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My Life Journey Simply by Iris Knutson There is an American gospel tune “Wouldn’t Consider Nothing For My Journey” also written in Maya’s Angelou book of estimate is the song that indicates my life quest and the street I are traveling today. After highlighting on my your life I can declare I have experienced the bitter with the nice. Through all of them I have gain wisdom and knowledge.

In the age 42 I know you will discover happy days and nights after the wet days. Each of them come to generate me strong. In this daily news I plan to share show I overrode many problems and obstacles.

Later on Let me write about years as a child living in a rural location in D. C. Let me include how many and hard times was obviously a failure to my family. Previous growing in a Christian family. Moving into a rural area in N. C. was hard. Southgate was on the backside side of town straight down a dirty dirt road. There were simply no running water, no toilets, without transportation. There were never enough money my dad was the loaf of bread winner. Mother and father never experienced enough money for invoice, food or new clothes. My mother stayed house as a stay at home mom. I can keep in mind working on the farm with my parents.

There were to pick peanuts, corn and beans. My dad raised pigs and birds. I will remember those popular days. Doing work in the discipline helped me to understand life today. I have discovered to accept rather than complain about things, It had been never inside its final stages for hard times to hit on our door. Mother and father were stringent we had to do a lot of tasks back in the day. Levinson believe that everyone goes through a similar basic design of advancement. ( Witt&Mossler 2010) My family was a Christian like family. My mother was a great usher. My dad was a great deacon.

They trusted goodness for almost everything. My mom taught me my initial prayer. We would sit about the table and still have Bible study with friends and family. I have discovered today to put God initially and he can do the others. I can bear in mind we had to go to church early morning and night. It were raised in myself there is no better place I actually rather always be. In all We go through I actually find cathedral to be a hospital for the sick. The hard times include truly paid off. We did not have transport so there were to walk to cathedral. I think away of all my hobbies I really like church the best.

I would not take practically nothing for my own journey at the moment. Erik Erikson expresses that Expressing expectations dreams and fears to an intimate spouse also helps solidify and incorporate self-image ( Witt& Mossler 2010) I actually also instruct my boy to go to church. He is the church drummer. I would like to thank my family for the love and support they have demonstrated. The friends and family that prays together stays on together. I will keep finding out about and never give up on my life quest. Again My answer is I want consider Nothing pertaining to my quest right now. I feel like that a real song for the core.

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