Why racist language should not be used in music

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As Australians, we wish to believe that individuals live in a diverse and accepting society. Each of our generally happy and sheltered environment enables the vast majority to feel approved and happily call Down under their home. Nevertheless we would end up being ignorant to trust that our less than culturally sensitive past of discrimination does not lurk in the shadows. We all live in a multicultural contemporary society and need to show tolerance and acceptance to all. Words traditionally produced out of hatred and disgust have grown to be increasingly popular inside the global music industry and is also giving a lot of opportunities for the wrong people to use the wrong words. This is often sparked through the type of music we listen to. Mainstream music artists often consist of racial slurs in their words, which although censored upon commercial car radio, are readily available for all to hear through other sources just like spotify or youtube. It is time that we since Australians stand against this dialect and allow each of our country to come together as one, regardless of the skin we have colour and cultural history. The use of a one hateful phrase can set the preceding for assault and hate, which I’m sure we can agree nobody would really like.

On the 23rd of October 2017, Kendrick Lamar, an African-American rap designer invited a caucasian girl to sing a track heavily sdpeckled with a ethnicity slur that has been once commonly used to hurt people of his racial. This term has become incredibly unacceptable to get used because an offend, given its link to slavery and black oppression. Nowadays, within the black community, the meaning provides shifted from being a derogatory term against people of colour to merely meaning good friend both in the rap industry and past. The n-word has become appropriated as a measure of status, forgetting the ethnical context at its roots. Lamar was doing in Alabama, a southern state recognised for its long history of slavery, yet a white female did not start to see the significance in back of the word and just thought individuals were booing her because the girl was not “cool enough”. A simple solution should be to ask young kids and people inside the public vision to stop using racially offensive words because unfortunately, uninformed people make use of such phrases to justify their overt racism. The ability and power given to performers who generate music, give their audience guidance, and depending on their choice of vocabulary can either assist to bring serenity or further the separate.

Music is meant as a platform for folks to express their very own views and tell a story with terms, not a place where we all need to miss every second word as a result of lyrics not being appropriate for most races. Statistics show that above 50% of hip hop and rap guests are white, despite their very own target audience staying African-American. Yet this is not by any means about prioritising white-comfort above the empowerment from the artists’ contest and tradition, but regarding mutual respect. In Australia, it truly is unlawful to publicly react or converse with others within a racially harassing way, how do it alright to sing words that people are educated not to say? What the law states specifically exempts music, yet many more can hear Kendrick Lamar’s words, than any one mans general public rant.

Indigenous-Australian rap artist, Mandsperson Briggs, aspires harness the power of words to tell a story that will aid a difference in our country. Known for his politically-charged music, including the controversial project “Reclaim Australia”, he simultaneously asks all of us to get together as a country, whilst likewise being remarkably critical of our colonial previous and current racial stress. Increasingly, the disposition of the nation seeks to recognise the shameful past which has under no circumstances been given appropriate recognition. In the event that someone who has experienced first hand racially offensive and torturous situations can speak their sights without using racial slurs, then it is possible for everybody else for this. Briggs recognises ‘white Aus still have a black history’, calling focus on pride and culture without using hateful words and phrases. He also chooses to refers to his friends since ‘brothers’ in the lyrics, rather than using racial slurs.. With Indigenous voices like these we are reminded from the pain and suffering the thousands of families that were split apart given that they were Indigenous.

Even though attempts continue to be being made to assist repair a tarnished romantic relationship between the first nations persons and our continually acknowledging society, we can help to recognize that using insulting terms which can trigger offence and discomfort will only worsen the situation and cause further unneeded disattachment. We ought to be aiming to ‘close the gap’ rather than rendering it wider.

We are the future and we must not forget our past. We should admit the incorrect that took place before us, in order to make sure that it is not repeated. But all of us also need to consider the country we want to be: Could it be full of hate? We need think about the people about us: How do they speak to each other? And lastly we have to think about yourself: Do we need to be part of the problem or part of the solution? We can make a big change for the country by doing something no more than considering the words and phrases we use, using good manners and becoming kind to each other.

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