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My decision to go after the 9-month Master of Science a manager Studies (MSMS) program being offered at ÜBER Sloan University of Supervision was largely influenced by simply Chinese School of Hong Kong (CUHK)’s Faculty of Organization Administration request as one of the engaging schools just for this prestigious plan. CUHK’s inclusion affords me the opportunity to satisfy my long term desire of acquiring a top-notch global business education from a world-class college or university.

If approved, enrolling for the MSMS program by MIT is a kind of a homecoming.

This is due to of my prior sojourn to the Us for educational and professional purposes. I had my university education at both The bentley College, Ma and Buenos aires University in St . Paillette, Missouri, and i also also had a professional stint at the Human being Capital Practice unit of Deloitte Asking which took me to American cities like Houston and Los Angeles.

Later on, I had for taking a diversion to the CUHK to go after a full-time MBA software with a concentration in Chinese suppliers Business. This is to enable me become well-grounded in contemporary Chinese organization practices as well as catch up about developments bringing about the breakthrough of Cina as the next global economical superpower.

Once i learnt about the CUMBA/MIT MSc a manager Studies Dual Degree Option, it turned out to be an opportunity of any lifetime. I discovered that the plan will not only allow me to00 continue broadening on my knowledge of Chinese organization but likewise empower myself to develop an excellent background about global guidelines in foreign management.

My own academic hobbies will be targeted majorly about issues bordering on function, labor, and employment contact as well as human resource management, labor market issues, and related community policies. I will like to research how to preserve and encourage employees employing incentives other than just pecuniary compensation. Additionally , I will end up being interested in reviewing key business topics like supply restaurants and corporate conformity

Enrolling intended for the ÜBER Sloan MSMS program will also enable me to take advantage of MIT Sloan’s impressive research services and methods. Of particular interest to my opinion is the Institute for Job & Work Research (IWER), where We are conducting some considerable piece of the research towards rewarding my thesis requirements.

I am glad to tap into the institute’s more than 5 decades legacy of research and teaching about the changing world of job and work and discover how I can apply the acquired know-how in the Oriental business landscape.

Also really worth exploring for me in higher depth is a MIT Sloan Management Review, the preeminent quarterly academic journal. I actually am an enormous fan of this reliable source of innovative ideas for the 21st century business leader and would love the opportunity to add scholarly articles, or even get my Master’s thesis showcased in a future edition in the journal.

MIT Sloan’s intellectually engaging pupil body, forward-thinking faculty, and extensive alumni network total the list of key reasons for selecting the management college as my own preferred place to go for advanced degree study.

I look forward to the outlook of getting together with and participating with great minds, especially Professor Jones Kochan, Co-director of IWER and George Maverick Fort Professor of Management. I would be pulling a lot of inspiration via his thoughts and educational works on commercial relations, job and work.


Restructuring Man Capital Managing (HCM) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in China would probably be a thesis topic I might pursue. So why? Because, quite often, in China, the primary target for business managers are how to lessen overhead cost, make enormous profits, and deliver the maximum returns intended for shareholders.

Intended for managers that care less regarding long term, this narrow, profit- oriented method to business may possibly suffice, yet only for a very short period of your time. However , pertaining to companies that are looking to stand the test of time and survive the vagaries of modern day business, a more well balanced management style is non-negotiable.

Of course , most Chinese firms already have constructions in place to cater to Human being Capital Administration, and Corporate Sociable Responsibility. The essence of the thesis however , is to recommend ways to change these constructions and make it a little more solid and engaging.

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