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Music today is very powerfulk to young adults. Some may even say they can not live without it. The key reason why could be as a result of artist vocal their favorite songs, the beat or perhaps instrument utilized. Or it could be the message of the track. I like music, too. What sort of song would make me feel, the lyrics actually, is what is crucial to me. I usually listen to foreign artists just like Taylor Swift and Jessie T. Lately, My spouse and i took recognize of Noel Cabangon’s music.

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His voice and acoustic guitar skills mixture perfectly. His song writing is also something else.

I 1st heard Mr. Cabangon execute during Leader Noynoy Aquino’s inauguration. His songs promote nationalism. He identified his work as “noise that this individual hopes will awaken pride in all of us. One that sticks out is “Ako’y Isang Mabuting Pilipino. The lyrics provide examples of how to be a good Philippine citizen. This inspired me personally but it is definitely not so usual to find a Philippine to be everything is referred to in the song.

And the question reached me ” what does it take to become a good resident, or a good person, for least?

We am reminded by my personal values education class wherever positive values are emphasized. We are directed well about these, yet it seems like we do not exhibit them. Why do I say this? I have already been hearing a whole lot of unfortunate thing about the region. There are never-ending issues about manipulated elections, second-hand teeth allegedly marketed as new by the previous First Gentleman to the Filipino National Authorities, officials blaming each other, highway accidents regarding violence and resulting to fatality. These occurrences seem to show that we are losing the values we were raised with.

Concern for others, discipline, obedience and admiration ” where did these go? It appears that government officials who be a cheater and steal people’s cash have no waste for themselves. Think about the beliefs we Filipinos are known for, just like hiya? Also private citizens give the impression that we have zero concern for starters another. We became utilized to bad news that this appears as if it is component to daily life. It seems so common in our world that it is hard to trust those around us. Can it be that our values are compromised by selfishness? When shall I hear more very good news than poor?

In August of this year, a 12-year old girl called Janela Arcos Lelis transported the Filipino flag throughout floodwaters and rain. What she did was hailed heroic, honoring the nationwide symbol. The lady was given acknowledgement and awarded a cash prize. Contemplating that, In my opinion that what she performed may be made by anyone else make the same circumstance. But how come did she catch a lot attention? Perhaps it was mainly because she was too youthful to be likely to do that. Or possibly because no person would rely into it at a time the moment saving a person’s self need to come first.

Over and over again, we are amazed that many people are actually very good. We learn about our Army personnel restricting their lives to rescue flood victims of hurricane Ondoy; cab drivers coming back again tourist luggage filled with money despite lower income. These give me hope and make me understand that all can be not shed. It is possible to rediscover Philippine values which may have pale away. Nevertheless where do I start looking? Transform is quite difficult for us, the youth, once we observe that all those we look approximately are the incredibly ones who have lack the ideals we have to imitate.

However , I come back to Noel Cabangon’s song. It advises me personally to listen to my parents, study hard, fall properly in line, prevent prohibited prescription drugs, and to cross streets in designated areas. These will reflect self-discipline and value. I will value honesty and encourage my buddies to do similar. Soon, when I reach legal age, Let me protect and fight for my right to political election. My methods may be simple, but they can be further. If we all focus on something small , we may be able to change points around us.

Drivers shall obey the guidelines, traffic enforcers shall decline bribes, and civilians shall take responsibility of their waste. Those in power will be guided by way of a conscience in doing their tasks. If we appearance inside themselves, we may get something to contribute to this kind of cause. We may even motivate others to perform the same. I am hoping this may also be your realization. I love my personal country and i also advocate intended for the return to time-honored Filipino values for my benefit and for the sake of the future generations. I may not become as important as Mister. Noel Cabangon, but I am able to be a great Filipino. Many of us can be.


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