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Methadone Maintenace


Methadone Maintenance

Methadone maintenance is essentially the use of methadone over a period of time for the treatment of people who are addicted to opioid drugs including heroin. In more formal terms the central aim of methadone maintenance is defined as follows: “Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) will help injection drug users (IDUs) reduce or stop treating and come back to productive lives” (METHADONE PROTECTION TREATMENT, 2002)

There is still however a particular degree of controversy and the law about this form of treatment. The controversy surrounding the use of methadone will be in particular overview of analysis and the rewards and worries surrounding this type of treatment.

Overview: Benefits and Treatment Concerns

You will discover an increasing number of people addicted to prescription drugs like heroin in the United States. Approximately about 980, 000 folks are addicted to heroin as well as other opiates. Furthermore, roughly five to ten 1000 of these users die coming from drug overdoses each year. (METHADONE MAINTENANCE TREATMENT, 2002) This kind of figure involves addiction to various opiates, such as oxycontin, dilaudid, and hydrocone Users of those substances run a very high well being risk and can also have problems with diseases just like hepatitis and in many cases premature death.

This form of drug abuse also has a very high monetary cost. As one study about them notes, “A 1997 National Institutes of Health (NIH) report believed the monetary costs of untreated opiate addiction by $20 billion dollars per year” (METHADONE PROTECTION TREATMENT, 2002). These costs do not are the social and emotional costs to family members and neighborhoods as a result of this type of substance abuse.

Methadone Maintenance

According to figures intended for 2008, there was about 260, 000 persons in the United States obtaining Methadone Routine service Treatment of MMT (KLeber, 08, p. 2303). However , this is simply not the case in several other countries and regions of the world and in Russia for example , there is good government level of resistance to this kind of treatment. It really is argued in certain quarters the use of methadone”… replaces one particular form of opiate addiction with another” (Schwirtz 2008).

On the other hand, numerous information also claim that methadone routine service as way of dealing with this form of drug addiction have been extremely successful. For example , an article entitled A large number of Lives Saved But Still Debatable by Kleber (2008) declares that, “A combination of the methadone treatment and an extensive program of rehabilitation was associated with proclaimed improvement in patient problems such as jobs, returning to institution, and friends and family reconciliation. No adverse result other than congestion was found” (KLeber, 08, p. 2303).

Methadone is essentially a synthetic agent which functions by working on the various radio sites in the brain which have been commonly troubled by heroin and other opiates (METHADONE MAINTENANCE TREATMENT, 2002). It functions by blocking the consequence of the opiates as well relieving the craving for the drug, which can be the major cause of a relapse and continuation of the substance abuse (METHADONE ROUTINE SERVICE TREATMENT, 2002). It is also very efficient in reducing the symptoms that are associated with withdrawal via heroin and also other opiates. A further positive aspect associated with methadone maintenance is that it, inch does not cause euphoria or intoxication alone (with secure dosing), thus allowing a person to work and participate normally in contemporary society… “( Narcotic Treatment Clinics). This treatment therefore results not only in preventing the has to be from even more addiction yet also causes the image resolution of various related health and sociable problems brought on by this form of drug abuse.

The use of methadone to treat drug dependency initially commenced in the 1960s. It was, and largely still is, viewed not as a great isolated treatment but to be used in conjunction with a course of treatment. These applications are multivalent and also consist of aspects just like re-socialization and vocational training.

However , controversy has raged about this kind of treatment. It is often adversely from the milieu of drug usage and provides, in some cases, recently been seen in a bad context. Together study notes:

Neighborhood organizations often go against sb/sth ? disobey a new medical center because they assume it will eventually lead to bigger rates of drug employ and criminal offenses (studies demonstrate these prices actually go down). And people favoring a “drug-free” procedure

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