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The challenge and Its History


Crackers happen to be widely enjoyed in the world, various people enjoys it because it is very handy and not inconvenience to eat, you’ll just need to wide open the packaging and it is ready to always be eaten. This kind of food are for all age range and comes with a lot of range, but exactly where crackers perform comes from. The term cracker originated from Massachusetts in 1801 the moment Josiah Bent accidentally burned a batch of a strategy that we refer to as now because crackers. Because the crackers burned, that makes a appear of a crackling noise which inspires thier name. Josiah Curled is the former who popularized crackers while snack food, he did a lot of flavoring and varieties for it to be proven to everyone.

Crackers are easily paired with various other foods and in addition beverage, you can partner this with soft drink, coffee, tea or any other drink that you might want, that’s why various people loves it. Truly crackers are very popular in the United States for over one hundred and fifty years (Zydenbos Taylor 2003) many Americans likes to eat this food since it is easy to bring knowing that inside the United Sates it is always active they you do not have enough time to arrange their food. Here in the Philippines crackers is also famous, it is the famous on the go munch of every Philippine, that’s why we all transform crackers into a Philippine style treat like employing ingredients including arrow, cassava, coconut milk, dayap, and in many cases rice flour. Before crackers is trapped in a large cup jar and get it when it is time for the merienda, apart from merienda we all also serve it whenever we have site visitors in our residences and we partnered it with coffee, hot chocolate or possibly a tea. Crackers is also a famous “pasalubong” in our region, there are lots of well- known crackers that we get here in the Philippines including Uraro, Galletas, Pacencia, Rosquillos, Otp and the like.

These are generally some resistant that crackers is a very scrumptious food because even though it has been created a number of years ago right up until this day a large number of people loves eating that and sharing it with everyone.

Background of the Examine

The problem of diabetes in our country started in the past and so far it is even now one of the non-communicable disease that eliminates every Filipino. Diabetes Mellitus is a long-term, lifelong condition that influences our system’s ability to work with energy found in food. The pancreas struggles to produce and utilize enough insulin bringing on excess sugar in the blood causing hyperglycemia (Jamorabo-Ruiz ou al., 2011). According to the 9th National Nutrition Survey that was conducted over the years 08 to 2013 the prevalence of diabetes significantly elevated with a frequency rate of 4. 8 to 5. 4% among adults ¥ two decades old. The purpose of this examine is to find what is the best basic crop to decide on to help in lowering blood sugar and also produce a on the go food intended for diabetic patients, mainly because we all know that person who has diabetes is not allowed to starve that why this study also aims to produce meals that is very handy to them and at the same time supplies the nutrients they require help to decrease their blood sugar.

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