A social psychology final paper Essay

The movie I chose was Easy A because there are a large number of psychological concepts this motion picture that relate with real-life incidents and it covers many theories we learned about from this class. Convenient A was released in 2010 and directed simply by Will Gluck.

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It’s of a teenage young lady named Olive who by accident admits to her friend Rhi that your woman was having sexual relations with males. She sensed pressured into lying since her friend had already engaged in intimate moments with her boyfriend. A rumor then simply spread and a lot of people in the school then simply ignored Olive because they thought what she did was an immoral take action, but the guys started providing her more attention. That stuff seriously this relates to many persons in the world today and it is not just with this movie.

Various social mental concepts show up in this video like: conformity, looking goblet self, self-presentation/impression management, intellectual dissonance, situational constraint, vast majority influence, home discrepancy, and social evaluation theory mention just a few. In the beginning of the movie, Olive lies although talking to her best friend, Rhi and accidentally said that the lady had rested with an individual when in reality she was still being a virgin mobile. Rhi was not a virgin anymore therefore Olive sensed that the lady had to sit to conform to the best practice rules of her friend.

The Social Comparison Theory says that to interpret if our shows are success or failures, we must frequently compare them with our own goals and targets or together with the performances more. (DeLamater, 85) This theory helps all of us have conformity with other folks just as Olive compared her views to her friend’s views and then ended up being lying to obtain positive encouragement from her friend. Olive was employing this theory when she checked out one of her peer’s activities and noticed her own behavior as in opposition to the norm. After that because your woman probably experienced inferior to Rhi, your woman changed her behavior.

Experienced she not really gone along and implemented what her friend would and improved her patterns and looks she’d have been breaking this theory. The Asch Conformity Paradigm shows that within just limits teams can pressure their members to change their particular judgments and conform with majority’s position even when the placement is obviously completely wrong. (DeLamater, 287) This is shown in the movie when to start with she is pressured and says she acquired sex with someone because her friend did and once she received that status the guys confident her to behave like your woman was being promiscuous and having sexual contact with these people.

Even though the lady knew it was wrong your woman still chosen to do it as the majority effect put more pressure on her behalf to go with “having sexual relations” to help some of her good friends (who had been guys) be popular. This resulted in intellectual dissonance, the theory, that deals with persistence between behaviors and perceptions and it occurs after having a decision and once one works inconsistent using their beliefs. (DeLamater, 153) This really is shown once she the actual decision to lie with her friend and say this lady has had sex and soon after she has second thoughts and starts to regret it because it proceeded to go against her values that she kept. Another exceptional concept with this movie was self-presentation/tactical impression management.

Self- presentation and impression management are small similar since they are both processes by which persons attempt to control the impacts that other form of these people during interaction. (DeLamater, 89-90). Throughout his movie Olive presents herself to everyone at her school since someone the lady was not. The lady was viewed as the new college slut and at first she had intellectual dissonance relating to this but your woman then began to embrace this. Olive started to look the part by wearing risqué outfits like cordons and small revealing t shirts.

She actually sewed a great “A” onto her clothes like a reference that she had been portrayed because Hester Prynne, the main figure from The Scarlett Letter who was deemed to become adulterous which was very inappropriate at the moment. By delivering herself by doing this she is choosing Cooley’s Searching Glass Personal that says we acquire our view of ourselves from the views of others. (DeLamater, 69) By simply all of her classmates viewing her as promiscuous she started to watch herself since that and changed the way the girl usually attired to be more racy.

This kind of change in design and habit lead to self-discrepancy which is when a component of some of the self may be the opposite of any component of the best self or the ought personal. (DeLamater, 82) This is viewed when Olive goes out in public and portrays herself in another way than what your woman believes her actual personal as since she is more concerned with interpersonal interactions than what her real self thinks. This entire change of self was going to boost her self-esteem mainly because she knew if she didn’t change the method she looked to fit the part she would become embarrassed and humiliated and her self-pride would be reduced. Throughout this kind of movie you may she the deviant tendencies and how she violates the social rules of people her age.

The girl dressed scandalously, she acted promiscuous, your woman acted out and got a rebellious attitude. These rebellious things Olive was undertaking changed her behavior and labeled her as deviant. Deviance is usually not regarded as deviant until it finally is defined as that.

So in her case, Olive really regarded bad right up until a group of people in her university started going against what she was doing and her friend, Rhi joined in. they began protesting what she was doing. This created a lot of aggression and hate for just one another and ultimately lead to intergroup conflict. In intergroup conflict there is a scenario in which teams take antagonistic actions toward one another to be able to control a lot of outcome crucial to them. (DeLamater, 326) The results this group sought was to get Olive and other ladies to stop behaving in this way and being immoral.

They went around and held symptoms around the institution protesting what they thought of her behavior. After this, Olive finally realized that the lady was performing wrong and she built a video telling the truth to everyone and saying it was all just an act. Everyone in that case viewed her as a divagar for what your woman did, nevertheless she didn’t care since she observed what she did was wrong and it was a better reputation than being named easy. The entire reason Olive took for the role penalized the school slut was to maintain your type of they way you present your self and tactical impression managing.

I think lots of people feel the same manner today inside our world since if mainly because I agree in the looking-glass self because Certainly that you think of yourself not much different from the way your colleagues and significant others help you. So in the event someone recognizes you because fat, unpleasant, promiscuous, or perhaps something else I agree that you might start to internalize what they say and carry out that function. By the end with the movie, Olive’s beliefs regarding herself got changed drastically.

She recognized throughout the motion picture that the person she was portraying was not truly herself and it did not accompany her principles but your woman kept the role to perfectly keep up with the rumor that she got started. From this movie we could see how interpersonal rejection influences the way you watch yourself and just how you take yourself. In Easy A there are issues that we discussed in Interpersonal Psychology and several of them may be applied to every day experiences, you just have to be aware of which because they are genuinely all around especially in movies today. References DeLamater, John M., and Daniel J. Meyers. Social Mindset.

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