To check into the effect to the potato cells in

Water can easily move through the different cells because of the difference of water possibilities in the cells. If there is a better solute concentration in the cellular than outside the cell, this particular will transfer to the cell. However , in the event the concentration of inside the cellular is lower than the outside, normal water will not transfer to the cell. This process is named osmosis. Analysis question;

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This kind of investigation will determine how several concentrated glucose water will certainly affect towards the mass alter of the potato cells making use of the concept of osmosis.


I anticipate that the spud slice in beaker C will gain the most increased mass than beaker N and C. The reason is that since beaker C has a greatest concentration among the list of test beakers, it will affect the most to the potato skin cells. The activity of drinking water will approach actively in beaker C. Variables;

Self-employed Variable

In this research the self-employed variable would be the sucrose attention of water. This is controlled by using a certain amount of sugar we pour in the distilled drinking water.

We will do the activity in the solutions with concentration of zero, 0. 25, 0. 50 percent. Dependent Adjustable

The reliant variable will be the size of potato slices that goes into the alternatives. This depend upon which various environmental factors during making a slice of potato such as the thickness of core or perhaps the peel of potato. Thus it could fluctuate during the experiment. Controlled Changing

Anything that can alter the result of this kind of experiment is definitely the controlled variables. Therefore , we must control factors that can be handled to get the many accurate and reliable data in this test. Also the goal of an try things out is to understand the cause of invisalign and how this affects. Those variables, it will b elizabeth difficult to determine which cause manufactured the effect from the lab. Level;

Clearly if we have a higher level00 water in the beaker to generate concentrated sweets water, the concentration will probably be lower than the less amount of water. To obtain the consistent data, we need to control the level of drinking water in the same level feasible. Size of Callosité;

We uses the pieces of spud in this lab, and if we have different sizes of potato pieces due to the different sizes of cores that we have utilized to make a slices, the effect will be vary as the scale gets bigger or smaller sized. Therefore , through the lab, we need to use the same type and size of the cores. Sort of Potatoes;

If there are various kinds of potatoes, the osmosis which happens to the spud from the sugar water will not be the same. This kind of needs to be manipulated by using a same type of potato to get the the majority of accurate info possible. Moments of submersion;

If perhaps one spud slice has stayed inside the solution much longer than the additional sets, your data is not reliable because it is not played around with in equal amount of time. To get the trusted data, we should measure the period equally and record this to the data paper. Scale the petri dish;

We should use the same size of the petri food to collect the reliable and accurate info. Different size of the petri dishes will certainly boost or perhaps slow down the osmosis in the spud cells. Moisture;

Humidity near the experiment place will also impact to the experiment. If the pace is hot and dried, the solution may well evaporate soon due to the allergens inside the remedy absorbs heat. Also launched cold, the osmosis might not exactly work normally. Due to these facts, we should control how big is the petri dishes for the most powerful data likely. Temperature from the solutions;

In case the solution A’s temperature is higher than the answer B and C, it will eventually affect to the speed and rate with the osmosis. To get the reliable and ideal data, we have to control the temperature with the solutions in to equal celsius possible.


a few different targeted solutions (0, 25, 50 mol/dm^3)



Potato induration


Testing cylinder

Petri meals

Black pen


Potato slices


1 . Using black pen to label the 3 different focused solutions and label all of them A, B and C. (Each solutions contain 100ml) 2 . Record the physical properties of the potato pieces. Place the slices of taters into the every single petri meals and ingredients label them a, b and c. 3. Pour the solutions into each petri dishes regarding 36ml. (A to a, M to w, C to c) 5. Wait for 2 days.


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