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Art and Advertising

After a close analyzation worldwide of fine art and promoting, I have come to the conclusion that these worlds are not all of that different. The documentary Retailers of Awesome goes in interesting depth about the field of advertising and really gives you a fresh perspective from the life of being an marketer and a consumer. It causes you to question the actual goal of advertisers. This exposes the level of consumerism and deception that may be found in promoting in the past and today. The way internet marketers advertise for the youth population is incorrect. They do not observe teenagers since individuals, but rather as simply a mindless customer with cash to spend. Present generation of teens will be taught to look to the media decide what is awesome and precisely what is not.

The documentary film Gorgeous Losers offers insight into the misunderstood world of a group of artists who started a skill movement in the 1990’s. The artists do not try to stay within the world of contemporary artwork. They pull their inspiration from their surroundings like their particular music, skateboarding and graffiti. Both the regarding art and advertising have to get into the head of the folks who see their particular work and try to produce an art piece or product that people want to have in order to be successful. But while the world of fine art is more casual in their way and most artists have no established interest in the best way they want all their work being portrayed by simply consumers, marketers try to produce advertisement to make the consumers almost all think similar to the way. Overall, the two worlds include a lot of similarities. Promoters and performers want to be noticed. They want to end up being appreciated. Everything sets the two apart is a intensity of consumer understanding they are trying to receive.

The marketers use a more calculated and thought-out strategy in getting close to the consumers. When potential consumers observe their item advertisement, that they attempt to impose a desire for their merchandise. They have zero interest in just how their product will actually profit or harm a card holder’s life. They simply want to make product sales rather than providing to what consumers are looking for. The artists, alternatively, spread their particular advertisement (their artwork) in a less immediate format. All their work is inserted into the everyday lives of the individual. The art features relevance to people’s lives because it displays the music they listen to and the things they actually so it turns into relatable. Rather than having a great advertiser procedure you to preach their promoción, artist’s job can be seen for the walls of graffiti inside the individual’s city. It makes the artwork think more personal. Art and advertising basically have the same intent-make the consumer feel something about their particular advertisement/artwork nevertheless the reasoning to cause these kinds of feelings go ahead two totally different directions.

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