A study of the american heroes in the movies

Marilyn Manson

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American Heroes

To be a north american hero, you must be non selfish, helpful, and willing to go out of your way to keep people safe. This ties in many films made across America, and in many cases some songs and tv shows. I chose for connecting this topic to two movies we watched in class and two sorts of music. Forrest Gump and The Great Gatsby are the videos and 60s music and Marilyn Manson are the types of music I chose.

1960s music was largely about anti-war. It linked to the hippie movement and tells of Vietnam war. “We Didn’t Start off the Fire” by Billy Joel is about the war and just how we weren’t the ones to start out it but we will be the ones to rise previously mentioned and end it. It speaks, like many other songs from the ten years, of politics in the time era and in addition of questionable points of all time. The tracks were all relatable to the people in one method or another. They were always possibly about anti-war, the hippie movement, like as a teenage, or politics of the time period.

Marilyn Manson is recognized as an American main character. He published songs of violence, nevertheless never of killing people. He made music about the war and exactly how it should end. He wrote songs that were very different to show there was nothing wrong with becoming different. His songs had been always relatable to college kids which is what made him a favourite among the age groups of 18-25. He was completely different and outfitted like a freak to show everyone that just because you’re distinct doesn’t suggest you can’t end up being amazing.

The Great Gatsby contains several things that could be regarded heroic. Chip tries to help Gatsby to reconnect with Daisy though he winds up driving him self crazy doing so. Nick was Gatsby’s only true friend and was one of the only people who truly went to the funeral. Gatsby takes the rap and gets killed pertaining to Myrtle’s loss of life to make sure Daisy stays safe and out of causes harm to way. Likewise, the sight of Doctor TJ Eckleburg overlook the town and keep the people safe, relating to Nick Carraway.

Forrest Gump shows a large number of relations to the theme of American Heroes. Forrest takes the initiative to deal with his mother when she’s dying. This individual also protects Jenny the moment she is on her death bed and once your woman dies, this individual takes care of their child and raises him to become beautiful fresh boy. He goes to conflict and arguements for the nation. He satisfies many presidents in his life time and comes with an influence in many pop culture device. He becomes the superstar of the soccer team in college plus the star of the ping pong crew when he leaves war. This individual saves Lt. Dan if he gets blown up and winds up getting a calf amputated. Many of these make him a leading man, and there are many more things.

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