Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions. Make sure you read them all and if there are any other questions not included in this list which you might want to have an answer to, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support service.


How Does Our Service Work?

The good news about our service is that we made it particularly easy for you to order a paper online through our website or application. To place an order you just have to fill in the requested information in our Order Form, select a payment method and wait for your product to be delivered to you in the time frame your provided when choosing a deadline for your project.


Before ordering a paper or any type of written essay you might need, you should make sure to be able to provide us (and our writers) with specific and appropriate instructions as well as upload any required material that might be necessary for the writing process. Once you ensured that you are in possess of such information, you can go on and fill the form. The basic steps making up the process of placing an order and have a paper delivered to you are here summarized:


  1. Fill in the Order Form
  2. Proceed to the Payment
  3. Having a writer assigned to your task
  4. Having the paper delivered to your address


Is My Information Protected When I Place An Order With You?

We are strong believers in the importance of protecting our clients’ data and personal information. That is why we make sure that all your data is encrypted and anonymous. We always check that our firewalls are effective and that they are properly functioning to protect your information.

None will know your identity or that you’ve used our service if you choose not to reveal such information yourself. Our practice is to delete any written piece (and the data related to it) that has been delivered and approved by the customer. That means that it will never be sold anywhere by us or applied in any other circumstances. As soon as you approve your paper, the essay becomes your property.


Can Using Your Service Be Considered As Cheating?

Our service aims to provide you with a document that you are supposed to use as a guideline for your final work. The idea is to give you a perfect example of what the essay requested should look like. This provides you with the unique opportunity to learn how to write a great essay from some of the best and widely experienced writers. With such information and such an inspiration, you should model your final essay and make it yours.

Think about our service as an enormous open library that is customized to meet your specific needs and that does all the research automatically. With the information received, the “final draft”, creating your essay will be a lot easier! Such research cannot be considered as cheating as it is merely an accumulation of high-quality information to create your final paper.


Is Using Your Service Legal?

Yes, of course, it is legal! We are a legally registered organization based in the United States and working in conformation with all the corporate laws applicable in the US. That means that purchasing a product under our service is a legal action, open to anyone.


What Specific Value Does Your Service Deliver To The Customers?

We define ourselves as a professional writing service that is specialized in essays, course works, speech papers resumes, CVs, dissertations and term papers, among many other types of professional papers.

Our company is made up of a team of excellent, trustworthy and extremely experienced writers as well as representatives for customer support. We all work with the main objective of delivering a final work of high-quality, specifically customized to our customers’ desires and needs and that meets if not exceeds the expectations.


You can try our service out and you will realize why our company is the first choice of thousands of customers from all around the world!


Can I Pay After I Have Seen And Approved My Paper?

To ensure the highest quality and the most efficient delivery system, we only allow our writers to work on a project after the payment is received. In case you are not satisfied you are allowed to request compensation. You can read more about this in our Money Back Guarantee.


Why Should I Use Your Service?

We are an established company, in this sort of business for several years now. We have therefore accumulated great experience in the market and we have perfectioned our performance and processes to better meet our customers’ requests.

Our top performance and commitment can be seen by taking a look at the number of clients that every day choose our service and decide to come back to us when they need additional help.

We offer a 24/7 available instant chat for your convenience. If you have any doubt or if you need any clarification you can ask and you’ll be granted a quick response from our customer service operators.


We will do anything in our power to deliver the best paper possible and to meet your needs!


What Are The Details Of Receiving Your Service?

As previously mentioned, you will have first to fill in our Order Form. We ask you to provide us with some essential information. Please keep in mind that the more detailed information you give us, the better we will be able to deliver exactly what you are looking for.

If you are a new customer, you’ll be asked to create a personal account, which will facilitate communication during the process.


Once you have submitted a form, we will review and accept your order. This is the stage where you will be asked to make a payment and we will allocate the perfect writer to complete your paper.


How Will The Paper Be Formatted?

You can select the academic style of formatting for free when placing the order. If you don’t select a specific format, our default option is MLA with font size 12 pt and font type Arial, double spaced with 1-inch margins and 280 words per page.


What Types Of Assignments Do You Write?

We provide our customers with any type of assignment, both for business or individual clients. If you are not sure about finding an appropriate writer for your paper, you can still place an inquiry and we will contact you back.


What Happens When My Paper Gets Delivered Late?

In very rare occasions and extreme situations (we deliver over 99% of our orders on time), it might happen that we will not able to meet the deadline set by the client for the delivery. In such cases, you are eligible for a full refund, but you will lose all the paper. Otherwise, you can choose to allow us more time to complete your paper and we will give you a 20% compensation on your order.


Who Should I Contact For Additional Information?

You can always ask any type of question regarding your order, payment or other details to our customer support that is available 24/7. Our instant chat also is available 24/7 and will provide you with the assistance you need.


Do You Have Writers in My Specialization?

Of course, we do! We aim to have specialized writers for any field of study, each responsible for specific studies. By doing so we always ensure high-quality and great investigation. No matter the task you need to complete, chemistry, mathematics, history, psychology, economics… you name it, we will always provide you with the appropriate expert.

You can always ask our customer support about the different areas our writers are specialized in.


Do You Accept Orders From Other Countries?

Yes, we accept customers from all around the world. Thanks to our 24/7 availability we are equally able to serve customers from Asia, Australia, Europe, and the US.


Can I Have A Discount?

We offer a 15% discount to first-time users. Additionally, we have a lifetime discount. You can see all the available discounts on the dedicated page on our website and see if you are eligible or not for any of them.


Can I Monitor The Progress Of My Order?

You can contact us through the instant messaging system or live chat, as well as by giving us a call and we will readily update you on the status of your order.


How Long Does It Take For An Order To Be Delivered?

You have to set a deadline when placing your order. The earliest we can complete an order is 3 hours. As soon as you made the payment, the countdown to the deadline will start. The deadline only applies to the first draft of your paper and does not include any possible revision.


Are All Writers Evaluated?

Don’t worry! We do ensure all our writers and editors are thoroughly checked and their skills assessed before being part of our company.


Who Will Write My Paper

You have the option of choosing a specific writer on the order form. Otherwise, we will allocate you with the best available writer and the most experienced on the subject you are requiring a paper about.


Can I Choose The Same Writer?

Yes, you can enter the ID number of your preferred writer when placing your order. However, keep in mind that id such a writer is not available we will allocate you another one.


Is Your Service Free from Plagiarism?

We always check every paper with our advanced anti-plagiarism software as we deliver pieces that are unique and 100% original. We have a strong commitment to quality and have zero tolerance for plagiarized content