A personal view on barack obama being the best

Barack Obama

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While i was in first grade, Barack Obama was elected because the 44th President of the United States. The week leading up to his Inauguration, my parents had been unusually excited. As my friend was scrubbing my locks, I remember asking “What’s the best deal? inch. My single mother’s response was “We will be witnessing history”. Not only was he an inspiration, but to me, having been the greatest Director in American History.

To start with benefits, President Obama was the 1st black president in American History. During the time my fellow classmates did not realize the size of this motion, but seeking back in our countrys history, this was a big move. Even though it may seem like a long time ago, the Civil Rights Movement was less than more than 50 years ago. This country was built about slave labor. Flash Forward to his obama administration, and away of 85 policy positions requiring Senate confirmation, President Obama equiped more than women and minorities in 53. five per cent, compared with 25. 6 percent during George W. Bush’s presidency. (Eilperin 5)

Honestly, I’m shocked most people ignore that it was during President Obama’s Presidency which the mastermind lurking behind 9/11, Osama Bin Filled, was captured and wiped out. That purpose alone ought to move him to the top of our very best presidents list. 9/11 was your single worst terrorist assault in American history, and changed the politics and policies of the nation for many years to arrive.

On June 27th, 2015, America woke up to the news that same-sex marriage was legalized. This ended 14 states where it absolutely was illegal to marry the same sex from enforcing their discriminatory regulations on the LGBT+ community. In a press convention, President Obama’s response to the ruling was something that tied to me for two years. “When all Americans are cared for as equal, we are all even more free” (BBC 6). These kinds of words should apply everywhere in our country, because the diversity is actually truly makes America superb.

Though it absolutely was controversial, Leader Obama attempted to create countrywide healthcare to get America, underneath the Affordable Attention Act. It was opposed as it created too many costs about business, with many describing that as a work killer. Yet , studies show opportunities in the healthcare sector went up by 9%. (BBC 8) No matter the expense, people ought to have healthcare. Although it was a flawed system, the simple fact that he attempted to produce nationwide healthcare was a big step in the ideal direction.

No individual is perfect, including our director. You can have the best intentions but still making an incorrect decision, however the real test is what you do to correct yourself. Admitting you have made a mistake is something to respect in different person, especially a leader. Future Presidents should appreciate President Obama not only just for this, but for keeping a calm and level mind when facing discrimination. Once President Obama was selected, he was insecure to be strung, people used up effigies of him, and tried to influence the country this individual wasn’t a real legal citizen. (Dionne 1) It may be the President’s job to act peaceful and significant, but as a human being, keeping patience during this is incredibly difficult.

Chief executive Barack Obama, the 1st black director, led the way pertaining to progressive tips. He got down the mastermind behind 9/11, and made nationwide health-related. Not only this, although President Obama led the way pertaining to other minorities to take locations in workplace. Soon, might be we’ll have our initial Hispanic, or maybe Muslim President! But for i, along with the associated with America, will look back fondly and with respect to his obama administration.

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