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06 1976

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* A CyGy garment began by Guia Collantes and Carmela Santos. September 1976

5. The cousin’s started researched, copied, revised and altered designs from magazines, stores and television and they done their 1st fashion collection.


* Cy Gy garment got their first growth acquiring half a dozen industrial machines and hiring more sewers.

By end of 1991

* Their staff was twenty-five workers.

* Their particular manufacturing provides with 12 subcontractors, that capacity up to 18, 1000 pieces per month.

2. Their producing ravenous of around P14 M per year, that they focus their production upon making SM’s private brands ladies’ wear brand.


* Were especially challenging years for the business. This was time when the Filipino economy experienced a downturn due to Ninoy Aquino’s assassination which caused political and economic instability.


5. CyGy Clothing began to prosper, because of economic climate slightly improved.

2. CyGy orders expanded to 150 items /style and average of 4 to five styles a week.

2. During this time, business owners began to period into clothing manufacturing and more ladies were manufactures possess SM suppliers.

one particular


* Metro manila was bothered with 10-12 brown outs, this compelled CyGy to buy a electrical generator to continue their very own operations. 2000

* Half of the dress racks that CyGy utilized to occupy in SM providing floor are being used to display products from other local and imported garment producer.

5. They realized that ordered coming from SM were slowly dividing.

2. They sample were submitted frequently being rejected or when the samples were about hold.

* SM asked for affordable prices

2. They expected that the bought volume will need to increase with new department stores operation.

* An (October) fresh mall in operation has started orders for your month.

View point used

If I were being in a situation like this, I design original clothing that go well with in our customer. I fill in it in other malls not only in SM, Although SM may be the one of the better mall. I actually pursue to provide to additional mall or perhaps I build my own specialist to be popular in other client even though it’s expensive to spread the good quality that I have. To assure that the merchandise will continue. Because discover competitors started into apparel industry.

Declaration of the trouble

Major problems:

* Can it be necessary for Cygy to broaden product line to take care of market share or perhaps is expanding its marketplace a better proposition.

5. CYGY examples submitted usually being refused or the selections on hold.

Minor challenges:

* The competitors began to venture in garments making and more females were companies became SM supplier.

* Metro manila was plagued with 10-12 brown outs.

* Economy in the Thailand experienced a stump as a result of Ninoy’s Aquino’s assassination which brought about political and economic instability.


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