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Before the liberalization of the telecommunication sector of Ghana’s economy, the mobile telephony sector of the economy was non-existent. The sole telecommunication service offered to the human population was limited fixed lines provided by the Ghana Nota and Telecommunication Corporation (GP&amp, T), which usually had a monopoly. The rate of access to cellphone in homes was several phones every 1, 500 inhabitants as well as distribution was skewed in favour of urban dwellers especially those in Accra.

This led to the springing from communication centers which charged ten times the rate of operators. The liberation in the Telecommunication sector of Ghana’s economy in the 1993/94 created a sharp development in the number of mobile operators. In 93 Celtel (formerly Kasapa now Expresso), released the first mobile telephony service in Ghana.

While the year 2150, there were 4 mobile operators (Buzz, Celtel, Spacefon and Onetouch) with Ghana but the level of competition among these operators was near absolutely no. During these times, would be customers had to queue for hours in order to acquire a mobile phone SIM that have been sold at cut-throat prices. Mobile call fees were also really high with Spacefon asking GH?. 30 per minute to get local locals. These providers were even so only featuring voice companies which were inadequate. Owning a mobile phone line was obviously a luxury only some can afford of these periods. Nevertheless , the sector over the past a decade as viewed a 300 percentage expansion (real terms) in mobile phone operators and also 2000 percentage (real terms) and subscription.

As at today, there are five mobile operators (the four mentioned before and Zain) operating in Bekwai, ghana with the sixth (GLO) in its initial levels of getting established in the country. Currently the rate of mobile penetration is over 60 per cent with every one-in-two Ghanaians buying a mobile phone. Mobile phone SIM credit cards are now choosing as low as GH? 1 with mobile contact charges falling as low as GH?. 075 per minutes with all mobile operator running a info (internet) service. This trend has been a direct result of the growth in portable operators seen over the past a decade. The improved rate of competition provides called for the adoption of effective marketing plans by these types of network workers who have nothing but rendered poor services to its buyers who will be the life bloodstream to the procedures of any mobile owner. Marketing strategy is defined as a process or model to permit a company or organization to focus limited resources on the ideal opportunities to enhance sales and thereby achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

It is just a written program (usually a part of the overall corporate plan) which usually combines product development, promotion, division, and prices approach, identifies the firm’s marketing goals, and points out how they will probably be achieved within a stated time-frame. Marketing strategy determines the choice of target audience segment, placement, marketing mixture, and portion of methods. It is crucial for any business which really wants to succeed in this kind of challenging and competitive organization environment to consider an effective online strategy and portable telephone providers are now different. There are several major classification of marketing strategy, these are, Segmentation, Dominance, tenir generic and innovation or perhaps growth strategies. The type of technique a business would adopt will be based upon the type of competitive environment this finds itself. STATEMENT OF PROBLEM The stiff competition being experienced in the cellular telecommunication sector has triggered these main mobile providers losing consumers to the other competitor containing resulted in decrease sales amounts, growth and shareholder value for that matter. In the bid to achieve a competitive edge above their competition, managers of mobile telecommunication companies possess adopted varying marketing strategies aimed at retaining the core of their customers and attracting new ones.

Most of the approaches are intended for dominating the industry. Whilst several over adopted the approach of advancement (a leaders), others have adopted the strategy of copying what others have done (follower). At the same time others have adopted the strategy to be a opposition and nicher. OBJECTIVE FROM THE STUDY A detailed observation with the mobile telephony sector of Ghana reveals the pending of a heightened competition, the research therefore keep pace with address next, 1 . To examine competitive environment of the cellular telephony sector? 2 . Discover and analyze the approaches the various portable operators used in the wake of limited competition? 3. To examine the effect of these approaches on customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty? The objective of this research is to understand the impact of the tight competition observed over the past few years has on cellular operators and their customers and just how customers possess reacted for this phenomenon.

