Features of writing SAT essays

To create a SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) essay, the author must have a particular set of writing skills. Just imagine that 50 minutes have been allotted for the time when a scholar needs to not only read a piece of text, but also examine it, and make an article on this basis.

However, do not worry because mastering the skills to create this type of essay is easy. That’s why, in order to compose the perfect SAT essay, you need to pay attention to our recommendations. So the process of drafting an essay will consist of four main fragments:

  1. Reading: 5-10 minutes;
  2. Text analysis and planning: 7-12 minutes;
  3. Written part: 25-35 minutes;
  4. Analysis of the finished test: 2-3 minutes.

Somehow we were able to make sure some of the stages last much longer than others. Nevertheless, this is not a mandatory parameter since each person works at a different speed. In other words, some people can read the text much faster, and the written part will take most of the time. That’s why you need to find the perfect combination of time for each stage.

Stage 1: text fragment analysis

Even though writing will take most of the time, steps such as analysis and planning are also significant. It’s also worth noting that there exist several ways to read the text and absorb information received as efficiently as possible:

  • Quick read. In this case, one needs to read the text as quickly as possible and not focus too much on the details. This method is excellent for students who have a high reading speed and understanding of information.
  • Reading the passage several times. Someone may need to read a text fragment several times in order to understand it. Nevertheless, in this case, he/she will be much better able to analyze the information received.

Do not forget that while you are reading the text, you definitely need to track the methods of constructing the arguments. Thus, when you start drafting an essay, you’ll become as objective as possible.

Stage 2: Analysis and planning of the written part

Most students do not take seriously such a piece of creating an essay as planning. The thing is that the time for writing this work is limited. In this way, students continuously feel extra pressure and often ignore planning.

Nevertheless, if somebody wants to get a really well-written work, then planning becomes a very important part. When checking your essay, a grader will definitely pay attention to:

  1. Clear text structure;
  2. Concrete evidence;
  3. The presence of a logical chain of points.

Make sure that without planning to create such an arrangement is almost impossible.

Step 3: Writing an essay

After you have read the text and completed the analysis and planning phase, it’s time to start making a SAT essay. If you have planned your work structure and key points that you want to indicate, it will significantly help to reduce working time. Thus, you’ll not need extra time to move from one stage to another.

Typing an introduction and conclusion

Please note that in both the introductory and the concluding parts, a student needs to mention the main argument of the author briefly. Besides, he/she also needs to provide examples in support of the thesis. In this case, do the following:

  • Generally, state about your concept;
  • Rephrase the thesis and write everything in a few sentences.

Composing basic paragraphs of a paper

It goes without saying that for the bulk of students making the main text is a much easier step than writing the introduction. If this rule applies to you, then try to start right away by making the central part of the work. At the same time, leave a few lines in front of the main paragraphs in order to add an introduction later.

Reading the finished text

Students often skip this stage. Nevertheless, this will help you a lot in getting a high score, as:

  • When reading the entire text, you can replace some of the unnecessary words, correct errors and make other corrections;
  • If when composing a text you know that you’ll read it later, you’ll not be so much worried about making it perfect the first time.

Thus, if you take into account all the recommendations, then your overall score will become incredibly high.