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  • parents;
  • students;
  • teachers;
  • representatives of educational and governmental institutions;
  • business developers,
  • etc.

Let’s first find out what exactly M-DCPS is. As one of the largest enterprises in Florida, the public district embraces all kinds of directorial, social and parental establishments in one website. You can find precise information about:

  • schools,
  • directories,
  • students grades,
  • parental toolbox,
  • employees, committees,
  • citizen participation groups purchases, etc.

Also, you can find a lot of insights about preparation for university life, as well as early childhood programs.

Do you need any additional information about the school board? Here you have Miami-Dade County meetings that even air monthly. Are you interested in business and further cooperation? The portal will show you that the board seeks to develop business relationships with a big number of enterprises. It’s a lot of everything constructed in there. You can practically find any information that concerns you, and if not, be sure for questions & answers via cellphone with a principal from one of the public schools you favored for your kid. Everything is out here to read, discuss and question.

The portal even covers Community Education/Before and Afterschool Care. So you can get real knowledge on what to do next for parents and students.

Contacts of the

Review on the

If you are interested in contact information, here is what you can find on the portal:

The name of the educational institution – Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS)


The design of the website is utmost comfortable, with nice color and very simple website menu. portal is definitely the perfect tool to have access to many questions that you don’t need to seek additional help to. You can get as much useful information about student stuff as you get in this portal, and they are:

A career in a year, after-school graduate support and many more:

  • Civil Rights Compliance
  • Public Library System
  • Community Connects
  • Diabetes Awareness
  • Miami-Dade Transportation and the following (K-12 Discount)
  • M-DCPS Library System
  • You can get access even to Virtual School
Review on the

What kind of information you can get as a parent?

  • Career Technology Ed
  • Community Engagement
  • Diploma Crosswalks
  • Early Childhood Programs
  • Home Education Program
  • Khan Academy
  • Mobile Device Project
  • Student Progression Plan

The portal also provides a lot of information about employment. If you are willing to take on a new job in one of the biggest public school districts in the US, this information is for you:

  • Credit Union
  • Diabetes Awareness
  • Early Childhood Programs
  • Employee Assistance
  • Funding Resources
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Instructional Technology
  • Labor Contracts
  • Library Media Services
  • Salary Information
  • School Operations

If you have any doubt, then you can contact the personal support center.

Program Description of M-DCPS

It’s rather easy to find any relevant information about programs that Miami-Dade County Public Schools presents to students on this portal. You can bump into Adult & Career Technical Education programs are constructed to find the place you need in the ocean of career opportunities. with the help of Career Technical Education training. In addition, you can learn how to get a new job, because it is always a challenge.

In addition, the portal shows information about courses that offer exam preparation and high school graduation courses. The courses like Adult Basic Education Program will provide you with the foundation skills you need to start off with the new career. Programs are specially constructed to help students develop new skills and implement them in real life.

Here is the list of programs:

  • A new vocational and technical education plan was launched.
  • New Trade / Logistics Institute
  • Miami Central – the world’s leading trade and logistics service
  • World Trade and Logistics at Ronald Reagan / Durrat School
  • World Trade and Logistics in Northwest Miami
  • Managing International Supply Chain – 2016-17 for a new member of Kiliana Higher School
  • New Cybersecurity Academy
  • Alonso and Tracy Haddad High School
  • Miami Sunset High School
  • New NET Academy of Applied Programming NAF
  • Miami Southwest High School

In addition, you can find many other fields to run the program:

  • Agriculture, food and natural resources
  • Architecture and construction
  • Art, A / V technology and communications
  • Business, administration and management
  • Education and training
  • Engineering education
  • Finance
  • Health Sciences
  • Hotels and Tourism
  • Manual maintenance
  • Information Technology
  • Public safety
  • Production
  • Marketing, sales and service
  • Transport, distribution and logistics

About M-DCPS

M-DCPS is a public school district which belongs to Miami-Dade County, in the U.S. state of Florida. It has gone through many challenges after it was founded in 1885. However, now it is the biggest district in Florida and the Southeastern United States, and, the fifth largest in the United States. The student enrollment was just impressive and equaled to 356,086 as in August 2017. If you wonder how many schools this district consists of, we got the number – 392.

