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Expert of Science in Nursing (MSN) – RN to MSN – Family No

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Personal/Professional Desired goals

I wish to follow a Expert of Technology in Breastfeeding (MSN). The program is specifically designed for RNs such as personally to obtain a great MSN through this field. I actually consider this the next step in my quest to my personal ultimate aim of nursing jobs a doctor of nursing practice.

Academic knowledge

I have been working as an RN as 2007. Let me receive my own BS in nursing via Holy Labels University in August of 2015. I i am proud to talk about that I possess a straight A average and possess received the distinction to be placed on the president’s list because I have maintained a 3. 8-4. 0 G. P. A every term.

Research knowledge

For all of my own classes, I completed numerous research documents on a various nursing issues, spanning from technical topics regarding nursing jobs care to nursing theory. I look forward to sharpening my own research abilities in the circumstance of my Walden level as I get yourself a more in-depth education in the field of breastfeeding which requires greater application of such skills.

Work experience

Throughout my job since 3 years ago, I have proved helpful in a wide selection of acute treatment hospitals in many different capabilities. I have encounter in medical-surgical, critical treatment, and crisis nursing. I actually also worked as important care health professional at Level II Trauma Center. My own experiences stimulated me to build up acute analysis and treatment skills. My spouse and i am secure working in high-pressure environments with patients of very different health statuses. This has ready me intended for the responsibilities of advanced medical practice. This will likely also infuse the perspective I actually am capable to bring to my own studies.

Personal qualities

I used to be drawn to breastfeeding because I desired a job in which I could assist individuals every day in meaningful ways. I knew I would personally never settle for a typical 9-5 job wherever I just sat at my office on a daily basis, entered on the computer, and moved conventional paper from one file to another. I am very hands-on in the way I procedure my job.

When I was growing up, my family likewise impressed after me the value of serving other folks. They often acted like a strong support system for me and I experienced confident and comfortable enough with myself to become a support program for others. Helping others was an moral obligation and part of the tenants of our hope. Even when us was attempting, we nonetheless donated food, money, and clothes to prospects who were needier than yourself. I believe this sense of obligation to others is a essential component of nursing jobs.

My family’s strong support system is also one of the reasons I find myself confident going upon the challenges of further graduate study. Although balancing job and educational requirements can be tough, I know those around me act as my own cheerleaders and make me truly feel as though there is nothing I cannot accomplish.

During the period of my act as a registered nurse I have gained a desire for a more deeply academic comprehension of my field. An advanced level will not simply allow me to gain more: it will also give me increased autonomy as being a practitioner and enable me to do business with more advanced instances.

Why Walden

Walden provides an accredited on-line degree in neuro-scientific nursing which would allow me to go after my studies while continue to working in my field of practice. I might be able to

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