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Melissa Contenances Alma Aguilar Political Science 101 twenty four September 2012 Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake” is probably one of the most recited quotations around the world, which is known to be voiced by the previous Queen of France, Marie Antoinette. Though often reffered to since “The Get together Queen” or perhaps in other words, the Queen who danced although her people starved. But what many fail to recognize is the fact that Jessica Antoinette was the Queen whom cared for her people.

The sole think the lady cared for more than the welfare of her people, was the well being of her children.

To ensure one to understand and have the ability to fully understand french Revolution, and Monarchy, one particular must return back and assess Marie Antoinette’s personal history, her political contributions and achievements, and her politics influences. Personal Background Jessica Antoinette (Archduchess Maria Antonia of Austria) was born in Vienna, Austria on Nov 2nd, 1755. “She was the fifteenth child, and 11th (and last) daughter with the Emperor Francis 1st of Lorraine and Maria Theresa of Austria, at the head in the Habsburg dynasty”(Moore 3).

Francis 1st passed away in August 1765, leaving his wife and his elder son to co-rule his disposition. “To promote diplomatic associations with France, Marie Antoinette was asked to marry Louis Juste, the Dauphin of France” (Campan 3). With the bottom line of the Eight Years’ Warfare in 1763, an bijou between Austria and France became a priority for Empress Maria Theresa, cementing alliances through matrimonial connections was a common practice among European royal families at the time. In 1765, the son of French Emperor Louis XV, Louis Ferdinand, died, giving his 11-year-old grandson Louis Auguste heir to the France throne.

Within months, Jessica Antoinette and Louis Martyr were agreed to get married to each other. A child of just 14 years, delicately beautiful with gray-blue sight and ash-blonde hair, in May 1770, “Marie Antoinette set out for Portugal to be committed, escorted simply by 57 carriages, 117 footmen and 376 horses. On May 16, 1770, Marie Antoinette and Louis Auguste had been married”. (Campan 6) ” Louis XV passed away in 1774, and Louis Martyr succeeded him to the French throne while Louis XVI, making Jessica Antoinette, for 19 years old, Queen of France”(Barker 9).

However , because personalities proceeded to go Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette could hardly have been even more different. Having been introverted, self conscious and indecisive, a lover of solitary pleasures such as studying and metalwork. She was vivacious, fun loving and striking, a interpersonal butterfly whom loved gambling, partying and indulgent fashions. Political Influences and Development Though many include argued that Marie Antoinette did not possess any personal development or influences, because of her sociable and odd ways, Jessica always reported someone in her life as the primary source of appreciation. Her Mother, Queen Nancy Theresa, Marie often talked of her with deep respect, yet she centered all her schemes intended for the education of her kids on the requirements which had been neglected in her own”(Barker 9). Helen Theresa, often was influenced awe by simply her great qualities, taught the Archduchesses to fear and respect instead of to take pleasure in her. “The Empress was too much taken on with large political hobbies to have it in her power to devote herself to maternal efforts. “(Campan 8) The queen’s influence upon domestic insurance plan before 1789 has also been high. Her disturbance in governmental policies was usually in order to get jobs and money for her friends. It truly is true, nevertheless , that she usually compared the initiatives of changing ministers for instance a. R. L. Turgot (1727″1781) and became involved with court scandals against these people. “( Moore 12 ) “Activities including the “diamond necklace affair, inch where the princess or queen was accused of having an poor relationship using a wealthy cathedral official in exchange for a costly necklace, elevated her unpopularity and led to a stream of pamphlets and content against her”(Barker 11).

The fact that after the birth of her children Jessica Antoinette’s way of life became even more restrained did not alter the popular image of a great immoral and extravagant woman. When the arrival of your stranger of rank at Vienna was performed known, the Empress brought her friends and family about her, admitted those to her desk, and by this kind of concerted conference induced a belief that she very little presided in the education of her kids. Contributions and Writtings

Right from the start of the revolution, Marie Antoinette and Louis had hopes for a bargain: in other words, a constitution that will include the monarchy. Trying to re-establish normalcy, Marie Antoinette continuing her good patronage from the poor kids of Rome. “At the fireworks remembering the marriage from the young knight in shining armor and queen in May 1774, there was a stampede in which many everyone was killed. Louis and Antoinette gave all their private to spend for a year to relieve the suffering in the victims and the families. (Campan 2)Marie-Antoinette’s standing for sweet taste and whim became a lot more entrenched in 1774, the moment as the brand new Queen the lady asked the people end up being relieved of any tax known as “The Queen’s belt, inch customary at the beginning of each rule. “Belts are no longer worn, ” she stated. She also spent as much time as possible with her individual children, particularly the dauphin. “(Moore, 8). Much of the writings Marie wrote was her record which is stuffed with a young ladies feelings regarding her arranged marriage.

