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Fashion could possibly be defined as a way of living, decorating, etc ., which is popular today, but will shortly lose their popularity. It really is something moving and temporary, a simple fad of the second to be appeared down after with dislike. For example , tight pants are the fashion today, but just a short while back broad loose pants had been the purchase of the day. If today a guy appears in society putting on broad jeans, he would end up being held up to ridicule, although only a few in years past they were the height of fashion, icons of good preference and culture.

American Bald eagle Outfitters (AEO) and Abercrombie london (A&F) are two businesses that be an important factor in the garments industry. This discussion with compare and contrast the competitive benefits of the supply string of the two companies.



American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., a billion buck corporation, is definitely ranked as one of the largest full chains in the united states.

With their central company headquarters in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and two other corporate and business facilities found in New York City and Tokyo, The japanese, American Skull cap, Inc. functions numerous mainline stores, factory stores, franchised stores, and distribution centers across the country and the globe.

In 1977, brothers, Jerry and Mark Silverman, who owned or operated and controlled Silverman’s Menswear, a Full Ventures, Inc. company, founded American Bald eagle Outfitters. Opening their first store in Novi, The state of michigan at A dozen Oaks Shopping mall, the Silverman brothers were hoping to diversify their menswear line (AEO Management Company., 2013). Many stores had been opened up and a directory was created. American Eagle Outfitters continued to grow into 1990, when John Price overtook which resulted in the introduction of informal, private-label items for men and women. In 1994, American Eagle Outfitters becamepart from the NASDAQ stock exchange, which allowed the beginning of 80 stores the next year (AEO Management Company., 2013). In 1996, new executives signed up with AEO and decided to change the target demographics of the target audience and reach more women, as well as focus on those who were involving the ages of 18 and 32.

Right after, American Skull cap expanded to e-commerce with ae. com. By 2150, American Bald eagle operated five-hundred stores and revenues intended for the company quintupled to captal up to $1 billion. The Canadian market was penetrated in 2001 in addition to 2003 American Eagle broadened to Hawaii islands. Aerie, your own brand extension of American Eagle, centering on intimates for women, was launched 5 years ago. Another range extension, 77kids, which presented clothing pertaining to babies to pre-teen girls and boys, was established on the web in 08 and the initial 77kids retail outlet was opened in 2010. Today, American Novelty helmet Outfitters, Incorporation. operates over 1, 000 stores, which includes 911 American Eagle Outfitters stores, 158 Aerie retailers, and twenty one 77Kids stores, 21 of which are franchised around the globe. In addition , ae. com, which includes backlinks to Aerie and 77kids, reaches 77 countries.

American Eagle Outfitters offers apparel, shoes, and accessories to get both men and women. Apparel merchandise can be comprised of trousers, sweaters, graphic T’s, fleece protector and sweatshirts, outerwear, surfaces and tshirts, dresses, and skirts. Shoe merchandise comes with sneakers, boot styles, flats, sandals, slippers, shoes, heals, loafers and socks. Accessories items consists of rings, hats, glasses, scarves, hand bags, perfume and cologne, purses and handbags, and wallets and handbags. Aerie provides merchandise to get college girls that include dorm put on, such as sweats and shorts, exercise apparel, bras, undergarments, accessories, and some personal treatment items. 77kids offers clothes for babies, children, and preteen infants (AEO Managing Co., 2013).


Abercrombie & Fitch originated from 1891 as being a retail shoe store located in New York City. It had been known for its wide variety of costly and often amazing sporting equipment and attire, ranging from tennis shoes to elephant firearms. For more than half a century, the store’s apparel, guns, deal with, and other products were the of prosperity and respect.

When it broadened, the organization confined their new branch stores to downtown parts of large cities and to resort areas. In the early 1971s, Abercrombie & Fitch attempted to widen its customer base by having less-expensive items to its common stock through moving into suburbia, where additional stores have been building for a while. Although these steps did attract new customers, they will came inside its final stages; Abercrombie & Fitch was in financial difficulty and registered for personal bankruptcy in 1976 after eighty five years running a business (Encyclopedia Britannica Online, 2013). Oshman’s Sporting Goods, Inc. bought the firm in1978. In 1988 Abercrombie & Fitch was bought by The Limited, Incorporation (Encyclopedia Britannica Online, 2013). Repositioned since the branded “casual luxury brand, it became parent to the subsidiary brands Abercrombie kids, a kids line launched in 1998 and marketed as Abercrombie; Hollister sale., a range for younger teens released in 2150; RUEHL Number 925, a line targeting post-graduates launched in 2005; and Gilly Hicks, a women’s line launched in 2008. Following Abercrombie & Fitch’s overhaul, the company received significant criticism for its marketing and its clothes, which were identified by many because encouraging the target audience to take on a sexually promiscuous way of life (Encyclopedia Britannica Online, 2013).



American Eagle includes a clearly defined group of “corporate values which manuals the activities of workers at all amount AE organization: PEOPLE

The vitality of our firm resides inside our people. We collaborate, we engage, we achieve (About. com, 2013). INTEGRITY

We carry ourselves liable to the top standards. When confronted with difficulties and challenges, we all don’t compromise (About. com, 2013). LOVE

The passion infuses our actions and purpose. It converts stores into places of one’s and client delight (About. com, 2013). INNOVATION

We operate in a active and competitive industry. We all continually improve the unique processes that drive our organization, and we employ insightful exploration and examination to balance our behavioral instinct and to information our decisions. Our associates embody gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming spirit, develop creative solutions, and start change (About. com, 2013). TEAMWORK

We all work together ” listening to the other person, reaching general opinion and helping group decisions. We celebrate achievements. Mainly because we admiration and trust one another and commit ourself to our business goals, our teamwork works (About. com, 2013).

