Review on the Lackawanna College portal

Review on the Lackawanna College portal

Review on the Lackawanna College portal

Lackawanna College portal is the primary source of personal, academic, and financial information that can be very useful to every student. The primary purpose of creating this portal was that students of Lackawanna College could always have all the necessary information at hand. The portal can be useful not only to students but also to their parents, who can fully grasp the learning process.

The information portal provides a considerable amount of useful learning resources and services that can be delivered directly as part of the training. After registering and opening the home page, you will immediately see a massive number of different sections with a variety of information. These are essential educational web sites, the college library, as well as a wide range of courses and individual programs.

Being on the portal, each student will be able to:

  • Clarify all the necessary financial information
  • Learn about your progress
  • Read item schedule
  • Create your own training schedule
  • Find all the required information on current and future programs.
  • Refer to the various student services and so on.

Contacts of the Lackawanna College portal

The following contact information is provided on the portal website:

About Lackawanna College portal

Lackawanna College portal has a very convenient and simple interface and does not cause any additional difficulties in finding the necessary information. If needed, you can easily find the section Additional Help and solve any situation. It is also worth noting that the portal is optimized for mobile phones, which in turn makes it easier for users to access information.

Review on the Lackawanna College portal

The data contained in this resource is very conveniently organized using a variety of tabs. Each of these sections contains specific content for a particular topic. The primary tags of the student portal are:

  • Home
  • Academics
  • Student Services
  • Campus life
  • Staff
  • Financial
  • Police academy
  • Satellite centres

Thanks to this information, students can easily find all the necessary data on courses and curricula for the year, learn about all the events in the life of the university and clarify the entire personal schedule of tuition fees. Besides, the resource contains beneficial information about campus life. The portal also implements a very convenient function, namely live chat with representatives of the administrative building. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that live chat does not work every day.

Program Description of Lackawanna College

The curricula taught at Lackawanna College are incredibly diverse and offer bachelor’s degree, associate degrees, and certificate programs to students in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Human services
  • Professional Studies
  • Restaurant & Foodservice Management
  • RN-to-BSN
  • Accounting
  • Agribusiness
  • Business Administration
  • Business Studies
  • Cardiac sonography
  • Communication Arts
  • Criminal Justice
  • Culinary Arts
  • Cybersecurity
  • Diagnostic Medical, and so on.

About Lackawanna College

Lackawanna College is located in the heart of the town called Scranton. At the same time, this educational institution remains one of the oldest and most famous in the whole region. More than 120 years have passed since the founding of the college, and more than one generation of students have changed. Moreover, thanks to the curriculum as well as the dedication of teachers, every year, thousands of students become successful specialists in various specialities.

Review on the Lackawanna College portal

The college was founded in 1894 and initially set itself the goal of providing the most high-quality education to all students who seek to build a successful career and improve the lives of the society that surrounds them. Over the long years of its existence, the college has undergone many significant changes in the system of education and training of future specialists. Thanks to the creation of a college in the heart of the city itself, Scranton became the centre for training coal industry specialists. Through the efforts of the teaching staff, the college is beneficial in adapting to all the needs of the region and continues to prepare new generations of high-class specialists.

Today, Lackawanna College also has 5 additional representative offices located in:

  • Hawley
  • Hazleton
  • New Milford
  • Sunbury
  • Towanda

It is also worth noting that Lackawanna College received accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Thanks to this, a modern educational institution can offer students a variety of academic degrees in more than 30 certified programs.

Reviews for Lackawanna College

The central part of students and graduates of this university remain very pleased with the educational process at Lackawanna College. Many students also note a high level of college faculty and a well-built curriculum. The college also tries to give maximum attention to each student and the general level of progress. That is why students very often recommend this educational institution as a source of high-quality knowledge necessary for a future career in various areas of the country’s economy.

Pros and cons of Lackawanna College

Each educational institution in the United States has both strengths and weaknesses. These indicators are significant for those candidates who are planning to enroll in an educational institution. That is why all the pros and cons were collected both from students who are already undergoing training and in the opinion of teachers who worked there before.

Review on the Lackawanna College portal


  • They really care about their employees
  • Good quality of education
  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • Great learning experiences
  • Flexible programs


  • A bit conservative methods of training
  • Tough educational process

Does Lackawanna College has a campus?

Studying at this school involves living on a college campus. However, this is not a prerequisite, even for beginners. Moreover, more than 60% of students prefer to live on campus and not in rented accommodation. All information about the campus as well as about events that take place on its territory can be found directly on the college portal. According to many students, life on campus is fascinating and offers a vast number of activities and the opportunity to participate in different clubs.

Tuition and Fees in Lackawanna College

Annual tuition at Lackawanna College is $ 28,770. This price takes into account a full school day, regardless of where students live. In this case, the fee can be divided into the following components:

  • $ 14,350 for tuition
  • $ 9,500 room and board
  • $ 1,500 for books and supplies
  • $ 810 for other fees

To those students who plan to get an education using cash loans, we offer to evaluate the following financial plan that will help you get a decent education at Lackawanna College. The simulated plan is designed for a ten-year loan with an initial contribution of $ 24,840. Taking a similar loan from a bank or other financial institution for two years of study you will have to overpay only $ 12,420.

These values are average and largely depend on the interest rate that will be offered to you, for example, in a bank. Thanks to this, you will be able to more accurately assess what kind of financial assistance you need to get to enroll and attend college. In turn, this will require you to make monthly payments of $ 259.

However, it should be understood that the most advantageous offer for tuition fees will be for those students who can pay for their studies without financial loans. In this case, you do not have to overpay and repay a debt for education after graduating from college.

It is also worth noting that the provision of financial loans is not mandatory in the case of your admission college. That is why you will need to meet all the requirements put forward by the bank to provide a loan. Therefore, it is imperative to calculate which of the proposals will be most beneficial in your case and make a decision on a possible financial court. In this way, you will be able to plan all your costs in advance, taking into account the mandatory tuition fees and additional training costs.

Be sure to consider that the cost of education includes the cost of living for the period of study. If you have any questions regarding financial plans and loans for studying at this educational institution, you can contact the representatives of the administrative building directly and find out all possible options as well as places where it is possible to get a loan.


Lackawanna College portal is the primary source of information for organizing a successful educational process for students. The college administration does not insist that students should use this portal. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of using the information obtained on this resource directly affects the performance of each student. A college education is far from completely easy, and therefore, students often do not have time to look for other resources with information. That is why the college management tried to combine all the most useful information for both learners and their parents on one resource.

Also, if you need to contact one of the services of this school, you can find all the contact details of each employee and, accordingly, reduce the time to solve a particular task. Thanks to the data that this portal contains, students, can track their academic performance in time and accordingly organize the educational process more effectively.