The beginning of the decade of 2010, new schools and magnet programs were opened. In 2013, 100 new programs were opened, including 49 iPrep Academies.

In 2013, a claim and referendum report were announced in Florida, and an assessment of the degree of readiness for university preparation and vocational education (PARCC) was conducted. The PARCC exams were planned for intentionality during the 2014-2015 school year. Concerns about PARCC, including Longer Test Tiempos. Comparison of travel perimeter up to 12 days, PARCC with the distribution of 20 days. There were concerns about the fact that PARCC has not been

Also, according to the portal, at the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year, the financial, operational and academic structures of the Miami County District General (county) experienced an earthquake. The lack of budget amounted to 158 million dollars. US revenues to the General Fund amounted to $ 2.6 billion. In the United States, this is 400 million. Less than two years ago, the United States had a balance of $ 4 million. More than 2,000 people in the United States and central offices In addition, when the region entered the peak of the recession, health insurance costs are expected to increase by $ 72 million in one year, and the capital budget will drop by about 40%. The needs of unmet facilities are close to $ 1.8 billion.

The United States is evolving, there are serious differences in material conditions and access to technology in high schools. Due to the poor performance of students, some of them face the risk of national closure, and all stakeholders have expressed serious concern about the future of the country’s fourth university region.

Under the strong political leadership and guidance of the newly appointed Governing Council and Governor Alberto M. Carvalho, the laser changed the students and their needs. By 2009, with the full participation of stakeholders, a strategic framework has been established that sets the strategic path for M-DCPS success until 2015. This structure is based on one goal – showing the new foundation for student achievement and decision-making based on four strong work support. These include education, district leadership, the involvement of students, parents, and society, and financial performance/stability. This work is essential to the success of the organization because it establishes a common language in all aspects of the province, emphasizing that students are always the first faith.

Reviews for M-DCPS

The reviews are overall positive where users share their experience in studying at M-DCPS. Some of the students loved the environment and pointed out that teachers will do anything n a professional way to give students knowledge. A lot of students claim that the staff is kind and friendly. This is the type of school students like to attend according to someone opinion.

However, some students think that teachers lack the enthusiasm to help when students need additional help. When they call to request additional help, it turns out absolutely ineffective. Some students say that M-DCPS gave them so many opportunities to thrive and shine, and also challenged to do better for me academically in the classroom. One student didn’t really recommend it. The moderate or average education quality leads to constant complaints and solutions are not being. Some students highlighted diversity among students, but they should improve the technique of settling new kids to the school.

Review on the

Pros and cons of M-DCPS

We all know that it’s hard to maintain both sides in control and be absolutely impeccable. That’s why we want to share advantages and disadvantages of this educational district.


  • Fixed work schedule
  • Implementing lessons effectively
  • great lesson planning
  • Fine classroom management
  • Great Benefits for Students
  • exceptional education class
  • Lots of paid days off and doable work


  • Low salary
  • Textbook teachings
  • Bad administration

Does M-DCPS have a campus?

It has more than 290 schools across the city, so it’s a lot to choose from, frankly speaking.

Tuition and Fees in M-DCPS

The full information can be presented in calling or contacting one of the districts you favored. Just because you can’t know the full range of tuitions and fees in 292 schools, such dependable information is not given in portal, you need to make a call.


The portal is pretty comfortable and easy to navigate. When you approach the website you can clearly see the different themes of public district and get into details for a student, parent, teacher or employee. It’s a lot of information out there. Besides you can find a lot of insights about preparation for the university life, as well as how to get a technical course or training to develop skills for further work life.

Do you need any additional information about the class schedule of a precise teacher? Sure thing, hop on the page about employees and you will get anything that you actually need. Are you interested in the parent academy? Well, yeah, they even have this one. The portal will navigate you to the Parent Academy which is absolutely voluntary parent gathering for discussions and further activities with your child, which is organized by M-DCPS, trying to establish the bond between parents developing into full partners in their children’s education. It is a lot of interesting things happening on that portal if you have time, curiosity and passion to explore it.