the guy who was a genius yet lost it all and became ridiculous again.

He did request one thing to be done to get him before he remaining, for someone to place flowers upon Algernons grave. We learned a wee bit regarding the doctors who preformed the operation on Charlie. Dr Nemur was the high flyer he wanted to be a very renowned Doctor, his wife also put a whole lot of pressure on him to acquire well known. Dr Strauss cared about Steve more after the operation he came to Charlies home to evaluate and make sure he was all right.

The storyplot was drafted very well Daniel Keyes had written it as though it was Charlie keeping a diary. This let the readers visualise how Charlie are at the start and exactly how he boosts after the operation because Daniel Keyes has made very evident spelling errors and punctuation errors. We come across how Charlies awareness boosts and this individual realises how naïve hes been in yesteryear. The story Flowers for Algernon made me think how narrow oriented people could be, there are a lot of persons like Steve who happen to be mistreated because they are not as clever because the average person. We felt genuinely sorry for Charlie moving away rather than having anyone close enough to stay with. I did take advantage of the story although I never think that it ended well I think it will have concluded with us being aware of what happened to Charlie.

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