Cookie Policy

This document refers to “we”, “us”, or “our” (and other similar personal adjectives or pronouns) to indicate the company you are interacting with as a user or a customer. Any reference to “you” or “yours” will refer to any customer accessing the website or the service through any other available channel.


The meaning of this document is complete when read after having read our Terms and Conditions which might specify other instances not specified hereby.


The Definition of “Cookies”

Cookies are defined as small filed which are downloaded to your device (whether a laptop, a desktop computer, a smartphone or a tablet) and that are used to recognize you as a user and to retrieve any saved preferences where applicable. Such files contain codes made of a combination of characters that are sent from your service and browser and stored in the device used to access a website.


Such cookies are used to remember your preferences and user characteristics when you navigate a website. For example, they “remember” your login, save your order and allow you to retrieve the order details, among other possible uses.


By using our webpage you directly or indirectly agree on our Cookies Policy and agree on the recommended settings and reading cookies features on your device. You have the right to de-activate the presence of cookies at your discretion, but you should keep in mind the fact that doing so might have an impact on the overall performance of the website. We will not be able to guarantee the full functionality of our website or the proper delivering of our service when you decide to delete and disable cookies.


What Are The Types of Cookies That Our Website Might Apply?

There exist several types of cookies. For example, cookies that are still collected between different browser sections (and therefore remain active once the website is exited) are called persistent cookies. They allow saving your preferences.


Session cookies, on the other hand, keep a record of the experience and behavior of a visitor only temporarily. Such cookies will be deleted when you exit the website. Our main objective of making use of these cookies is to increase the safety of internet banking. Additionally, they are important in the functionality of webmail.


What Uses Do We Make Out Of The Cookies?

Cookies are used the order form. Be aware that you cannot request or place an order on our website while having disabled cookies. You must allow cookies if you want to proceed with your order.


We also use cookies for you to use our live chat for immediate customer support.


Additionally, keeping you logged, and monitoring your activity on our page and therefore our website performance, are all be done through cookies that are of essential importance for us.


Here are some examples of the cookies we use on our website and why.

 _gat, __utma,_gali __utmb, _gat_UA-26122131-1, __utmc, __utmt, __utmz, _ga


We use these cookies to collect details about your interaction with the website. They are mainly used in relation to the online analytical algorithms provided by Google Inc. We gather such information to improve our website performance and to be able to give you the best online experience.


__cfduid, ss

We use these cookies to enable our online instant chat service. This allows smooth and rapid communication without interference through our website chat.


super_domain_stat, partner_sub_id,  p__utmzt, p__keyword, p__keywordt, partner_cid, partner_id, super_domain, partner_referer, p__utmz,,


These cookies have the main purpose of tracking our affiliates. An affiliate might refer to our service or our website using a URL that is called “referral”. As soon as a customer opens our website through such a link, the ID of affiliate from which the customer landed develops a cookie and collected in the browser of the customer.



Such cookies are linked to Google services like Google Maps and Gmail. Google uses them to gather the preferences and behaviors of different visitors and analyze the actions of users that browse on web pages containing any Google feature.



This cookie comes from PHP and allows us to collect data in series. For example, we can create a personalized session and forward the data with a temporary cookie. These cookies fall under the category of session cookies, although the PHPSESSID does not expire. It does, however, disappear as soon as the user exits the page.



 reg_ext_ref, datr, fr, reg_fb_gate

These types of cookies are provided by Facebook. They are downloaded when a user is currently logged. It allows users to immediately share, like or comment on an article on the social media platform.


 client_ip, order_page_time, client_start_time, visit_count, first_visit_time, order_type, order_time,last_visit, de_client, un, order_type_new, client_country, un1

Thanks to these cookies we can identify our visitors and track any interaction with our website.

guest_id, twitter_ads_id

We use these cookies from Twitter which the company makes available to allow users to immediately generate a Twit, follow us on the channel or share content via the social media platform.



These cookies from AdRoll allow us to provide advertisements based on your preferences and thus to show our advertisement on related websites that might generate more leads and conversions. We do such process completely anonymously.


 sign_up_form, banner_show, marketing_info, thnks_banner_close, check_cap, go_back_modal_shown, app_banner_close, client_lead, discount_code,client_leads, client-lead-informer-closed

Thanks to these cookies we can remember the users’ preferences and improve our customers’ online experience by stopping to show the same content and customizing the service to better fit personal preferences.



This cookie is set by WordPress and it is applicable when you log in. This checks if your browser allows or rejects cookies.


Such cookies are also set by WordPress and permit the personalization of the interface of the web page your visit.


Blocking and Deleting Cookies?

You can disable or cancel cookies at your discretion and at any time. This might have an impact on the usability of the website and its proper functioning.

Please note that do not collect personal data. All the data collected is anonymous and used for the improvement of our service.