Unilever in brazil essay

The aim of Unilever Brazil is to target the low income consumers, to achieve market share among this part they should develop an extension of Minerva company with a small packaging and a cheaper formula that keeps a good quality.

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The low income consumers are the most discriminating consumers, and when spending by a limited budget they cannot afford to waste money on products they do not trust to be effective. This kind of segment principles price, success and scent, and rinse manually, hence they like soap instead of powder.

Unilever already offer Minerva in the soap edition which is regarded a channel quality item in terms of cleanliness, smell and dissolving electrical power according to demonstrate 1 . Although this product remains to be expensive for low profits consumers. Unilever should continue working with the brand name Minerva and develop a fresh sub-product inside this brand having a cheaper ingredients and a tiny packaging. Like that the Minerva brand will contain two products while using following Costa da prata names:

¢Minerva Expresso. The first Minerva formula and the labels for detergent and cleaning soap targeted to central income consumers. The usual promotion of this merchandise should in order to make buyers aware about the new name. Syndication, placement and price probably should not change.

¢Minerva Ação. A new cheaper formula of Minerva cleaning soap, maintaining a good quality and fragrance. The key to gain access to to this companies are to leverage the Minerva’s brand being a quality product. Packaging needs to be plastic to lower costs with a 30% and sizes ought to be two types: one individual bar and three bars. Low income customers do not have too much money and usually get consumer goods thinking on the short term. Is for that purpose, that a benefit proposition of any cheap, top quality and fragrance product in a small package is somewhat more appealing than a bigger package deal which usually is far more expensive. The price should be $1. 40 per kg, somewhat higher than Bem-te-vi (the classic laundry cleansing soap brand in Brazil) to differentiate that from cheap and affordable products, but nevertheless low enough to be appealing to low income consumers who are looking for a good quality and good fragrance soap bar (see Exhibit 2).

There is no cannibalization of Campeiro because soap and powdered customerscould be looked at as several markets. Advertising should be a below-the-line communication prepare focusing on point-of-purchase marketing and operate promotions in those locations where the low income customers reside and buy. A global media advertising campaign shouldn’t be regarded for the potential impact on Unilever reputation in other customer sections and marketplaces. Distribution is another important key to access to the customer segment, the use of specialized marketers will ensure the delivery in the product in specific areas and will keep up with the price strategy.

This strategy may help Unilever to put its item as the quality product within the economy laundry products market (see Display 3). Leveraging the Minerva brand with a low price merchandise will help Unilever to increase product sales and to gain market share among the low cash flow customers portion. Additionally the large margin of Minerva Ação will result in substantial profits (see Exhibit 5 for product’s attributes and margin). Demonstrate 1 .

Attribute Importance, Company Positioning, and Consumer Objectives in the Northeast

Source: Insead Case

Exhibit 2 .

Consumers who have find scent/fragrance to have a excessive or very high amount of influence prove choices of home cleaning and laundry goods

Source: Buyer and Innovation Trends in Laundry Care. DATAMONITOR Customer, December 2012

Exhibit three or more.

Product Positioning

Source: Insead Case

Show 4.

Products’ Attributes and Margins

AttributeMinerva ExpressoMinerva Ação





Price-Powder: $2. 40 every kg

-Soap: $1. 70 per kg-$1. forty per kilogram

Packaging-Powder: Cardboard 1kg&500g. Cost: $0. 35 every kg

-Soap: Plastic-type material pack with 5 bars of 200g. Cost: $0. 15 every kg-Plasitc load up with you bar of 40g. Cost: $0. 09 per kg -Plastic load up with three or more bars of 120g.

Cost: $0. 10 per kg

Formulation-Powder: $1. 40 per kg

-Soap: $1 per kg-$0. 8

Promotion-Powder: $0. 30 per kg

-Soap: $0. 25 per kg-0. 05 per kilogram

Distribution-Wholesaler: $0. 12 per kg-Specialized Dist.: $0. 05 per kg

Perimeter per device

Powder2. 4-(0. 35+1. 4+0. 3+0. 1)= 0. 25

Soap1. 7-(0. 15+1+0. 25+0. 1)=0. 21. 4-(0. 09+0. 8+0. 05+0. 05)=0. forty one


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