In my opinion the tight competition which has ended in a price war between these kinds of mobile providers goes to the benefit of mobile customers who have been underserved for lengthy. SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY Major of this research is on the effect of the marketing strategies adopted simply by mobile employees in Bekwai, ghana on their customers which makes it importance to individuals, “” in the market, and corporate entities. Besides adding to the ability already available in the area in the study, the investigation is also directed at providing a great in-depth discourse on the telecom sector of Ghana and by-so-doing enrich the knowledge of people in this field of study. It will be a necessity read for up and coming managers in the phone system sector who wants to understand the competitive environment from the sector plus the type of marketing strategies that cellular operators have got used through the years. The research is also to establish in the event there are potential areas that marketing strategies could be applied to accomplish customer satisfaction, devotion and retention and also recognize areas that need to be re-strategized to obtain increase business. SCOPE LIMITATION OF THE STUDY The range of the study is restricted for the staff and management of mobile employees and numerous customers equally corporate and (individual) to whom questionnaires will be distributed focusing on those found in the capital city (Accra). DEFINITION OF CONDITIONS 1 .

Online strategy: is a method or version to allow a firm or organization to focus limited resources on the best opportunities to increase product sales and therefore achieve a lasting competitive benefits. 2 . Industry Dominance approach: is a strategy based on a firm’s business or prominence of an industry. It can be a frontrunners, follower, challenger or Nicher. 3. Market Segmentation approach: is the trademark a market in subsets of prospective customers who behave in the same way, have similar wants and have similar characteristics that relate with purchase behaviour..

Porter’s generic technique: is a online marketing strategy based on the dimensions of strategic scope and strategic strength. Strategic scope refers to the market transmission while durability refers to environmentally friendly competitive benefit. 5. Creativity strategy: based on the organizations rate of new product development and business model creativity. Whether a leading, close follower or later follower CORPORATION OF THE RESEARCH Chapter the first is on the general introduction in the study, the aim, significance plus the limitations towards the study. Phase is for the methodology in gathering the needed info as well as the analysis of the data. CHAPTER TWO METHODOLOGY 2 .

zero. TYPE OF EXPLORATION The research can be described as basic research with aim of adding to knowledge already available on the field of study. The research will make usage of descriptive design and style, the purpose of which is to examine the marketing strategies employed by Mobile workers and the influence on customers in respect of satisfaction, commitment and retention. POPULATION The citizenry of the study would consist of the staff and management portable telecom corporations and their clients in Accra. SAMPLE AND SAMPLING APPROACH It is extremely hard to aspect in data from your members of the entire population of this study. In view of this, random sample methods will be used gathering data. It really is anticipated that, it will let room for fair representation of all the different components of the prospective group.

The research will be conducted on a selected sample of two hundred participants. 75 questionnaires will be printed with 4 at random selected consumer relation Centers of Tigo (Millicom Ghana), MTN, Vodafone, Expresso (Kasapa Telecom) and Zain receiving a copy every single. The remaining twenty copies will be distributed among the list of management from the above mentioned network operators. The rest of the 100 questionnaires would be sent out among the clients of these cellular operators by equal charge (20 per provider). DATA COLLECTION KIND OF DATA To get the purposes of this study, both major and extra data will be collected. Questionnaires and selection interviews would be intended for the gathering of main data even though secondary info would be found from the internet, content, reports and research works done by other folks. INTRUMENTS TO GET DATA COLLECTIONThe main device for the collection of data in this study will be questionnaires and interviews.

This is because they are really considered to be the most efficient and in depth form of gathering first hand information concerning a sensation. The set of questions would be organised using the two open and closed inquiries that are explanatory and respondents will be led to provide useful answers to the researcher. The researcher might as much as they can, eliminate himself from the responding to of the set of questions and will simply do so when needed. The queries will talk about the strategies that mobile perators put into action to satisfy buyers, keep them devoted and maintain them PROCEDURES FOR INFO COLLECTION The researcher might visit the Customer satisfaction Centers and the corporate mind offices of Tigo, MTN, Zain, Expresso, and Vodafone to deliver questionnaires to selected staff members and managers as well as consumers. METHOD OF DATA ANALYSIS For the reason that research is a qualitative exploration, descriptive figures would be allied in the analysis of gathered data, this kind of shall consist of percentage and frequency tables. The investigator would rely only on Surpass for the statistical job.

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