Money back guarantee

The terms mentioned in this Guarantee of Return are similar to those mentioned in our Terms of Use and you are advised to check and read through both before making use of our service. It is important that all the clauses are clear to you when you start using our website.

You will be guaranteed a limited number of times for which you can demand the money you paid for our service, which putting it in simpler words means that you’ll have a limited number of refunds. You can be issued a refund only in the original payment method you used to purchase the service in the first place. For you to get a successful refund from our organization, you must observe all the terms, conditions and regulations stated in this document and our Terms of Use.

Refund Terms

We have the right to cancel our service providing to you in case we deem your use of our service inappropriate and not following our Terms and Conditions. Independently of such a condition, you can still ask for a refund. You can request refunds before the delivery of the paper. There are three types of refund you can get, which are below described.

1- The Case of 100% Refund

You can have a total refund on the amount of money you paid for our services in the following cases:

  • Payment Mistake – in case of a mistake in processing your payment (such as double payment or identical orders) you’ll be guaranteed a 100% refund. Such a situation needs to be communicated to us promptly as the refund is only possible in case a writer has not been assigned to your case yet.
  • No Suitable Writer Available – in this situation we will contact you and initiate a total refund of your payment.
  • Missed Deadline – If you don’t require the material anymore because the essay was not delivered on time and the deadline you set was not respected, you’ll be guaranteed a refund. You won’t get any text material and if you have received some material on the order, you won’t be granted the right to use it.

2- Getting A 70% Refund

Another type of refund we offer is the 70% refund. You are eligible for such refunds in case:

  • you have canceled your order after we have assigned a writer to your project and less than 50% of the time to the deadline has been passed. The 30% of your money that we retain is the compensation to our writers for the work they have done within the period.

3-Having a 50% Refund

You will be granted the return of half of the money you paid for our service in the following situations:

  • No Writer is Available For your Revision
  • You have canceled your order but more than 50% of the deadline has passed – this is to ensure the compensation for the work of writers.

Once the refund procedure is initiated any right that you are granted by our Terms and Conditions for Copy Right License will be annulled immediately.

In case you send the text material back for revision, you are implicitly approving your order in general and we assume that only minor adjustments are required. This means that once you sent an essay for revision, you cannot apply for a 100% refund.

If the writer did not deliver the revision of your work on time, our Customer Service Manager will make an estimate and define the amount to be refunded, taking into account the assessment of your order. You should remember that in such a situation, the refund amount cannot exceed 50% of the initial price you paid originally for your order.

Also, be aware that the refund will not be applied to :

  • VAT;
  • The Store Credit Balance you used
  • Cases in which our Quality Assurance Department assess your initial instructions to have been satisfied by our service;
  • Cases in which the requirements outlined in our Terms of Use were not met;
  • Discounts and Optional Services including the VIP customer service, TOP Writer, The Plagiarism Report, the Sources Used, The Outline and Table Of Content, the Abstract and the check from the editor.
  • The case in which you, as a user, have already pressed the “approve” button;
  • Assignments such as Multiple Choice Questions and Problem Solving.

If you use the answers provided by our writers’ job you are automatically approving them. If the writer scores less than 50% in the multiple-choice questions, you can be qualified for partial reimbursement of your money. The amount of the reimbursement will be decided by the Customer Experience Manager who will analyze your specific case.

Cooling Off Period

Your order can be canceled under other circumstances and for other reasons after the order is submitted and within 14 days, known as “Cooling-Off Refund Period”. The fourteen (14) days start from the date your order was accepted, as stated in the “Formation of the Contract” clause. In case the time frame of the Cooling-off Refund Period has expired you cannot claim your money back.

You can exercise your right to get a refund only if you get in touch with us. You will need to follow your order appropriately to be in time with the deadline for the cancellation of your order if that applies to you. You will need to actively communicate with our organization before the expiration of the 14 days to get the refund you are entitled to.

In the case, we started to provide you with our services as you ordered before the Cooling-Off Refund Period but you still want to cancel your order, you will have to contribute and pay for the work that has begun already.

If you request a refund during the fourteen days you can be issued any of the types of refunds that have been discussed in this section.

Once again, you need to remember that the refund can be issued only on the same payment method that you used for the initial purchase unless otherwise agreed before the order placement.