Also American Bald eagle has a service goal that guides personnel in their each day retailing responsibilities: “We react to the requires of our client and enjoy the satisfaction of a job congratulations (About. com, 2013).  A&F

“Abercrombie and Fitch focuses upon high-quality merchandise that compliments the casual traditional American way of living (About. com, 2013).  But beyond that simple objective statement, Abercrombie & Fitch emphasizes their brand eye-sight, brand features, and the benefit of the Abercrombie & Fitch brand, that can be of greatest importance since CEO Mike Jeffries got on the management role. Abercrombie & Fitch has said this about their brand to its stakeholders:

“The A&F brand is more authentic and relevant than ever before. The brand is our lifestyle, our focus”it ensures progress and claims stability. A great brand is known as a center of growth and revenue”it symbolizes a romantic relationship with clients. It’s not just a faddish chip to be cashed in on shortsighted gains. The cost of having a superb brand is usually far-reaching and cannot be overstated”it’s a snowball effect. The A&F ingredients label gives us the ability to evolve, creating countless growth chances. It helps us attract the brightest, the majority of talented the younger generation from throughout the country. It attracts millions to our site. It permits greater profit margins. It reduces the risk of moving forward new business concepts. It encourages innovation. That ensures long term profitability. That adds built/in value to everything we all produce. That accelerates progress. It stabilizes. It gives target and direction. It makes an mental response in consumers (About. com, 2013). 

Contrasting these two objective statements, it really is clear that American Novelty helmet Outfitters is focused more on just all their merchandise, in contrast to Abercrombie & Fitch. AEO has a passion not only for their brand and employees but their consumers too. While A&F, is only centered on their brand not in theoperational performance of its employees, or the experience of its customers.

This holds true of A&F because recently all their CEO, Robert Jeffries, received fire to get reportedly declaring they just target to “thin and beautiful people which is why they cannot sell or perhaps make virtually any size above 10 or perhaps large for females. Mike Jeffries has said, “That’s why we hire handsome people since good-looking persons attract different good-looking persons, and we need to market to cool, good-looking people. We all don’t marketplace to any individual other than that (Walker, 2013).  On A&F’s website, they will claim to take hold of diversity through the entire corporation but what Robert Jeffries have been quoted saying, is contrary of what the company statements they are about.

“We will be committed to embracing the selection of our associates and management throughout our organization. On the surface, our dedication to keeping a diverse operating and buying environment can be easily viewed by going for walks through one of our shops, domestically and internationally. More notably, Abercrombie & Fitch’s commitment is seen through our exceptional range programs, whether or not they are interior or external, and the outcomes they produce. Diversity demonstrates the multidimensional insights we share collectively. Simply put, it can be imperative to our growth that people staff each of our business with diverse talent and manage our business with a comprehensive mindset (Abercrombie & Fitch, 2013). 



American Eagle Outfitters strategy to improve apparel factory working conditions starts with manufacturing plant inspections depending on their Supplier Code of Conduct. They then focus on remediating the issues they find during those examinations, which often comes with additional factory training and capacity building programs (AEO Management Company., 2013).

That they partner with other brands and retailers, multi-stakeholder organizations, civil society groups, trade unions, government authorities, and others to higher understand and address what is happening in the industries and countries where their particular clothes are manufactured. By working together, they endeavor tocollectively develop more environmentally friendly solutions to the difficulties they find (AEO Management Co., 2013).

Finally, they are committed to becoming obvious about how exactly they are carrying out. By reporting publicly prove efforts, this can be one of the many methods they make sure that they stay focused on their particular goals, regimented in their efforts, and responsibility for their efficiency (AEO Supervision Co., 2013).


Abercrombie & Fitch provides very small control over the design and making of their clothing. To help the business keep control, have higher margins and protect the brand, they design their own ranges that are manufactured specifically for A&F.

The head business office for A&F is located in Ohio and is called “The Campus. At this location, there is a centre known as the “Innovative Design Center. Here, a passionate team uses over 100 wash, quality assurance, lab and graphic equipment (Webb, 2009). They are responsible for merchandise web design and development. “Design packages were produced by the firm to reduce time and expense of product development (Webb, 2009). These kinds of design deals are then given to the vendors.

By keeping strict control of design, manufacturing and application, the company has the capacity to protect the manufacturer from staying copied and having the image damaged. By having greater control, it permits A&F to supply on their guarantee to the customer and consumer. As a result creates a romantic relationship based on trust and gives these people a competitive advantage.

Once again, with Abercrombie & Fitch, they are more focused on keeping control of their brand and image, when American Bald eagle Outfitters are trying to improve stock conditions for workers. This once again demonstrates that A&F does not care of the people.


In summary, Abercrombie london and American Eagle Outfitters play an important role in the clothing sector. While A&F’s practices will be somewhat contrary and unrealistic, AEO continues to be the opposite. A&F needs to take a cue via AEO and focus even more on their consumers than just all their brand. There is no question for what reason it is that AEO can be ranked by 649 for the Fortune one thousand List and A&F is usually trailing behind them at 651 (Salesforce, 2013).

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