What does the term expository essay mean?

expository essay

The main goal of writing the expository essay is to write and explain the chosen topic using logical arguments and in the simplest possible way. In fact, when you write this assignment, you just make a balanced analysis of the subject that you are considering and base everything on facts.

! Do not forget that in this essay text writing, there is no need to write and refer to someone else’s opinion or describe the emotions that the author wanted to express.

When writing this type of paper, you need to use words such as ‘explain’ or ‘define’. For example, your topic may read as follows: ‘Create explanation essay text writing that explains how smartphones have changed the lives of students?’

Please note that in the title of the topic, there is no clear opinion or argument regarding how strongly or vice versa, smartphones could affect the lives of students. In other words, you just need to write an explanation and argue. Nevertheless, this does not mean at all that creating this research dissertation writing is very easy and straightforward.

The importance of writing an assignment like an expository essay text writing

If you can master the skill of writing this type of essay, then this will be useful to you when writing subsequent academic papers. This type of essay is most often found in the framework of studying at a college or university and is practically universal for all professions. In order to most effectively complete this essay text writing, you should use certain recommendations that will help you structure your research task writing well.

! Expository essay text writing structure is most often performed in the format of 5 central paragraphs.

Composing the introduction section

Like most types of expository essays, the introductory section, in this case, should contain a certain abstract statement or indicate the central idea of your expository task. The next three paragraphs that are used in the central part of the essay contain a more detailed description and analysis, which is intended to endorse the fundamental concept of the thesis statement.

In conclusion, you should write and rephrase the central concept of your expository task and put together all the key points that you described in your essay text writing.

Tips for writing the structure of your essay text writing as efficiently as possible

After you have already understood what elements your future expository task consists of, it is necessary to write and consider in more detail the process of writing your expository task. These steps include:

  • Preparation for writing a research essay. Before you start writing an essay, you need to devote enough time to brainstorm and decide on the topic and central idea that you want to write about in your expository task. After this, writers should conduct a study on the selected topic and study the maximum number of sources of information.

! Be sure to make the most important notes that will later help you when writing a draft essay.

  • At the preliminary stage, writers also need to compose an expository task structure and place relevant information for each section of academic writing. Remember that when writing such an academic assignment as an essay, all your personal ideas and thoughts should have a logical sequence.
  • Creating a draft of your expository writing. Once you have collected the proper amount of information and are ready to write the first section, you will need to write an opening section. The most important element in the introductory part of the essay is the so-called thematic proposal. In this case, we are talking about a thesis statement or the central idea of an essay which you will write about in more detail.

! When writing a thesis, ensure that it is drafted clearly and does not contain any certain opinion or position on the topic being described.

Writing the body paragraphs of the essay text writing

After the introductory part of our term paper is drafted, you need to start writing three central body paragraphs that will develop a personal thesis of your essay. In this case, in each body paragraph, students must write and indicate certain facts and examples that will support the central topic of the paragraph.

After that, you can start writing the final part of the narrative essay. The central purpose of writing the last paragraph is to confirm your free thesis and primary points that were drafted in the essay. Since in this type of essay, students need to write and discuss a specific situation or event, the paper must be developed in a third person.

Preliminary check of your expository paper writing

After you have finished writing a draft version of your expository task, you need to analyze the material received and possibly reorganize some of the sections of your essay. Thanks to these actions, your expository paper can be as effective as possible. At the same time, in order to conduct a competent and high-quality analysis of the received content, you will need to find an answer to the following questions:

  • Does the essay fit the concept of objective analysis?
  • How logical are the facts and examples in the essay text writing?
  • Is the information perceived from the point of the reader’s view drafted clearly?
  • Do all of your paper parts have a smooth transition from one section to another?
  • If you read the final part of your expository paper separately, will the reader understand what exactly the work was about and what conclusions should be drawn?

Tips on editing a draft of your essay

After you have made sure that the essay corresponds to a pre-outlined structure and has distinct logical transitions, you need to start editing the entire text. The point is that you need to make sure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in your expository paper while editing.

Editing, in turn, will help you improve the overall style of the essay and also make the expository paper more readable for the readers. When carrying out the procedure for editing an essay, make sure that the work was drafted concisely but not without its fascination. Often students ask their friends and acquaintances to look at the text of an essay in order to critically evaluate their free expository paper.

Expository essay writing variations

The type of academic article as an essay is widespread for most students at colleges and universities. That is why mastering the skills of writing various options for an essay is very important in the educational process. It is vital to understand that a descriptive essay also has certain variations that include:

  • Definition essay that demonstrates the meaning of a word or a clear concept. Moreover, in this case, the theme of the research dissertation writing can be a specific subject such as a building or some kind of animal. But there are cases when you need to explain the meaning of abstract terms such for example as ‘passion’ or ‘freedom of choice’.
  • In this case, you need to use an essay in order to literally explain a certain phenomenon or term and also indicate the various associations that the selected concept brings to your head.
  • Classification essays mean writing an expository paper in which you need to find some vast subject or concept and then break it down into small categories and groups. After that, starting with the largest category, you need to give examples that will classify each part of your essay.
  • Compare and contrast essays should describe the detailed similarities and differences between two or more objects or ideas. Thus, you need to tell which of the properties of the objects are similar and which qualities make these objects different.
  • Cause and effect essays are drafted to explain the effect of one subject on another and also to identify the relationship between two issues. In this case, you will need to focus on the so-called reasons why this connection occurs between the selected items.

Peculiarities of essay outline

The structure of an essay involves the nomination at the beginning of a certain thesis, and after its proof by arguments in the form of logical calculations, quotes or statements of suitable facts. Generally, an essay consists of the following elements:

  • Essay title writing. It should accurately reflect the essence of what is drafted.
  • Introduction of the essay. Here it is necessary to justify the importance of selected issues and to put forward the central hypothesis. A hypothesis is a certain assumption that will be confirmed or disproved in the introduction. If you state the opinion of a scientist or a group of people with whom you disagree, then this hypothesis is refuted. But a concept that is formed independently, as a rule, should be confirmed.
  • The main part of the custom essay. Writing the essay outline by yourself, if it is a small one, is not difficult. It is better to break up significant texts into parts with subtitles highlighted in bold. The structure of the central part resembles a chain of logical sentences. First of all, a thesis is put forward, then several arguments are written to it.

! The number of arguments should not be less than 2-3 pieces. A large number overloads the study, and a smaller one does not seem serious for scientific work. The author should independently decide how many arguments one needs to prove.

  • Conclusion of the good essay. A conclusion should be written on a separate page if it is a large text. Otherwise, just start it with a new paragraph.
  • List of sources of the college essay. Sometimes an essay format contains citations from books (with privacy policy issues), as well as data from official resources. They need to be issued as a complete list of used literature. All borrowed dates or quotes must be referenced. To do this, use the appropriate menu item in a text editor.

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