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Heading home following having a very strenuous work day, it would not really be wonderful if I did not have a wooden residence.

Homes made totally of wood, with all-natural, rustic supplies, both in the house and outside, are an unmatched rest region for human being life in a natural environment.

Architecture offers us different ones and styles. Some residences complement it is structure with glass and concrete, to offer it some solid love with very attractive futuristic design.

Whatever style your taste features chosen, the well-being and comfort that a wooden property allows will probably be incomparable.

Today we have compiled 15 beautiful wood made houses, totally different from each other. Join us and on the tour we all will speak a little more about each of them.

1 . Houses of beams

The wood used in this house will probably be very worked to give it a beautiful view. The boards are installed horizontally together with each other, the beams from the roof of the home rest around the columns that serve as support for the rest, from this article you can see in the image, it forms a very resilient structure and maintains its strength, possibly in solid storms.

Another successful advantage of these kinds of houses, may be the thermal and acoustic insulation, in addition this style of wood made house would not necessarily need painting, it might be protected with a coating of lacquer, smooth or matt enamel.

2 . House of registration

The most important benefit of building wood made houses is that they can be created very quickly.

The houses constructed of records, as seen in the image, are extremely attractive, nonetheless it should be considered why these wooden homes require the floor always be firm, mainly because its framework is 4 times heavy than a brick and the same size.

The remedied pine trunks are better for solid wood houses, because they retain potency and efficacy, even under heavy rain. Finally, we all remind you that wooden houses require regular protection.

3. Solid wood care

Maintenance to your wooden property is very important, do not forget that the material is derived from a living affected person, and its behavior can vary in accordance to conditions.

After a year, in a temperate weather, mineral essential oil can be used on the solid wood, but in chilly climates it might be necessary to apply after several years and the interior from the wooden houses must be preserved every five to six years. The brick wall membrane of a home should receive yearly or two, a hand of lime diluted in water, to protect that.

4. The rustic and the modern harmonize

Observe the piece of the reduced floor plus the top -panel of wooden, agree inside their softness and smoothness, harmonize in depth and form. In the grass floor there exists a rustic feel that combines with all the modern, around the second floors of the house there may be an creative pine art work with a modern frame, the combination of those two extreme designs is beautiful and you are worthy of it.

5. It is made from wood and has almost everything

Modern technology allows you to quickly design finish wooden properties, due to the massive amount materials and accessories which exist in the market. For instance , this house has all the details of a cement house, embraces guests in a large courtyard built over a concrete ground. The mold and content give a great air of sophistication to the house, which even contains a fireplace. The top covering, the different columns show up from the roof structure to a cement overlay. Your garden also includes a wooden emparrado avarandada.

6. With smart style

This job has abounding details and ornaments, the wooden panels used in the vertical and horizontal format, the side to side lines provide a sense of depth and perspective for this wooden property, the shiny metal side rails also aid to generate a similar effect inside the plane. The metal casings of the significant glass gates, give the residence a modern contact, for its delicacy and fragility to normally exhibit the inside of it.

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