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Emily Grierson is the subject character in the short story “A Went up for Emily.  The narrator portrays Emily as a “tradition, an obligation, and a care,  (Faulkner, 79) but in her actions, it is obvious that Emily is a true incomer. She shuts out the townspeople, only allowing them to see certain aspects of herself and leaves them to guess the rest. Your woman lives with her dad until his death. Any kind of chance in love for Emily was denied because of her daddy driving potential men aside so that this individual could have her all to himself.

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Having been sheltered and secluded by simply her daddy, she continues to lead that kind of way of living after his death.

Miss Emily’s residence fits in with her persona. Both are darker and secret. Emily seldom lets people into her life to find the real her so your woman remains darker and mysterious. Her home is also sealed off for the townspeople. The lady rarely enables people in to her home, and those which often find it layered with dust.

The house is also falling into corrosion which as well coincides with Emily’s the aging process and full and pallid appearance.

It truly is clear that Mr. Grierson was really controlling of Emily. This individual showed this kind of in his make an effort to drive potential suitors apart. After his death, Emily attempts to adopt control simply by denying that he has passed and refusing to give up his body. Ahead of they can put to use the law to consider his physique, Emily finally gives in and emits the body to them so that he can be buried properly. The townspeople are certainly not surprised simply by her actions. They experienced it was something she had to do mainly because she had nothing remaining, so the girl had to hold on the one thing she did possess, and that was her dad.

Miss Emily follows her own rules. She will not abide by legislation like all others. A deal was made that she did not owe virtually any taxes. Colonel Sartoris informed her it was since her daddy had borrowed the town money and therefore the fees were remitted. When a fresh generation overtook and dispatched her a bill, she both ignored it or repaid the bill with a note. After they came to her home to talk to her about this, she even now adamantly refused to spend the bill, informing them she owed none of them and to converse with Colonel Sartoris about it.

Even though the Colonel had been dead intended for ten years and there was practically nothing in the ebooks to show which the taxes had been remitted, your woman refused to accept the new authorities and features them displayed out. She also refuses to set numbers on her behalf mailbox once federal mail is implement and in stating why she’s buying the toxin. No one at any time pushes her and causes her to follow the law, it truly is as if they can be afraid to question her or just disregard her eccentricity. They actually refused to bring the multiple complaints of any bad smell to her attention and instead snuck into her yard through the night, breaking wide open the basements door to sprinkle lime in there along with all the outbuildings. No one planned to “bother Miss Emily.

Sooner or later a man named Homer Barron comes to city. He begins to spend time with Miss Emily. In the beginning the townspeople are happy that someone has piqued her interest. Various thought that they would eventually get married to, even though Homer states that he is not the marrying kind. Many feel that she could find a way to persuade him to marry even though it appears as though he could be interested in guys. Eventually, the townspeople almost all believe that they may soon always be married as a result of items that Emily buys to get Homer. Homer leaves by one level while Miss Emily provides family going to. The townspeople see him return, nonetheless it is the last they discover of him.

This is when Emily’s failure to follow along with the law takes a turn. Your woman was never questioned about why the lady needed the arsenic. It of course gets around town that this lady has purchased that, and they most believe she will kill herself. Even though Homer is never noticed again and even though her house is mainly sealed up until her death, except for the number of years she shows china painting, no one ever thinks which the arsenic is being used in an even more sinister method.

After Miss Emily’s loss of life, the townspeople come to pay their very own respects. The men do so even more out of respect as the women are more interested in seeing her home in the end these years. It is shortly discovered that Homer Barron’s corpse is lying down in a bed in one of the bedrooms. Next to his body system, on the pillow case, it is clear that Miss Emily offers spent time laying generally there beside him. It is crystal clear that Miss Emily didn’t want to bear the concept of Homer leaving her, and so she poisoned him in order that she would always have him with her. She clung to him in the same way she got her father, but this time she found a way to make sure Homer would not always be removed from her home.

No-one ever cell phone calls Miss Emily crazy, despite the fact that she a new great aunt that choose to go crazy. Most her actions are just thought of as part of her eccentric methods. No one feels to issue her or perhaps what the girl does. It really is clear that Emily can be suffering from some type of mental illness. The lady clearly displays she has abandonment issues following being sheltered by her father. The girl refuses to agree to or expose his fatality until required to do so. It is additionally clear in her actions of poisoning Homer Barron. After her father’s death, the narrator states that “she was sick for some time after that. 

It seems like maybe the girl had some kind of mental breakdown after she is kept alone. Only when her father hadn’t sheltered her a whole lot and refused to allow her to find take pleasure in and seek out friendship, she would not have served in this sort of desperate ways. If the lady could have gotten help to get over her anxieties or surely could talk to an individual about it, might be Homer may not have been diseased. Although her actions plus the outcome had been tragic, in many ways you have to feel below par for her since she was following the model that her father established for her. This individual desperately clung to her also, she desperately clung for the men the girl cared for.


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