Transitioning in to adulthood a review of eugenia


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Sometimes one of the most complicated items can only end up being fixed as time passes. An example of this is one way complicated the transition by childhood to adulthood can be. The short story, “Marigolds, ” simply by Eugenia T. Collier reveals this move and its issues that teenagers have to go through. She uses flashbacks to express the characters’ insecurities and unsatisfying issues, as we develop up we begin to individual from our family little by little right up until one do not contact with their family, and just how one realizes that they do not live in a fantasy world where anything is perfect because they mature.

Bijou effectively uses flashbacks in her brief story to show insecurities of just one as they begin to mature and how they aren’t easily satisfied. An example of this is how the villain has a flashback about the marigolds and she clarifies that when the concept of the marigolds come across her mind, an unusual nostalgia comes with it and remains(214). She does this to show how once one particular begins to mature they look backside at what they did to you and repent their actions. Lorde uses this in her poem and shows how the persona regrets having what they include and how he wishes she wasnt whom she is. What Collier is trying to say is that when we are aged still not mature we do not see the hazard and maliciousness in the actions we carry out and when we look back in them whenever we mature all of us recognize that we all we do was wrong. Also, Bijou shows how the antagonist had not been that pleased with what your woman had and just how she lived(215). This reveals the reader that once 1 begins to mature they begin to assess more and usually are satisfied with themselves and what they have surrounding them. Lorde likewise does this in her composition to inform the reader of teens insecurities and thoughts when they begin to fully developed. The flashbacks in Ornement short history express lots of things such as the characters’ insecurities, and exactly how hard it really is for them to be satisfied.

Collier talks about that as one matures all of us begin to separate from the relatives little by little. Lizabet explains that everyday precisely the same routine takes place, her dad goes looking for work, her mom goes toward work, the lady didn’t discover her bros because they were gone(215). This kind of phrase says that Lizabeth is seldom with her family. Pat Mora will the same thing in her poem, “Teenagers, inch when she says, “One time they disappear into their roms. Doors and lips shut, and we become strangers inside our own home. inches Mora clarifies how her family wasnt close and was often doing their particular thing. When ever she says that they become other people to their own home means they don’t really communicate through their home similar to the life of Lizabeth. Likewise, Lizabeth says that her closest family was her brother(215). This also displays how 1 separates from one’s friends and family as one grows. Collier is definitely emphasizes towards the reader that Lizabeth isnt close to her family and when ever she says that her buddy is her closest family that means that her mom and dad are rarely there to support her which makes someone not just feel bad for Lizabeth but but it may make the reader feel happy for having a family group with all of them at all times. This kind of phrase jogs my memory of the Mora’s poem the moment she says, “I speed the corridor, hear whispers, a code I knew although can’t keep in mind mouthed simply by mouths My spouse and i taught of talking. ” Interesse i saying she is so disconnected coming from her family members that they metaphorically don’t understand one another when they try to communicate therefore there is no level into communicating. As we can read, Collier expresses how far aside we become from relatives as we adult which is a side-effect for both the family and the teenager.

Collier short history references just how as we grow into adulthood all of us realize that there is certainly more duties and concerns in the world than it looked before. Lizabet says that poverty was the cage they were trapped in(214). What Collier is saying is the fact Lizabeth started to realize the down sides in life. The girl was beginning to get a preference of responsibility and the girl was living in poverty which made her realize that your woman didn’t are in a perfect community which was what she saw before adult life. Audre Lorde’s poem. “Hanging Fire, inches shows a tiny girl seeking her parents love and beginning to recognize how unsightly she is. What Lorde has been doing is showing the reader that once a single matures they begin to realize all of the bad things in life including getting acne and developing up to always be an adult. Lizabeth says the girl realized the lady had lost her innocence when the lady destroyed the marigolds(224). Bijou is shoing how Lizabeth knew your woman was maturation and that from that moment she’d have many more and more she would have to make a choice about. When your woman destroyed the marigolds states she felt like the life was sckedout of her which meant your woman had matured and those marigolds meant different things to her coming from when the lady was a kid. This phrase can be linked to Lorde’s function when your woman say that the girl hopes to perish before graduation and that nobody would think about it about her by her side. Lorde is trying to express that she needed got grown up yet didnt desire to expand up and just how she wasnt ready to mature. When ever she stated she wanted to die just before graduation the lady was aiming to say possibly that she had viewed and completed some things the girl regretted or perhaps as stated prior to, she wasn’t ready for maturity and to recognize she didn’t live a perfect world.

In conclusion some complications can simply be set with time. An example of these type of problems is the changeover from years as a child to adult life. And as We stated prior to, “Marigolds”, simply by Eugenia T. Collier is fantastic example of the complications with the transition via childhood to adulthood. Maturing is among the list of things that dont appear hard but really will probably be and still will be.

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