Copyright Issues and Use of Finished Product

When you order a writing work from our site and make the payment for it, it’s implied that you’ve read, understood and agreed to the terms of our services as given on this website. It’s therefore highly recommended that you must go through the terms and conditions about the use of our products. The papers, essays, thesis or any other written material that you obtain through our services are only meant for your personal use and shouldn’t be utilized for commercial purposes.

As per our agreement with the writers, the ownership of their written works rests with the company after they’ve been paid for their work. Although you’ve approved the paper and paid for it, you’re not authorized to distribute or publish it with or without modifications without our company’s explicit written authority. If it’s found that the products have been used in any unauthorized manner, it may attract legal or financial charges on you.

You must keep in mind that our products should only be used for research and reference purposes. Putting your name on the paper and publishing it isn’t permitted as per the rules of this company, as we’re totally against using someone else’s work as our own. We follow the plagiarism rules of educational institutes. It may also be noted that if you’ve modified our product before submitting it, the company can’t be held responsible for any plagiarism related issues.

You must also be mindful of the fact that we can’t be blamed, if you’ve used our product in any unauthorized manner resulting in a low grade, dismissal, discontinuation of scholarship or a legal dispute. You’ll be held completely responsible for such punitive actions that may arise from any illegal use of our product.

Refunds and Compensations

If you wish to claim a refund or a partial compensation, you must go through the company’s Refund Policy. Broadly speaking, you’re entitled to get a refund or a compensation when either the writer wasn’t detailed for your job, we couldn’t deliver your paper within the deadline or when you’re not satisfied with the finished paper even after revisions.

It’s important to remember that the VAT paid on the order amount by the EU citizens can’t be refunded back. The refund will be worked out on the money that you paid to us for the services. The discounts that you may have availed at the time of placing the order are also nonrefundable.

Payment and Fees

The fees that we charge are as per the payment chart given on our website. The charges have been standardized on the basis of three parameters of the project, namely, work window (that depends on the deadline), scholastic level and the size of the paper. It’s important to note that the prices mentioned in the chart are exclusive of the VAT. In case your request doesn’t fall under any category, the rate will be decided after evaluating the task based on the same parameters.

Project Delivery

We guarantee delivery of the completed project within the time frame as requested by you while placing the order. You may be allowed to change the delivery date, but delivery on the revised date is not guaranteed. If you want to bring forward the delivery date, you’ll need to contact our Customer Service team with the request.

If the project delivery gets delayed by more than three hours after the delivery period is over, you can request for a refund. However, it may be noted that if the delay in delivery is completely attributable to some technical or network problem, refund will not be admissible. In case of any dispute regarding the timely delivery, the company will carry out an impartial investigation to find out the facts, Decision will be taken based on the findings of this investigation.

Multiple Revisions

You’re entitled to request for revisions as many times as you may need. You’ll not be charged anything extra if your revision requests are as per our Revision Policy. Therefore, you must go through the policy as your 100% satisfaction is our primary aim.

Guarantees and Assurances

We take immense pride in being the ace providers of educational assistance to hundreds of thousands of students all over the world. Our writers write your paper or essay from the scratch and hence originality of our works is beyond any doubt. Every paper has a different set of writing requirements and hence the writer does fresh research for each paper before he/she starts writing. All works are thoroughly checked for plagiarism before being cleared for delivery. That’s why, we guarantee that each of our projects is unique and customized as per user’s requirements.

With a dedicated team of editors, who check and proofread each project for grammatical and spelling mistakes, we can safely assure you that our projects won’t have any such errors. The formatting of your paper will be done as per your requirements, you can opt for any style of formatting including MLA, APA, Chicago etc. However, despite all these efforts if something goes wrong, you can request for as many revisions as you need within the allotted time. Just make sure that the revision that you’re requesting is inline with your initial requirements that you provided at the time of ordering the content.

Summary of Important Points

Once you’ve placed an order with us and also made the payment for it, you’re bound within the framework of our service agreement. It’s therefore your obligation to go through the entire policy from top to bottom. The points of, our service policy can be summarized to include the following:

  • Products that you obtain through our service should only be used as reference or research materials only.
  • Our products shouldn’t be amended, distributed among unauthorized users or published without our explicit permission in writing. It must be borne in mind that although you’ve paid for the paper, the ownership rights are still held by the company.
  • The payments that you make for your work are mostly expended on research, collating data, editing, proofreading etc. Promotion of the website and its maintenance are also done through this fund.