The lady describes an italian Court completely outclassed by complex rules of etiquette and protocol and excessive awareness of fashion and grooming. In her previous letter, Marie-Antoinette wrote to her sister-in-law Madame Elisabeth: “, Happiness is doubled when shared with a friend’¦.  ( Campan 4 )In those terms are covered the value the lady placed on companionship to her delight. The queen had a great capacity for companionship, although your woman was not constantly smart in her selection of companions. Realization The story of revolution and resistance in 18th-century Italy is a complicated one, and no two historians tell the storyplot the same way.

Yet , it is crystal clear that for the revolutionaries, Marie Antoinette’s significance was mainly, powerfully symbolic. “She and the persons around her seemed to signify everything that was wrong with the monarchy plus the Second Estate: They appeared to be tone-deaf, away of touch, disloyal (along with her allegedly treasonous behavior, freelance writers and pamphleteers frequently accused the queen of adultery) and self-interested”( Moore seventeen ). What Marie Antoinette was actually just like was beside the point, the image of the queen was far more important than the girl herself. Jessica Antoinette was the Austrian created child star of the wedding of the future Ruler Louis XVI of Portugal. It was an arranged matrimony designed to (hopefully) create a better relationship between two countries which was one common practice by the Monarchy to reduce conflicts and warfare among Nations”(Campan 7). The French persons resented the Austrian Full and the lady was the subject of numerous rumours that your woman had been grown in England as a traveler, was a spendthrift, was cool, cruel, bad, mean and any number of different charges.

For that matter, she was a well educated girl with exceptional regal stability, she was obviously a well certified linguist, played out the Harp with wonderful versatility, was an accomplished equestrian and used to be an outstanding mother with her four kids. ” The girl was put to death during the French Revolution at the age of 37 on of sixteen October 1793. ” (Marie Antoinette Biography 3) Marie Antoinette was a symbol of goodness along with everything that was right with all the French monarchy. Also while queen, the girl made many changes that affected France’s system of govt and regulation.

Marie had abolished legislation of segregated dining places, as she felt it absolutely was wrong. She had attained popularity with individuals of England at first with her kindness as your woman continuosly provided to the poor of Paris, france. ” Following your Revolution, Marie faced the women who stormed Versailles then when her as well as her were forced to live in Paris as prisoners your woman never lost hope that she would find a way to acquire out and hold her family’s standing as well as her political career, Even following the Republic was proclaimed in 1792, and her partner was executed. (Barker 5) Despite the tragic outcome of Marie Antoinette’s life, the girl never blamed her persons. She continued to be a devoted mom and partner, although her life while the Full of France ended in a moments notice. Although many through time include viewed her as a superficial, weak and a self- indulgent person. But through recent years a large number of historians have concluded the contrary, seen even more as a dynamic, misunderstood, and compassionate figure. She was a devoted mom, making sure her children were well educated, and cherished.

As well as when she knew her life was coming to an end, she made sure her children were in safe hands. And as Queen, she wanted the very best for her persons, giving nice donations and contributions for the minority. Marie Antoinette as a person and a friend was quite possibly one of her finest traits, noticeable through background. The Politics side of her and her family members status was the main supply of The French Wave. She was proud to become french, but also in the end each of the hopes she had on her behalf country destroyed right before her eyes. But since terrible since she may be portrayed in your history literature.

Marie Antoinette will always be the final Queen France ever had. Bibliography Barker, Nancy. “Let All of them Eat Cake: The Mythological Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution. inch Historian (Summer 1993): 709-25. Madame Campan. Memoirs of Marie Antoinette. N. p.: Barker, in. d. Memoirs of Marie Antoinette. World wide web. 01 September. 2012.. “Marie Antoinette Biography. ” Jessica Antoinette Biography. N. l., 01 July 2012. Net. 25 Aug. 2012.. Moore, Marianne. “Marie Antoinette. ” New World Encyclopedia. N. g., 03 April. 2007. World wide web. 01 September. 2012..

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